I'll list the prices for the fully automatic brick machines for your reference. However, the prices I provide are solely from the LONTTO manufacturer. If you need to know the prices from other manufacturers, you'll have to contact them directly and inquire with sincerity and patience.

Benefits of knowing the brick machine prices

Benefits of knowing the brick machine prices

Budget Planning: Knowing the price allows you to plan your finances wisely. Beyond the cost of the machine itself, you'll also consider the operational costs of running an automatic brick factory.

Cost-Benefit Analysis: With the price information of the fully automatic brick machine, you can calculate the return on investment, compare different models and production lines, understand the efficiency of production, and thus choose the most cost-effective automatic brick machine.

Negotiation Leverage: Being aware of the price range of brick machines provides leverage when negotiating with other suppliers, helping you to secure better terms.

Financial Arrangements: In some countries, buying automatic brick machines requires bank financing. Understanding the prices can help you communicate more effectively with banks and financial institutions to devise loan and repayment plans.

Market Trends: Prices reflect market trends. A decrease in prices could indicate ongoing promotions or a manufacturer's desire to capture a larger market share, which could be an opportunity to seize.

Automatic Brick Making Machine Price List

Model QT4-18 QT3-20 QT4-15B QT5-15
QT4-18 automatic concrete block machine for sale in usa QT3-20 Automatic Building Block Moulding Machine  LONTTO QT4-15 Automatic fly ash brick machine block making machine lontto
Capacity 1)     400*200*200mm

4 pcs/one mold  6400pcs/8hrs

2)     400*150*200mm

5pcs/per mold   8000 pcs/8hrs

3)     400x100x200mm

7pcs/per mold  11200pcs/8hrs

1)     400×200×200mm
3pcs/mould  4320pcs/8hrs2)     400*150*200mm4pcs/mould   5760pcs/8hrs3)     400*100*200mm

6pcs/mould   8640pcs/8hrs

1)      400×200×200mm

4pcs/mould    7680pcs/8hrs

2)      400×150×200mm

5pcs/mould    9600pcs/8hrs

3)      400×100×200mm

7pcs/mould  13440pcs/8hrs

1) 390x190x190mm

5pcs/mould  9600 pcs/8hrs

2) 400x150x200mm

6pcs/mould   11520pcs/8hrs

3) 400x100x200mm

8pcs/mould    15360pcs/8hrs

Function It can make :

hollow blocks, solid brick,paver brick, and kerbstone

4inch, 5inch,6inch, 8inch, 9inch, paver brick, stock brick .

It can make :

hollow blocks, solid brick,color paver brick, and kerbstone

4inch, 5inch,6inch, 8inch, 9inch, paver brick, stock brick .

It can make :

hollow blocks, solid brick,paver brick, and kerbstone

4inch, 5inch,6inch, 8inch, 9inch, paver brick, stock brick .

It can make :

hollow blocks, solid brick,paver brick, and kerbstone

4inch, 5inch,6inch, 8inch, 9inch, paver brick, stock brick .

Price Price:USD12000-USD15000 Price: USD16,400-USD18500 Price: USD18,180-USD23000 Price:USD35,950
*Above machines are suitable for set a block factory for block selling

* Above machines are big size block machine line ,automatic operation,for labor saving

*All of machine can make various blocks and bricks.

Factors influencing the price of brick machines

Factors influencing the price of brick machines

As you know, it's quite difficult to determine the exact price of brick machines simply by searching online or through brief inquiries with suppliers. There are many factors that affect the price, and I'll list the following for your reference. When you decide to buy a brick machine, ask yourself these questions to have a clearer understanding of the price for the brick machine you need.

Output: Although they are all automatic brick machines, each model is different, with the main difference being their output. Larger models mean higher prices, but also larger outputs.

Degree of Automation: If you aim for fully unmanned operations or minimal manpower, you will need more automated equipment, so the price will also increase. Most of the fully automatic brick machines can automate the processes of feeding, raw material mixing, transferring mixed materials to the brick machine's hopper, and block forming. However, the transfer of formed bricks to the curing site and packaging might require manual operations.

Brand and Manufacturer Reputation: Well-known brands and manufacturers with good reputations may have higher prices, but they often provide better customer service and quality assurance for the brick machines.

Mold Choices: If you only choose one set of molds, that one set is typically included in the price. But if you need bricks of more sizes, you'll need more molds, and each additional mold comes at a cost, so the price will increase accordingly.

After-sales Service and Support: Some manufacturers offer comprehensive training and technical support, which can justify higher prices.

Transportation Costs: If you need the automatic brick machine manufacturer to provide transportation services, these costs should also be considered.


The price of fully automatic brick machines is often higher than that of semi-automatic and manual ones. You need to have a comprehensive understanding of the relevant information, which can give you an advantageous position in subsequent purchase negotiations.

I am Chao Zhang, an expert in the brick machine industry, who can help you choose a better brick machine that is more suitable for you. So if you have any more questions, feel free to contact me.

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