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Block Making Machine in Philippines

Concrete block machine for sale in Philippines can be called for short CHB machine. The concrete block machine specialized for producing concrete hollow blocks (CHB). The size of CHB in Philippines usually is 8’, 6’, 5’, 4 inch.

The CHB machine can be automatic and manual, mobile type. We have models LMT4-26, LMT4-35, LMT4-40, QT3-20, QT4-25C, QT4-18, QT4-15, QT6-15 machine for sale.

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LMT4-40 model is manual hollow block maker for sale in Philippines,  This CHB machine is very compact and is best for small-scale projects.

It can produce up to 2240 of 40cm x 20cm x 20cm hollow blocks per 8 hours. It produces high-quality blocks with very simple operating instructions.




LMT4-35 – This manual concrete hollow block machine has the capacity of 2880 pcs (40cm x 20cm x 20cm) hollow blocks per 8 hours.

The CHB Making Machine has a super vibration capable motor that allows the production of high density and intensity hollow blocks.



LMT4-26 – This compact manual concrete hollow block machine is best for small-scale production. It includes a concrete mixer, belt conveyor, the main machine and a free set of mould.

It can produce 3200 pcs of 40cm x 20cm x 20cm hollow blocks per 8 hours.


QT3-20 – This hydraulic CHB machine is a multi-functional equipment that can produce different types of blocks. Despite its small stature, it has a very high output and is fully automatic.

It has various functions such as the water-cooling system and the 360 degrees material feeding system.


QT4-25C – This automatic CHB boasts of production output of up 5760 40cm x 40cm x 20cm hollow blocks in 8hours on a PLC controlled fully-automatic process

The hollow block maker includes the pallet supply system, material distribution, and brick discharge.

QT4-18 CHB machine in Philippines

QT4-18 – This hydraulic CHB machine is packed with a JQ500 concrete mixer, 8m belt conveyor, and a pallet feeding control system.

It also comes with a free 40cm x 40cm x 20cm block mould. However, you can have specifically made moulds according to your project requirements.

lontto-Hollow Block-Machine philippines

QT4-15 – This hydraulic CHB machine has a fully automated loading and supply unit that uses whipping forks to force feed the materials directly to the mold box.

The machine also allows you to manipulate the influx of materials so you can control the density of the blocks being produces.

QT5-15 concrete hollow block Machine philippines

QT5-15 – This fully automatic CHB boasts of a high-technology Siemens PLC control system.

QT5-15 Hollow Blocks Machine adopts international standards in terms of total process automation, advanced safety logic, fault diagnosis system, including product process data input and storage that allows high speed and efficient block making process.

QT6-15 concrete hollow block machine philippines

QT6-15 – This automatic CHB is specially designed to produce burn-free fly ash bricks. It boasts of a recycle material feeding system that enables you to minimize the use raw materials while achieving the desired density and intensity of bricks.

Blocks Machine for Sale in Philippines, The CHB Machines From LONTTO Factory

LONTTO concrete block machine can be sent to Philippines, and when you decide to buy our CHB machine, you can visit us first.

concrete block-machine-for-sale philippines

Lontto Concrete Hollow Block Making Machine Philippines

Lontto is the most trusted provider of concrete hollow block making machines Philippines. Aside from more than 30 years of experience and the high quality of service, there are specific reasons why Lontto should be your choice when buying a concrete hollow block machine Philippines.

Lontto concrete hollow block machine Philippines are made with heavy-duty steel structure, carburized and quenching treated, alloy-plated molds, with German technology and Taiwan hydraulics.

The design and engineering of the concrete hollow block making machines makes the process fully automated while providing you with full control. The system allows you to make necessary adjustments to produce high quality concrete blocks.

Lontto concrete block making machines Philippines are equipped with safety features such as error alarm systems and error position display to allow easier troubleshooting and maintain minimal interruptions.

In terms of performance, Lontto concrete hollow block making machines are highly efficient, user-friendly, requires little to no maintenance, and are easy to install and operate. The material feeding system maintains a smooth and efficient process through a low frequency operation and high vibration rate.

Lontto concrete hollow block making machine Philippines can create hollow block brick sizes of 40cm x 20cm x 10cm, although a single machine can produce multiple types and sizes of concrete bricks through various molds used.

Concrete Block Making Machine Philippines: The Definitive Guide

Why are Concrete Blocks Popular in the Philippines?

Although there is a wide variety of bricks and blocks for construction in the Philippines, the most commonly used for building projects is the concrete hollow block, also known as CHB.

It is mainly because this type of brick can be made with most raw materials that are easy to find, emits very low coal pollution, and can be made in large quantities with high efficiency with  the right concrete hollow block making machine Philippines.


Concrete hollow blocks are also easy to use in construction. The hollow design of the blocks makes it easy to transport and install. The hollow section makes it easy to reinforce with steel bars and fill with wet concrete. Even adjusting concrete hollow blocks is easy and can be done without the use of sophisticated machinery.

What is a Concrete Block Machine?

A concrete hollow block machine is a machine that allows you to create bricks using raw materials such as cement, gravel, sand, fly ash, slag, and stone powder. There are different ratios used for you to achieve various types of concrete hollow blocks.

automatic brick moulding machine philippines

A concrete hollow block machine is very versatile. You can produce various sizes and types of concrete hollow blocks through the use of molds.

What are the Types of Concrete Block Machines?

There are different types of concrete hollow block machines, the automatic hollow block machine, the manual hollow block machine, the hydraulic hollow block machine, and the interlocking brick machine. Any of these machines can produce concrete hollow blocks. The only difference is on how each of these machines operate.

The automatic hollow block machine creates concrete hollow blocks through the PLC electric control system. This makes it easier for you to produce concrete hollow blocks in high quantity without compromising quality and efficiency. Everything is fully automatic, from the feeding of the raw materials to the output of CHB.

Semi- automatic hollow block machines are also efficient and produces high quantity of CHB. However, the brick making operation is controlled by an operator that needs to push buttons on each step of the block making process for the machine to proceed with the operation.

Automatic vs Manual Concrete Block Machine In Philippines

The manual hollow block machine operates with you having to feed the raw materials into the machine manually by the use of pallets. This is best for small scale projects because it is tedious to operate and requires a lot of manpower. The best feature of a manual hollow block machine is that it is the most affordable among the variants.

The hydraulic concrete hollow block machine uses hydraulic transmission to produce CHB. This is best for high-scale projects. Its main features are its high output, low noise emission, and wide variety of applications. This machine produces bricks with the highest compactness among all the machine variants.

An interlocking concrete hollow block machine produces blocks with interlocking patterns through the use of molds. The block making procedure can be similar to any CHB machine, the main difference is that the block being produced are with interlocking patterns, thus the name of the machine.

What is the Standard Block Size in the Philippines?

The standard size of concrete hollow blocks in the Philippines is the 40cm x 20cm x 10cm (4”), the 40cm x 20cm x 12.5cm (5”) and the 40cm x 20cm x 15cm (6”) blocks.

The 40cm x 20cm x 15cm (6”) blocks are highly recommended for use in load bearing walls, with a minimum compressive strength of 800psi for individual CHBs and 1000psi for an average gross area of 5 units of CHB.

Concrete-block-samples in philippines--LONTTO

The 40cm x 20cm x 10cm (4”) blocks are recommended for non-load bearing walls such as walls, fences, and partitions.

Both the 40cm x 20cm x 10cm (4”) blocks and the 40cm x 20cm x 12.5cm (5”) are commonly used for building small row houses and bungalow housing projects.

How Much Does a Concrete Block Machine Cost in the Philippines?

The price of a CHB machine in the Philippines mainly varies with the type. The cheapest ones are the manual, mobile CHB type for around $600 or roughly Php30,000. The most expensive CHBs are the industrial capacity full-scale automatic type like the QT10-15 which costs around $200,000 or Php10,000,000.

The price also varies due to the proximity to the supplier. Manila is where most of the suppliers are located. Clients near the capital can purchase CHBs with a lower price compared to those that are farther away. There are also suppliers outside Manila. However, the fact alone that these suppliers are far from the main city is reason enough for them to set the price higher.

concrete hollow brick moulding machine in Philippines

Enhancements, modifications, and quality of parts also play a vital role in dictating the price of CHBs. Equipping the machines with international branded parts or adding an aggregate batcher or concrete mixer increases its selling price.

Where Can a Concrete Block Machine Be Bought in the Philippines?

There are several options on where you can buy a CHB machine in the Philippines. There first option is through construction equipment companies. There are several companies based in the Philippines where there are available CHB machines. However, the selection might be limited, and you might end up buying a CHB that is not suitable for your project type.

There are also machines available from construction firms that might be closing down or regularly sells their equipment as they upgrade for newer ones. The machines acquired through these means are used and can potentially cost more since the usual means of selling the equipment is through public auctions.


The best way to acquire a reliable CHB is by importing from another country. Believe it or not, the machines are way cheaper when bought abroad. The best country to import a construction equipment from is China. There are a lot of trusted companies such as Lontto where you can get best CHB with the most affordable price.

How to Find Concrete A Block Machine Supplier in the Philippines?

The first thing to do is to understand the needs of your project. This way, you can determine what type of concrete hollow block machine it is you have to purchase. It will be counterproductive to buy a concrete hollow block machine that is more or less than what your project requires.

Then, find a company that is widely trusted by the construction industry. Look for a company that has proven itself through years of being in the top of providing high-quality construction equipment in the country. Better still, find one that has a global presence, well enough for other countries to trust.

The internet is a great source of information about suppliers; about what they offer, how much does the price cost, and the local and international reputation of the supplier. You can also try to search buy and sell websites for potential deals and bargains and compare prices between your preferred suppliers.

Top-Paver-Block-Machine- philippines

There are also contracting agencies that provides you not only with guidance in purchasing a concrete hollow block machine, but everything you need in your project. However, this will cost you additional expenses.

How to Buy A Concrete Block Machine from China to Philippines?

If you decide to purchase your concrete block machine from China, then you already made the right choice. You just need to do some vital things to ensure that you get the right concrete hollow block machine for your project.

The first thing to do is find a reliable supplier. There are a lot of suppliers in China. Most of them, if not all, are great suppliers. However, you would want to find the best supplier there is. One that has years of experience and has a strong global presence.

Once you have acquired a list of your potential suppliers, it is now time to reach out to them. Gather as much information as you can, especially the price of the unit, the inclusions, and the warranty. The most important inclusions when you purchase is the after-sales service and the personnel training. Make sure that the supplier has both.

buy concrete hollow block machine from LONTTO to Philippines

It is also best to arrange a personal visit to the suppliers’ manufacturing plant with your engineer or mechanic to personally ensure that the concrete hollow block machines are in top condition. Meeting with the suppliers personally allows you to have clear conversations and even potential discounts.

Some businesses prefer the services of agencies or middlemen to scout, arrange, and purchase the equipment altogether. This is a great way to minimize errors and ensure the accuracy of the purchase. However, the agencies are also paid top dollar for their services and discounts might not be possible.

How to ShipBlock Machine from China to the Philippines?

Once the deal is finalized and the construction of the hollow block machine has been finished, you will be notified for the shipping of the equipment. The main information needed is your delivery address.

You will also be informed about duties and taxes involved in the shipment, including the taxes that needs to be settled once the shipment arrives in the ports of the Philippines.

You will be provided with the loading date and departure date of the concrete hollow block machine. A tracking number might be given to you for online tracking purposes.


It would take around three business days upon docking for the shipment to acquire clearance from the customs department. Once it clears, it will be delivered to the address provided.

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