What are the varieties of brick-making machines in Haiti?

You can get a large variety of brick-making machines in Haiti. Lontto is producing brick-making machines for every construction need.

Each machine is equipped with user-friendly equipment that helps users make different types of brick.

Each machinery can use different types of mold to create a variety of bricks. Customers won't need to change the machine to change the brick type but only the mold.

There are mainly four types of machines that Lontto produces that can be supplied to Haiti.


Mobile brick making machine in Haiti

You will find these machines are easy to operate and easy to move. Most of the construction sites use transportation for carrying the bricks to the location of their use. First, the raw material is transported to the machine, and then the bricks are transported.

The best solution to reduce the cost of transportation is to use the mobile machinery by Lontto. Instead of carrying the bricks and increasing the cost of transportation.

Move the machinery to the location where the bricks are needed.

Example of mobile brick-making machines available for sale in Haiti.


QCM4-30 uses a 6 HP diesel engine replaceable with a 4 kW electric motor. The operation requires at least two workers to pull the lever down for demolding.

After demolding, the machine is moved backward for the next batch. The material is mixed by the workers and spread on the molds manually. For better quality of the bricks, customers are given the option of the material mixture in addition.

QCM4-30-concrete-Hollow-Block-Machine in Haiti

If you are working on your own project and time is not a concern, this machine is for you. The option of a diesel engine makes it adaptable for remote locations that are without electricity. 


QMJ2-40 requires a solid surface for its operation. It is equipped with an upper motor and down vibrator. Molds are stuffed with the material manually. Size is extremely small and can be kept in a small storeroom.

small mobile concrete block machine in haiti


QMJ4-45 is made by Lontto considering the needs of small businesses with less space. It requires at least one worker for its operation, with the help of an electric box atached to the machine. It can work with both diesel engines and electric motors. A solid base is used instead of pallets. Power consumption is low, only 6.5 kW.  

QMJ4-45-concrete-Hollow-Block-machine in haiti


QMY4-30 uses very little effort from the operator part. The machine uses hydraulics for decoupling. A single person can operate this machine using the buttons for making the bricks. After laying the bricks on the floor the machine moves without any human effort. QMY4-30 mobile can help small brick making manufacturing businesses progressive ventures in Haiti in the future.

QMY4-30-concrete-Hollow-Block-machine in haiti

Manual or Semi-automatic block machine in Haiti

Manual or semi-automatic machines from lontto use two to three workers each for their operation.

You won't need a high number of workers as the production value compensates for human effort.

Generally, the workers are needed for loading the mixer and transporting the bricks using the cart.

semi-automatic-Concrete-Block-Machine-for-Sale in haiti

One operator is needed to start and stop the action of the machine: includes brick making movement of conveyor belt and the rotation of the mixer.

Different models are available with slight variation in operation. These machines are better suited for medium construction projects in Haiti.


LMT4-26 can be used to make solid bricks, hollow bricks, and paver bricks. Once the mold is fixed, the operation can be started. The mixer is started when the material is fed. Once the mixture is moved through the belt conveyor machine starts to make the bricks. 


LMT4-26 concrete block making machine in haiti


LMT4-40 is the same as LMT4-26 but without the belt conveyor. Distance between the mixer and the main machine is less due to no belt conveyor. The machine is manually fed from the mixer. The spare parts box is attached for quick repair. 



LMT4-35 produces porous, hollow, and solid bricks. The vibration motor in the vibration table and mold makes high-density bricks.


Fully-automatic brick making machine in Haiti

To reduce your labor cost and increase the quality and speed of brick production, Lontto manufactures fully automatic machines. These machines are deliverable to Haiti on orders. Their cost is on the higher side, but they reduce the labor cost by incredible margins.

automatic brick making machine sale in haiti


QT4-18 uses hydraulics to create bricks from a variety of materials. No manual work is needed for feeding the host machine. Operators can use the electrical switch to control all the operations using motors or hydraulic pressure.

QT4-18 concrete block manufacturing machine in haiti


QT4-15 can make various types of bricks. It can produce a large variety of hollow bricks, more than 50 types. It can also make colored paver bricks. And has few shapes of curved stone series as well. very less manual labor is required.

QT4-15 automatic concrete block making machine in haiti


QT5-15 uses a hydraulic station, PLC system, pallet feeder, green brick conveyor, and brick making machine. All this equipment combines to make a fully automatic brick-making machine. Manual work is limited to controlling the PLC unit.

QT5-15 concrete block making machine for sale


QT8-15 is a highly advanced, fully automatic brick-making machine. This machine can produce up to 30 to 40 thousand bricks in a single day. This is best suited for large-scale business in Haiti. Every operation is PLC controlled, from mixing the material in the right proportion to stacking the bricks in a pile.

QT8-15 concrete block making machine price in haiti 


QT10-15 can make bricks from any construction raw material, from fly ash to concrete everything. It uses a large catalog of brick molds. Bricks of any shape, size, and color can be produced in this machine. It can cover all the needs of any construction project in Haiti. Big construction projects use this machine globally.

QT10-15 concrete block manufacturing machine haiti

What type of bricks can be made using brick-making machines in Haiti?

Earlier construction projects only included one type of bricks. These solid bricks were used everywhere, but as civil engineering developed so did the machinery.

With modern technology, bricks are made using machines. You can make bricks of any shape and size. They also differ by each construction project.

You can use Lontto’s machinery to produce any type of bricks in Haiti. All the brick types are covered with a vast variety of molds used in the machines.


  • Solid bricks

Solid bricks are generally used in every contraction project. These projects can be building homes, apartment walls, and other solid structures. Solid bricks help any structure last longer without any kind of damage from the natural elements. Most commonly used brick types.

  • Porous bricks

Porous bricks are used in construction sites where the load-bearing capacity of the structure is low. Porous bricks have a high absorption capacity. They can be used for the top surface where the possibility of water protection is less. Porous bricks are made of ceramic.

  • Paver bricks

Paver bricks are laid down on public routes or private property pavements. These bricks are shaped to make the repair work easy. If a brick gets damaged, it can easily be uprooted and changed with a new one. Unlike traditional ways, this is a very cost-effective way of repairing the pavements.

  • Hollow bricks

Hollow bricks are used for constructing walls for insulation purposes. They are capable of bearing heavy loads without putting extra pressure per square area. The structure with hollow bricks adds strength without putting the extra weight.

  • Interlocking bricks

Like paver bricks, interlocking bricks also reduce the cost of construction. Interlocking bricks have shapes that create an interlocking pattern without cement or mortar for binding. They are generally used for pavements and small building apartments.

Why choose Lontto’s Brick Making Machine in Haiti?

Brick-making machines increase the rate of production of bricks. Due to this factor, large construction projects can be finished in short durations.

Some of the machinery by Lontto are capable of producing thousands of bricks in a single day.

These machines are better than manual labor work. With these machines, projects in Haiti can see a reduction in time to complete.

concrete block machine for sale in haiti

What points to remember for buying a high-quality Brick Making Machine in Haiti?

You need the top criteria for buying these machines. You should carefully analyze your business model and requirements.

For example, you should be able to decide whether to go for production volume or mobility. Saving the labor cost or saving the power.

High-quality brick-making machines can save you the cost of repairing and cost of maintenance in the long term.

What raw material is used in brick-making machines in Haiti?

Like any other country, Haiti also uses many types of raw material. Which includes Fly ash, Sand, Cement, Gravel, and water. These are locally available and are common construction materials.

How much does it cost you to buy any Brick Making Machine in Haiti?

Lontto is providing the customer with the best technology within everyone's price limits. Their machines are cheaper than most of the manufacturers with high quality.

Small businesses can go for the machinery that costs only 1000USD. Bigger customers can opt for more expensive machines to kick start their business.

The money spent on high-tech fully automatic machinery can be recovered over a period of time by saving labor expenditure.

Models in Haiti Cost(USD) Cost(HTG)
LMT4-40 2500 – 3500 220225 – 308315
LMT4-35 4500 – 6000 396405 – 528540
LMT4-26 6000 – 9000 528540 – 792810
QCM4-30 3000 – 4000 264270 – 352360
QMJ2-40 1000 – 1350 88090 – 118921.5
QMJ4-45 3700 – 4500 325933 – 396405
QMY4-30 3800 – 4700 334742 – 414023
QT4-18 12000 – 16500 1057080 – 1453485
QT4-15 30000 – 40000 2642700 – 3523600
QT5-15 40000 – 50000 3523600 – 4404500
QT8-15 50000 – 65000 4404500 – 5725850
QT10-15 60000 – 70000 5285400 – 6166300

How can I order brick-making machines in Haiti?

To order these brick-making machines in Haiti, you can reach Lontto through various channels online or offline.

Decide on the models you want. Understand the infrastructure needed for these machines and place your order. Lontto will ship to your doorstep in the minimum possible time.

How are Lontto’s Brick Making Machines shipped to Haiti?

Lontto’s Brick Making Machines are shipped globally through merchant navy ships of different companies.

Metal containers are used to keep the machines on the ship. All the machines have different areas.

Their sizes are different, that's why either they are shipped in one container or combination.

How to operate a Brick Making Machine after delivery in Haiti?

After you deliver the brick-making machine in Haiti qualified engineers from Lontto will help you with the installation and proper training.

They will make sure that your production is on its way and troubleshoot all your problems and answer all your questions.


Who is the best Brick Making Machine supplier in Haiti?

Lontto is one of the best when it comes to supplying brick-making machines. They supply the machines directly from their manufacturing unit in China.

Everything is handled with priority and care to deliver the machinery without any problems to the customer.

Why is Lontto the best option for Brick Making Machine in Haiti?

Lontto has evolved as manufacturers of highly advanced brick-making machines. With experience accumulating to more than thirty years, they are global suppliers.

They supply in most parts of the world and provide high-class service. In Haiti also Lontto can supply high-tech machinery for brick making. Service and installation are also provided.

What kind of support can I expect from a Brick Making Machine supplier Lontto in Haiti?

Lontto supplies their machine through shipping. They serve the customer throughout their needs by providing training and installation. Their customer service is always online with 24/7 support.

Customers can feel safe and secure after opting for Lontto. They have highly qualified engineers and technicians that help the customers to establish brick-making units. In some places, terms and conditions may apply.

why buy brick machine from lontto to haiti


Lontto is one of the best brick-making machine manufacturers. They have experience of delivering and serving in many countries. Therefore Lontto is the best option for brick-making machines in Haiti.

You get the best prices with the latest technology. World-class service support in Haiti through Lontto.

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