Block making machine mould production methods

Block making machine mould production process is quite simple; the main method is nothing more than two: welding mould and wire-cutting mould.

Welding mould is to make steel into small pieces and then by the welding machine for welding in accordance with the block size, so that it can make a success. This method is cheaper price, and the plate thickness after exposure to welding, due to thermal expansion and contraction will cause the block edges not smooth and strength is not enough and so on.

Wire mould should first determine the thickness of the block, according to the calculation of the compression ratio, the entire plate is placed on a computer numerical control machine tool control line cutting, using cutting mode, because cutting system is very small, so the output is low. Using wire cutting mould making complex and long period of time so the price is more expensive, but the entire sheet cutting system, not only good performance, produced a smooth pad. By the user’s favorite.

Our factory can custom the block making machine mould according to customers’ requirements. Generally we choose the second method, because it is good for the block making machine, and it also can extend the block machine mould’s life.

block mould