Baking-free brick production process:


Feeder → Mixer → Belt Conveyor → Brick Making Machine →Green Brick →Maintenance →Finished Products →Out of Factory

Baking-free Brick Making Machine equipments have the following advantages:

  1. There is no damage to the shape brick when demould.
  2. Electronic control system: PLC automatic control system, it is equipped with data entered output device, realize the ideal man-machine dialogue. Control system also includes advanced security logic control and fault diagnosis system. Optional remote control.
  3. Vibration System: Take special technology to do optimization arrangement of shaft vibration, make the vibration in the bedplate range evenly distributed, thus greatly improving the consistency of product performance and stability.
  4. Hydraulic System: adjust and control oil pressure and oil of any branch of hydraulic system, which can use different raw materials to produce the same high quality products.
  5. The mold can be casted precision molding for one time, through the carburizing treatment, when it is used, the mould can be replaced individually in each group. This kind of mold can be made refurbished processing, the mould cost is greatly reduced.
  6. Layer raw materials feeder: Unique forced fabric institutions have forced and secondary mixing effect with different mold cavity special arch lever arch breaker, can guarantee the uniformity of the fabric with high volume of fly-ash with maximize.

block machine production line-水印

The biggest advantage of Baking-free brick production lies in the economic and reasonable, risk-free, small investment, quick effect and considerable economic benefit, both can solve the problem of covering an area of industrial waste residue, also save a lot of arable land. Henan Lontto Co. Ltd is the most outstanding professional manufacturers in our country. Our company specializes in the production of various models of brick machine equipment, to guide customers for the planning project, but also for customers planning, layout, design drawing, installation, technical teaching and guide the factory, the production process, etc.