Brick Making Machine Price in South Africa
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  • Parts made from renowned companies such as Emerson, Siemens, and Omron
  • Can produce different concrete brick sizes and types
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  • Different types of brick making machines for sale
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Brick Making Machine for Sale in South Africa

  • All our brick making machines can be tailored to meet your needs. All you have to do is to provide us with your specifications and our dedicated team will do the rest.
  • We assure you of timely delivery of your machine. We collaborate with some of the best shipping companies in the world.
  • LONTTO has more than 30 years of brick making machine manufacturing and supplying. You can expect nothing but industry-standard machines.
  • We sell you the machines at an affordable factory price so you can ship them without much hassle.
  • You are free to visit us at our main offices in China. The best part, we offer you free accommodation.
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The LMT4-40 is a compact brick making machine that can make up to 4 pieces of 8’ hollow bricks. It comes at an affordable price featuring a sturdy design that can withstand harsh environments. It can also produce 6’ 5’ and 4’ bricks. You get compact bricks thanks to the high vibration.

block-making-machine-in-south africa

The LMT4-35 has a strong and durable stainless-steel frame. It also comes with strong vibration to produce high-density bricks. The machine can produce up to 2880 pieces per day. With it, you can make hollow, porous, and pavement bricks. It is an ideal machine for small-capacity factories.

block-making-machine-in-south africa

The LMT4-26 is a manual concrete brick making machine that can produce 4 pieces of hollow bricks simultaneously. You can also make pavement and porous bricks with it. It can produce anywhere from 3200 to 12000 pieces per day with production cycles of 26 seconds.

QMJ2-40-Hollow-Block-machine in south africa

The QMJ4-20 manual concrete brick making machine comes in an easy-to-use design that allows you to make bricks on the fly. It is affordable, durable, and easy to install. It comes with a diesel or electric motor for powering the mold. It produces hollow and solid blocks in 45 seconds cycles.

QCM4-30 Manual mobile concrete block machine

The QCM4-30 is specifically engineered to produce concrete bricks for numerous construction needs. It can come with a diesel or electric engine depending on your preferred source of energy. It is cost-effective and mobile meaning you can work with it from any position on site. You can produce not less than 2000 pieces per day.

QMJ4-45-Hollow-Block-machine in south africa

The QMJ4-45 manual block making machine comes in a mobile design. You can move it around thanks to the durable wheels. With it, you don’t need a pallet to make bricks. It is energy efficient meaning you won’t use excess electricity or fuel. It produces concrete hollow blocks in 45 seconds.

QMY4-30-Hollow-Block-machine in south africa

The QMJ4-30 is a manual mobile hydraulic brick making machine. It is easy to operate and install and comes with durable materials. It does not require a pallet to make bricks. The maximum molding period is 30 seconds. The machine can move automatically with being pushed by the press of a button.

LT2-40-Inerlocking soil-Brick-Machine south africa

The LT2-40 interlocking brick making machine is intended to make clay bricks. It is an ideal machine for small companies or domestic use. It is easy to operate and requires a minimal human workforce. You can get two pieces per cycle. Its molding cycle is 30-40 seconds. It also comes at an affordable price.

eco-brava-clay-Block-Making-Machine in south africa

The ECO Brava produces eco-friendly interlocking bricks. It comes in a semi-automatic construction allowing you to make bricks without the need for a pallet. The machine can come equipped with a diesel or electric motor. You can also make interlocking bricks of different shapes and sizes. It has a 20-25 seconds molding cycle and weighs 230kg.

ECO BRB Interlocking brick making machine

The ECO BRB machine is well-suited to produce cement and clay bricks. It allows you to change its mold making interlocking bricks of different shapes and sizes. It models a semi-automatic operation mode with the mold lifting and pressing being controlled by its system. You can get it with an electric or diesel engine.

LT4-10 Interlocking brick making machine

The LT4-10 is an automatic brick making machine that comes with state-of-the-art automation. It comprises a PLC control system that significantly reduces instances of human error. The hydraulic pressure is high for making high-quality bricks. It produces up to 8000 pieces per day. This is an ideal machine for medium-sized factories.

LT5-10 Interlocking brick making machine

The LT5-10 interlocking brick making machine produces clay bricks of high density. It comprises stellar automation and hydraulic pressure. The machine can make up to 14400 pieces per day with a molding period of 5 to 7 seconds. You can opt for an electric or diesel engine.

M7MI Interlocking brick making machine

The M7MI brick making machine is a mobile consists of a mixer, mold, diesel engine, and wheels. It is also equipped with a hydraulic system that ensures you produce bricks of high density and quality. It is easy to operate and does not require extensive training.

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Brick Making Machine for Sale in Gauteng, Brick Making Machine for Sale in Pretoria, Block Making Machine for Sale in Cape Town.

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Lontto Brick Making Machine in South Afirca

Lontto is the one of top brick making machine manufacturer, we can provide paving brick machine for sale in south Africa, manual brick making machine for sale in Pretoria city, Gauteng Province. And we also sale the block making machine in Johannesburg.

If you want to produce interlocking bricks in South Africa, you need to buy interlocking brick making machine. The interlocking bricks are soil bricks, the materials are soil and a little cement. So, the cost of blocks is cheap.

For the different materials used in blocks, lontto also has cement brick making machines for sale in South Africa. You can choose the automatic or manual types of block making machine.

Whatever any size of cement blocks, hollow blocks, bevel paver, retaining wall blocks, and interlock bricks, Lontto cement brick making machine in South Africa can do a good job.

If you want enquiry Lontto brick moulding machine for sale in South Africa, you need confirm the models, and choose the power types, we have electric brick making machine for sale in south Africa, and also have diesel types.

If you want to manufacture clay bricks, it is a good way to buy a clay brick making machine in south Africa. Clay bricks are soil earth blocks, buy the clay bricks need to be burned when produced by machines.

Lontto can send high-quality block making machine in any place of south Africa, such as Pretoria city, Gauteng Province, Eastern Cape Province, Durban City, Randburg City, Johannesburg, Kempton Park, Cape Town, Polokwane, Limpopo Province, and Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein.

So don’t worry about the delivery of block making machine, and Lontto support on installation and training services.

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Brick making machine in South Africa

Brick Making Machine for Sale in Pretoria

South Africa it the only country to have three capital, respectively are Pretoria, Cape Town, Bloemfontein.

There are many simply brick making machine for sale in Pretoria, you need to operate it by manpower, no need electric. So the efficiency of block production is very low. But the market demand for bricks is very large.

It is very necessary to buy a high-efficiency brick machine. Whether it is automatic or manual, more advanced technology is required to increase productivity. In order to make your business better.


Brick Making Machine for Sale in Gauteng

South Africa has nine provinces, and Gauteng is one of them. And the name means “place of gold”in Sotho-Tswana languages. And Gauteng is the smallest province in South Africa.

Are there brick making machine for sale in Gauteng? Yes, you can find many manufacturers in Gauteng, and you can find local brick making machine, and also from other countries. But if you want to buy a cost saving brick making machine, you should better buy it from reliable supplier. More details, please contact Lontto.

Brick Making Machines Kempton Park

Kempton Park is a city of Gauteng Province, South Africa. Brick making machine in Kempton Park is a simple design machine, so if you need to buy a high efficiency equipment, to improve the blocks capacity, you need to import it from other countries.

Lontto sells paving brick machines and interlocking bricks machine in South Africa, if you want to learn more about machine configuration, prices, photos and videos, etc., please contact us.

clay-brick-making-machine-in-south africa

Block Making Machine for Sale in Cape Town

Cape Town is a beautiful port city in South Afirica’s south coast, and it is the second-most populous city after Johannesburg.

Because the it is the port city, you buy a brick making machine is very easy, you can import the block equipment from any country. Buy you need to confirm the budget, and the capacity of blocks, and the size of block. Then ask for the block moulding machine price in South Africa.

Brick Making Machine Polokwane Limpopo

Polokwane city is the capital of Limpopo Province, and it is located in midway between Pretoria and Zimbabwe Border, and it is the largest commercial and industrial center in the great north.

Buy brick making machine in Polokwane is not a difficult thing, you can contact block making machine manufacturers in South Africa, or import the machines from China. Just to find a professional supplier, you will get the suitable machine.

Brick Making Machine for Sale in Port Elizabeth

Want to buy brick making machine in Port Elizabeth, The city is on Algoa Bay in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. And Port Elizabeth is a major port in South Africa.

So it is easy to import a brick making machine from Lontto, You buy a diy manual interlocking brick making machine, or automatic brick making machine according to your needs. The price of manual brick machine is low, and the automatic equipment is high cost.

interlocking-brick-machine-in-south africa

Brick Making Machine for Sale In Bloemfontein

Bloemfontein is one of three national capitals in South Africa, and it is belong to the free State Province of South Africa. You can also call Bloemfontein for Bloem.

Yes, Lontto has brick making machine for sale in Bloemfontein, if you need concrete block moulding machine in South Africa, or hydraform machine, or electric brick making machine in South Africa, you can send the enquiry to us.

How Many Models Of Brick Making Machine For Sale In South Africa?

They are many models of brick making machine that you can buy in South Africa. In terms of raw materials, we have:

  • Concrete brick making machine
  • Fly ash brick making machine
  • Clay brick making machine
  • Cement brick making machine
  • Cinder brick making machine
  • Sand brick making machine

In terms of mode of operation, we have:

  • Automatic brick making machine
  • Semi-automatic brick making machine
  • Manual brick making machine
  • Mobile brick making machine

automatic brick machine in south africa

Is There Paving Brick Machine For Sale In South Africa?

Yes, there is a paving brick making machine for sale in South Africa. Some of the most popular are QT4-18, QT4-15, QT5-15, and QT6-15. The machines are fitted with state-of-the-art automation and hydraulic pressure systems. And not just from any brand, but leading brands like CALYCA.

Also, they are durable, easy to operate, and can be used in South Africa since they are certified and recognized by the relevant bodies. The paving brick making machine offers reliable performance and can work for years on end without breakdown.

Is There Manual Brick Making Machine For Sale In South Africa?

Yes, there are manual brick making machines in South Africa that you can buy. We have models such as ECO BRAVA, ECO BRB, LMT4-26, and more. The machines have CE & ISO certification making them ideal for use in South Africa. What’s more, they are easy to use.

Most of these machines can produce anywhere from 1920 bricks per day. They come fitted with engines – electric or diesel – for optimal performance. You can even get mobile models such as M7MI TWIN and QCM4-30.

Is There Interlocking Brick Making Machine For Sale In South Africa?

Yes, there are plenty of interlocking brick making machines in South Africa. These machines are primarily used to produce interlocking bricks. Models to consider include ECO Brava, Eco BRB, Lt2-40, Lt4-10, and others. The machines are engineered with longevity in mind as they operate 24 hours without breakdown.

Is There Clay Brick Making Machine For Sale In South Africa?

Yes, there are clay brick making machines that we sell in South Africa. This is to the fact that clay is one of the most commonly used construction materials in South Africa. Our machines are easy to use and install and require minimal maintenance. You can consider purchasing the ECO BRAVA, LT2-40, LT5-10, and others.

Is There Electric Brick Making Machine In South Africa?

Again, we have electric brick making machines. In fact, most of our brick machines are powered by electricity. They range from automatic to manual machines.

The best part, they are energy efficient meaning you won’t incur exorbitant electricity bills.

Is There Cement Brick Making Machine For Sale In South Africa?

Cement is among the common construction materials used in South Africa. For this reason, LONTTO sells a wide range of cement brick making machines in South Africa. Like other models, you can get manual, automatic, and semi-automatic machines. Popular cement brick making machines are LMT4-35, LMT4-40, QCM4-30, and QMI4-45, among others.

Is There Automatic Block Moulding Machine For Sale In South Africa?

Yes, you can get automatic block molding machines in South Africa. Our machines are made of quality parts so you can enjoy stellar automation. They are also easy to maintain and fetch a cheap price. Some models you can buy include LT4-10, LT5-10, and LT7-10.

Is There Hydraulic Brick Making Machine For Sale In South Africa?

Hydraulic pressure enables the making of compact and high-density bricks. At LONTTO, we sell hydraulic machines in South Africa. They are durable and come in a sturdy design while offering uninterrupted operation. QT4-15, QT5-15, and QT6-15 are some of the hydraulic machines you can buy.

Is There Second-Hand Brick Making Machine For Sale In South Africa?

While there are numerous second-hand brick making machines in South Africa for sale, we only deal with brick machines from our factory. This is to ensure you get nothing but quality products. Besides, second-hand machines can come with numerous flaws that may limit your productivity.

What Is Hydraform Brick Making Machine?

This is a brick making machine that makes hydraform blocks which is an alternative construction material. The hydraform brick making machine is popular in South Africa thanks to its ease of use and affordable price.


What Is Brick Making Machine Price List In South Africa?

The price list of brick-making machines in South Africa is dependent on several factors such as mode of operation, integrated technology, and raw materials used. To get a comprehensive list you can request a quote via email or WhatsApp.

Block Making Machine Durban KZN

You can get block making machines in Durban KZN at different prices and models. Whether you want an automatic, manual, or semi-automatic machine, LONTTO got you covered. So if you are in Durban and need a brick making machine, give us a call.

Blocks Making Machine for Sale in Eastern Cape

There are also numerous block making machines for sale in Eastern Cape. We ensure that we reach out to customers from across Eastern Cape. Regardless of the model you want, you can always trust LONTTO.

brick-making-machien-manufacrurer-in-south africa

Manual Brick Making Machine for Sale in Johannesburg

Manal brick making machines are ideal especially for small factories and domestic use. We have different manual brick making machines for sale in Johannesburg. Some of the popular models include LMT4-40, LMT4-35, LMT4-26, and others.

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