Comprehensive Understanding Of Cement Silo

Cement warehouse material level gage is mainly used for various materials, such as powder, granule or block bin for the limit level of automatic detection and control.


  1. Adopt the contact measurement, the result is true, accurate and reliable, it can be installed in horizontal, inclined and vertical installation, easy to use.
  2. Anti-interference, can be use once installed, due to not have the complexity electronic components and amplifying circuit part of its internal, therefore, it is not subject to electromagnetic interference, after installation without any debugging and maintenance can be used for a long time.
  3. Super strong stabilization performance design: not even when you are in material flow there is not giving signal error.
  4. Materials level display function: adopt the long useful life, high brightness light, the materials level display intuitive and convenient.
  5. Double protection: overload protection function to avoid blade damaged by excessive force motor; Automatic protection function make the material level power in the bin does not work when the material blade rotation is blocked, protect the motor and prolong its service life.
  6. Excellent measurement reproducibility and adaptability environmental conditions: it is mean that does not affected by particle size, shape, density, medium scale, wall, adhesive, temperature, humidity and dust concentration change.
  7. Super dustproof sealing performance, even 1Mpa pressure, dust can’t enter.
  8. Earthquake resistance and the locking structure design, it can effectively avoid loose parts and slippage; adopt of high quality stainless steel material, make its have excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
  9. Low prices, good cost performance.

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