What models of brick making machine for sale in Ghana?

We manufacture all types of brick making machine for sale in Ghana. The types of machine in the following:

Clay brick making machine in Ghana

Clay brick making machine can produce interlocking clay bricks.

The model includes LT2-40 manual model, ECO Brava, ECO BRB, M7MI mobile clay brick machine.

LT4-10, LT5-10, LT7-10 automatic clay brick machine.

For more information for the clay brick machine, you can contact us at any time.


Concrete block making machine Ghana

We have sold many sets of concrete block machine in Ghana.

Including manual type LMT4-40, automatic type QT3-20, QT4-15.

These machines can produce concrete hollow blocks, cement paver blocks, cement interlocking blocks.

This is an ideal choice for building business.


Manual brick making machine in Ghana

Lontto also has a manual type brick machine in Ghana, the manual brick machine is small brick machine,

All manual type brick making machine need small investment, cost-saving.

Do not worry about the quality of machine, you can visit the block production site in Ghana.

And also welcome you visit us to check the machine.


LMT4-35 Block Machine is exported to Ghana on October, 2018. LMT4-35 Block Machine In Ghana is easy to operate, have lower investment, and the higher profit. It could do different kinds of hollow blocks, solid bricks and pavement bricks through exchange the moulds.


LMT4-35 Block Machine is exported to Ghana on October, 2018. LMT4-35 Block Machine is easy to operate, have lower investment, and the higher profit. It could do different kinds of hollow blocks, solid bricks and pavement bricks through exchange the moulds.

Based on our good quality of block machine and the good assurance of Alibaba, we do the business smoothly, after the block machine and the moulds produced well, I send the different angles of block machines and the block moulds photos for the customer, the customer satisfy them well.


Interlocking brick making machine price in Ghana

Interlocking brick machine commonly produces interlocking bricks, including soil bricks and concrete blocks.

If you want to produce soil interlocking bricks, you need to choose the clay brick making machine.

If you want to produce concrete interlocking bricks, you need to buy the concrete block making machine.

All machine can be delivered to Ghana, do not worry about the shipping, Lontto will arrange all things.


Mud earth brick making machine in Ghana

Mud brick machine and earth brick machine is also produced by LONTTO,

The finished products are mud bricks and earth bricks.

We mainly produce the burning free mud brick making machine.

This is a low investment, and the bricks are popular in the Ghana market.


Where to buy brick machine in Ghana?

I suggest you buy the brick machine from us directly, we have no agent in Ghana.

Buy brick making machine from us is easy, you just need an import licensing,you can importing the machine by yourself.

When you buy the machine from souring factory, it will save more money.

And for the shipping machine, install machine, training and other question for the block machine, We can help you.

If you want to be an agent of Lontto in Ghana, it is also ok.

We can give you the agency agreement, then assist you in developing the Ghana market together.

How Much is a brick making machine in Ghana?

The different machine is a different price, generally, the manual and small brick machine is low investment, automatic brick machine are expensive.

But when you buy the block machine from LONTTO, we can help you choose the suitable model of machine.

And give you the best price with the best quality of the machine.

No need more cost of the brick machine.

How to buy the machine from LONTTO?

  • To know what blocks you want to produce, concrete block or clay brick?

If you need to produce concrete blocks or hollow concrete blocks, cement paver blocks.

you need to choose a concrete block machine.

if you need to produce clay bricks and interlocking clay bricks.

You need to choose the clay brick making machine.

  • To confirm the capacity of blocks you required.

More capacity of blocks needs a big model of brick making machine, such as an automatic brick machine.

And small capacity needs manual brick making machine.

We will tell you the model of the block machine meets your requirements.

  • To choose the size of the blocks.

One set of concrete block machine can produce all sizes of concrete blocks.

one set of clay brick machines can produce all sizes of clay bricks.

But you need to buy more block molds, one mold corresponds to one brick type.

When you need to produce other sizes of the block, you just change the block mold, no need change machine.


  • To confirm the shipping cost.

If you need goods to be shipped directly to your port, we can help you find the shipping company with the best price.

We also have shipping companies with years of cooperation experience, we can get the lowest price.

And you can also use your own shipping company, we arrange the goods to any port in China.

  • To confirm the payment method

When confirming all the fees of machines, you need to pay the advance payment.

We accept TT and LC as the payment, I suggest you adopt TT as the payment.

Don't worry about the security of the transaction.

We are committed to ensuring the security of your transactions.

Of course, you can also use LC as a payment method, but you will need to pay some fees.

  • Shipping the brick making machine

When the brick machine is finished, we will perform a machine test to adjust the machine to the best condition.

Confirm that the machine can operate safely and efficiently. Then spray paint.

We will send you brick making machine test videos and photos.

Then we will arrange the shipping class in advance.

We will send you a shipping bill of lading, invoice and packing list.

  • Install the machine and training your workers.

In general, small manual brick machines do not require training and engineer installation, we will give you an operation video.

But some large automatic brick machines need to send engineers to install equipment and train your staff to operate the equipment.

We provide these services and we have experienced technicians.

It can guarantee the safe and efficient operation of the equipment.

What is Kantanka block making machine?

Kantanka is an automobile manufacturing company located in Ghana and is not engaged in the manufacture of brick making machines.

It is reported that Kantanka has developed a large concrete block moulding machine similar to LONTTO QT10-15. But there are no more specific details.

So if you want to buy a brick machine from Kantanka, it is recommended that you buy a brick moulding machine from a professional manufacturer.

LONTTO can provide you with various models of brick making machines, which can produce various concrete blocks.

Kantanka block making machine

What is Kantanka block making machine price in Ghana?

There is no more information about the Kantanka brick making machines price. However, the price of Kantanka brick machine can be judged according to the current market price of brick machine.

LONTTO QT6-15 block moulding price is USD45000 – USD55000 in Ghana

LONTTO QT8-15 block moulding price is USD50000 – USD65000 in Ghana

LONTTO QT10-15 block moulding price is USD60000 – USD70000 in Ghana

The price of the brick machine above depends on the configuration, the price will be different, if you need a more specific price, you need to consult our professional sales staff. Provide you with the most accurate price in time

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