The examination and use of Baking-free Brick Making Machine after a long time not using

The factory of baking-free brick making machine may make the machine go into a inactivity period in sometime or some other reasons. So, the brick machine do not be used for a long time, there are some attentions you need to note:

As a rule, before the brick machine out of the factory, there will go a delivery test for every brick machine, but based on a long time not using, reuse the brick making machine, some check need to attention:

  1. Make sure the signal is clear, sensitive and reliable.
  2. Check whether there is a damage or deformation to the machine in the process of transportation or not.
  3. Check the reducer, the oil of vibration table vibrator pool and all lubricating points whether there is a refueling or not. And the amount of oil is appropriate.
  4. To check whether there is a loose phenomenon on the fasteners of main parts of the machine.

Only do the above attentions, then can make sure the production safety, and quality good.

Ps: Before commissioning, make sure each part of relative sliding parts add lubrication according to the provisions. Considering the transportation if there is any need to divide the machine into forming device, and base plate device, feeding device, roller machine and electrical control box part, when you install, make sure assemble them in right place according to the assembly relationship.

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