Brick Making Machine – All Things You Should Know

brick making machine all things you should know

Automatic Brick Making Machine: Ultimate Guide

What is automatic block making machine?

Automatic brick machine is modern equipment that is used for producing bricks. Compared with the manual type, this machine is easier and more convenient to operate and maintain. These auto brick making machine save money for construction since the use of sand and cement for plastering works are reduced to the maximum extent imaginable.

Also, with the development of automation, a lot of people now choose automatic type to manual type of machine to save labor and cost.

Well, for automatic block making machine, there are two types; fully automatic concrete brick making machine and automatic clay brick making machine. Both types can help making bricks for construction with reduced labor and high productivity.


Automatic brick making machine can produce all types, sizes, and dimensions of bricks. Common sizes and dimensions are listed below.

  1. LONTTO concrete automatic brick making machine: 
  • Solid block (brick): 200*100*60mm; 240*114*60mm, etc.
  • Paver brick: 250*250*60mm; 200*160*60mm; 200*100*60mm, etc.
  • Hollow block (brick): 400*200*200mm; 390*190*190; 390*150*190, etc.
  • Porous block (brick): 240*115*90mm; 240*200*90mm; 240*115*53mm, etc.
  • Solid block (brick): 200*100*60mm; 240*114*60mm, etc.
  1. LONTTO clay automatic brick making machine:
  • Interlocking block (brick): 230*180*115mm; 230*220*115mm; 230*140*115mm, etc.
  • Standard block (brick): 300*150*100mm; 150*150*100mm, etc.
  • Porous block (brick): 250*125*60mm, etc.

Types of automatic brick making machine?

The concrete brick making machine is used to produce blocks. It uses cement, pea stone, sand, or crushed cliffstone, etc.

Fully automatic concrete brick making machine allows short moulding period, it is highly efficient, and costs less. It can produce standard bricks and strong blocks.

QT4-15 Automatic Block Making Machine - LONTTO

The raw material of the automatic fly ash brick making machine is fly ash. There are the fully automatic type and semi-automatic type.

The fully automatic type is ideal if you want to finish your project. If not, you can opt for the semi-automatic type

Automatic clay brick machine is specially designed for clay brick. The clay brick materials are clay or soil or earth or mud, with little cement or no cement.

Clay brick machine can be fully automatic of semi-automatic.

  • Automatic cement brick making machine

Cement brick machine can produce high quality bricks without burning. Common raw materials are stone flour, mineral slag, sand, furnace cinder, pebbles etc. You mix them with water following a certain proportion, then high quality cement bricks are produced.

Paver Block Machine is high efficiency for paver block manufacturing. It comes in fully automatic or semi-automatic type. Paver block making machine works well with materials such as Stone Dust, Stone Chips, and Cement.

  • Hot automatic brick making machine model capacity

QT4-25C automatic brick machine for sale

QT4-25C Electric Automatic Brick Making Machine

Brick type Dimension(mm) Pcs/mold Molding cycle Pcs/h
Hollow block 390*150*190 6 25s 864
Porous block 240*115*53 12 25s 1,728
Paver block 200*100*60 20 25s 2,880
Solid block 240*114*60 12 25s 1,728

LT4-10 Clay Automatic Brick Making Machine

Brick type Dimension(mm) Pcs/mold Molding cycle Pcs/h
Interlocking 230*180*115 4 7s 2,040
Standard 300*150*100 4 7s 2,040
Porous 250*125*60 4 7s 2,040

LT4-10 Automatic clay Brick Machine

How automatic block making machine works?

The different types of brick making machines function differently. The automatic block making machine doesn’t function the same way as the manual type.

Also, the fully automatic block machine and the semi-automatic block making machine also function differently.

The mixed material is transferred into the hopper through the conveyor belt, the feeding system directs mixed material into hopper with the help of a control motor.

The upper mold presses down onto the bottom mold under the strict control of electric control unit in the cabinet. Meanwhile, machine vibrates through motors.

After certain seconds, automatic brick is formed and transported out. Automatic brick is then transferred into storage unit for curing. Thus one cycle of LONTTO automatic brick production is complete.

how automatic brick machine work

Advantages: produced automatic brick is of high density, high freeze resistance, high permeation resistance and great insulation of noise and heat.

Tensile strength of block reaches 15Mpa. Block with high density, high freeze resistance, high permeation resistance, great insulation of noise and heat.

So, you have to know how these types of automatic block making machine functions before buying for your business.

  • The Output. This is a major difference. The fully automatic brick making machine has a higher output than semi-automatic block making machine. If you are looking for a high production, you should opt for choose fully automatic type to suit your construction.
  • The Operation mode. The fully automatic brick machineuses PLC control mode. The whole operation of this machine can be controlled by a computer, which is very easy to operate and maintain. Moreover, some fully automatic block making machine has equipped remote examination system which provides convenience to the operators.
    It can detect failures, upgrade system and PC monitor procedure.The production of the semi-automatic block making machine, on the other hand, will be finished with the operation of labor.
  • The Production specification. Fully automatic brick plant has large molding ranging areas.
  • Employment. For fully automatic brick making plant, only two or three people are needed. This can help save a lot of money. Semi-automatic brick making plant needs to operate manually. Also, the blocks need to be transported by about five to six people.

Where to Buy Automatic Brick Making Machine-Choose Reliable Automatic Brick Machine Manufacturer.

Finding a good automatic brick making machine manufacturer is not easy, and you cannot just pick up one from your local hardware store. It is very easy to get counterfeit products from companies that manufacture them.

Reputable companies like LONTTO are one of the best automatic brick making machine manufacturers.

This company have been in this business for 30 years. They manufacture construction machinery, including Brick making machine, AAC block plant, Concrete mixing plant, Pipe making machine.

automatic brick machine manufacturer

LONTTO has various types of brick machine; semi and fully automatic brick making machine, manual brick making machine, cement brick making machine, hydraulic brick making machine, concrete block making machine.

LONTTO is reputable and has three factories with 3,587,970 sq.ft, including special block moulds production workshop, raw material processing workshop, heat treatment workshop, brick making machine assembly workshop, and experimental research center.

LONTTO factory has 523 sets of precision processing machine tools and advanced inspection and testing equipment. This company can finish 12,000 sets of various construction machinery. Be assured that this company will deliver good quality brick making machine and it will be delivered fast. This is no doubt the best place to buy automatic brick making machine.

Advantages of Buying Automatic Brick Manufacturing Machine from LONTTO?

LONTTO automatic brick making machines possess the advantages of low cost(upgraded motor and diesel engine), high efficiency, easy to operate, easy to maintenance and repair, longer service life, etc.

LONTTO automatic brick making machine adopts heavy steel structure of splitting type for higher strength compared to the designs in the market, longer service life, easy installation, and maintenance.

LONTTO automatic brick making machine mold adopts alloy plate, treated with carburization and quenching.  Most of all, LONTTO machinery offers competitive and reasonable price with higher quality and more strict inspection process compared to other automatic brick making machines in the market.


LONTTO automatic brick making machine goes through extremely strict inspection and testing before sale. Our automatic brick making machine not only meets the national product executive standard but also have the recognition of International Quality System Certification ISO9001-2000.

LONTTO automatic brick making machine possesses quality certification of CE, SONCAP, SABS and so on.

Lontto offers

  • 30 Years of Experience for Automatic Brick Machine
  • Full Support on Installation & Training
  • Big Brand Spare Parts
  • Ship to Globally by Door to Door or FOB Or CIF
  • After-Sale Support

Top Quality

Each Lontto automatic brick making machine undergoes strict quality infection before it leaves the factory. All devices are tested for their standard to ensure that there is no quality problem when you receive your product.

Standard Steel

Our machines are made of standard steel, which ensures that the product framework is strong. This means you will be getting value for your money, as the life span of the products is long.


The motor of our equipment adopts the famous brand of our country, and most of the high-end equipment can customize Siemens motor and Siemens PLC control system according to customer requirements.

The hydraulic system of the equipment adopts the Taiwan Calyca brand, which has high pressure, low maintenance and long service life.

Strong Brick Mold

Typically, a brick mold is heat treated and carburized, and they can last for 5-8 years. However, a lot of domestic manufacturers do not have the heat treatment capability of the mold, which makes the mold easily damaged.

block mould - automatic brick machine

Lontto brick making molds use wire cutting technology and use high precision Wire cut Electrical discharge machining (WEDM) with a mold accuracy of ±0.002mm. They also use high-quality wear – resistant steel.

The mold as a long life span and requires little to no maintenance.

Multifunctional Brick Mold

Each of our brick machine is multi-functional. They can produce different bricks, paver block, hollow block, solid block, customers only need to buy a brick machine, change the mold.

Machine Parts

We not only provide our customers high-quality brick machines, but you can also get various kinds of wearing parts, such as springs, rubber pads, rollers, etc. You can also get loaders and various mixers.

Siemens Control System

The Siemens control system in a separate position ensures the safe operation of your workers and enables a fully automatic unmanned operation mode.

Lead time and Logistics of LONTTO Machinery

Small automatic brick making machine takes 7-15 days. Middle sized automatic brick making machine takes 15-22 days. Large automatic brick production line takes 25-35 days.

LONTTO Machinery has been shipping to its partners for over 28 years of cooperation.  We are known for timely delivery and excellent after-sale services. 

We pack and ship each LONTTO automatic brick making machine we sell to ensure safety. Besides, we will get every customer informed of the status of a machine on the sea.

LONTTO Machinery welcomes every customer for supervision and advice. And we are looking forward to having the privilege of serving you in the future.

Service of LONTTO Machinery

LONTTO machinery will be at your service 24/7. We provide services from machine installation, training, operation guidance, siting to budget planning, cost evaluating, raw material analysis, raw material ratio guidance and so on.

Our DHL partner guarantees you timely delivery of wearing parts, spare parts, and other accessories.  In all, you have the full support from LONTTO machinery.

Automatic Brick Making Machine Price?

The fully automatic brick making machine price is more than that of the semi-automatic brick making machine. Automatic block making machine price differ in configuration. For instance, the fully automatic concrete block making machine cost more with its high configuration.

How to choose the suitable model of automatic brick machine for you?

  • Degree of Autonomy

Just like other types of construction machine, automatic brick making machines have various quantities of autonomy. There is the semi-automatic and full automatic.

The semi-automatic requires more labor than the fully automatic. So, while deciding on the one to buy, you should consider the quantity of autonomy that you want your machine to possess so it can satisfy your production needs economically.

  • Small Scale vs. Large Operations

While purchasing automatic machine, you have to consider the amount of blocks that you want to create to meet your needs. For example, if the machine is meant to serve your needs only, a small to medium scale is what you need. However, if your aim is to sell the block commercially, your business will be successful if you use a large-scale automatic brick making machine.

  • Build Expertise of the Machine

No matter the size and production capacity of the brick making machine that wish to buy, the build quality of the machine is an important thing to look out for. It is important to consider the materials used to manufacture the machine as well as the build quality of the brick making machine.

A great automatic brick making machine is one which is designed and created to endure amount of time you spend during construction while consistently producing your blocks efficiently.

  • The Type and Variety of Block a Machine Can Manufacture

Bricks can be created in different shapes and sizes. For example, the most common concrete blocks on the market add the Bull nose blocks, the pillar block, the corner block, and the jamb block which can be done by using a concrete brick making machines.

With this particular immense selection of concrete blocks in mind, it is very important consider the sort of blocks you want to get producing the ability of a prospective machine to generate the plethora of machine you would like to produce.

Other considerations that you ought to have in mind include the ease of maintenance, the option of spares and the concrete block making machine price.

  • Automatic Brick Making Machine Capacity

The amount of block an automatic making machine can mold per hour depends on the type and the model of the machine and the type of brick it is molding. For example, LONTTO’s QT4-25C automatic brick making machine can produce 864 pieces of hollow block per hour.

Buying Guide for Automatic Block Making Plant?

  • Technical details

Technical details are something you should look out for when buying an automatic brick making machine. Technical details such as electrical and mechanical parts, are very important if the machine is to operate in its full potential and last for long.

These machine parts should be manufactured by renowned manufacturers because of the availability of spare parts and availability.

  • The steel

It is important to look at the steel that was used to manufacture the machine because it will determine the lifespan of the machine you are buying. Lontto machines are very robust and long-lasting and produce high-quality products

  • The pressure system

The pressure system of your machine should be strong and well built in order to produce blocks with high quality. When the pressure system is not so good and quality, blocks can be cracked and collapsed. This is one thing you should look out for.

  • Concrete mixing unit

The block making machine is the brain but the concrete mixing unit is the heart; if your heart is not pumping very well your brain will not work well. Therefore, the mixing unit is a very important thing in block making.

What are the components of automatic brick machine?

  • Host machine

The host of the automatic brick making machine mainly consists of hydraulic cylinder, press head, and the mold. The body of our brick making machine is manufactured with high-strength steel, which guarantees the high stability of the machine. And the wearable materials enable the automatic block making machine to keep the shape and have a lengthy life span.

  • PLC Control system

The PLC electric control system is applied to the machine, and its main function is to fully control all the procedures. The advanced fault diagnosis device will look out for and correct every error and mistakes automatically.

  • Cement Screw Conveyor

The cement screw conveyor is used to transport different types of meal, granular material, small block material, such as fly ash, cement, and ore fines, and lots more.

  • Cement Silo

The Cement silo is primarily used to store cement, fly ash and other raw materials used in concrete production process in concrete brick making machine.

  • The block stacker

The block stacker is used for stacking heavy concrete blocks automatically which increases productivity. With the block stacker, bricks can often be piled up automatically up to 3 to 8 layers by the block stacker.

  • Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system of the automatic block making plant is a mechanical function that acts via hydraulic pressure. In hydraulic-based systems, mechanical motion is created by the pumped liquid contained within, usually by moving the cylinders of the piston.

  • Concrete mixer

The concrete mixer (usually wrongly referred to as a cement mixer) is a device that evenly mixes cement, aggregate such as sand or gravel, and water to form concrete.

  • Aggregate batch bin

The aggregate batch bin, also known as the aggregate batcher or the aggregate bin is an automated device that weighs and distributes materials. Generally, different grades of concrete have different requirements for the type and proportion of aggregates.

How to maintain the automatic brick machine?

Automatic brick making plant has to be maintained after it has been in use for a long time. This is to ensure that your machine can work normally and efficiently. You should maintain the molds of the machine especially.

This should be done once a week to ensure the machine and operators are safe. It’s good for your factory.

Follow these steps to maintain your automatic block making plant;

Remove grease and wastes in the cavity and out of the surface of the machine mold. Spray rust oil after you clean the cavity, and clean it again.

Check the parts of your automatic brick machine for damage and fasten every loose part to ensure safe production.

Also check if there is any damage on the mold and make sure you get it fixed. Newly discovered cracks and severe damage to parts should be repaired by an expert.

Check every part and component of your automatic brick making plant for any damages and make sure you get them fixed by an engineer


Hopefully, this guide has been of great help to you. After reading this, we are sure you can confidently choose the best automatic brick making machine and the best manufacturer to get yours.

If you need further clarification on this guide, we are a call away. You can always contact us, and we will be glad to be of help. You can call us anytime. We are available 24/7.

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