Numerous constriction companies in Namibia are turning to bricks for different construction needs. This is because they are easy and safe to make and are eco-friendly. It is for this reason that LONTTO presents you with numerous brick making machines that you can purchase in Namibia.

The brick making machine is a machine that uses different raw materials such as cement to make bricks. These bricks can range from porous, hollow, to solid blocks. You can get manual, automatic, semi-automatic, hydraulic, and mobile block making machines.  And you can get these varieties from LONTTO.

lontto brick machine in namibia

What types of brick making machines are for sale in Namibia?

There are many types of block making machines you can get in Namibia at a pocket-friendly price. Let’s look at them. In raw materials using: concrete block making machine, cement brick making machine, cinder block making machine, solid brick making machine, mud brick machine, soil brick making machine, fly ash brick making machine.

In block types: hollow block making machine, paver block machine, interlocking brick machine, solid block machine.

In operation: automatic brick machine, semi-automatic brick making machine, manual brick making machine.


Concrete brick making machine in Namibia

What is a concrete block making machine? This is a machine that uses concrete as its chief raw material coupled with an adhesive, water, and sand. It features top-notch technology from leading companies such as Siemens. As such you get a machine that is efficient and cost-effective.

There are several variants to choose from. They include automatic, manual, and mobile block machines. The machine can make solid, paver, and hollow bricks making it ideal for different types of construction needs. Models include QT10-15, QT8-15, QT6-15, QT5-15, LMT4-26, LMT4-35, and LMT4-40 among others.

Thanks to heat treatment, it produces high-quality bricks that are less susceptible to cracking and everyday tear and wear. Besides, our concrete brick making machines are easy to operate, durable, easy to maintain, and of course, come at a competitive price.

concrete block machine in namibia

Cement brick making machine in Namibia

Another block making machine you can find is the cement type. It uses cement among other materials to make solid concrete, channel, paver, hollow, and interlocking bricks. Thanks to futuristic technology, strong hydraulic pressure, and vibrations, it makes evenly shaped and high-density bricks.

These bricks can be used in construction such as building walls and pavements. Like the concrete type, it comes in automatic, manual, mobile, hydraulic, and semi-automatic models. Popular models include LMT4-26, LMT4-35, LMT4-40, QCM4-30, QT4-15, QT4-18, and QT5-15, and many more.

Why should you buy the cement block making machine? It is easy to operate, features much-needed automation, sturdy design, and it is durable. This helps improve efficiency and production leading to wider profit margins.

Depending on the mode of operation, our models can produce anywhere from 3000 to 28000 pieces per eight hours. The best part: the bricks are of high density, evenly shaped, and can withstand high pressure. And as always, they come at a competitive price given the benefits they afford you.

Cinder brick making machine in Namibia

Cinder also another raw material widely used in construction sites in Namibia. LONTTO presents you with industry-standard cinder block making machines that can make solid, hollow, and other types of bricks. One thing you’ll want about this machine is that it prevents wastage since it uses waste cinder and uses it as a raw material.

It comes at a low price but affords you stellar features for a profitable brick making machine. For example, the automatic machine significantly reduces labor costs while improving production and efficiency. In addition to automatic models, you can purchase the manual, semi-automatic, and mobile models.

Choose from LMT4-26, LMT4-35, LMT4-35, QCM4-30, QMJ2-40, QMJ4-45, QT4-15, and QT3-20, among other popular models. Some of these machines feature powerful hydraulic pressure that ensures you get compact bricks that can withstand tear and wear.

Clay brick making machine in Namibia

Well, clay is one of the most common construction materials around the world, and it is for this reason that LONTTO manufactures and supplies its range of clay brick making machines. The machine uses clay as its main raw material producing interlocking, paver, and clay bricks. And it can produce bricks of different shapes and sizes.

By buying the LONTTO range of clay block making machines, you are assured of high-quality bricks, high efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and top-notch technology. Whether you want an automatic, manual, or mobile machine, we got you sorted. The automatic model reduces labor and production costs while improving efficiency and performance.

And the clay soil brick machine is also compressed earth block machine.

clay brick machine in Namibia

You can purchase the ECO BRAVA, ECO BRB, LT2-40, LT4-10, LT5-10, LT7-10, LT7-10, and M7MI TWIN depending on your preferences. If you are on a budget, the manual model is ideal. On the other hand, we’d recommend buying an automatic model if you are a large scale production factory.

What aspects should you consider before buying a brick making machine in Namibia?

Before making a purchasing decision you should consider:

  1. Mode of operation

LONTTO presents you with manual, automatic, semi-automatic, hydraulic, and mobile brick making machines. The choice is dependent on your preferences. If you want a low cost of production, you should choose the automatic or semi-automatic.

But if you are on a budget, a manual or mobile machine will do since it is cheap. Also, an automatic block making machine is ideal for large production companies while a manual model is a perfect choice for a small company.

  1. Rate of production

The automatic models are ideal for high capacity production since they produce up to 30000 pieces in eight hours. As such, if you have high client demand, don’t hesitate to order an automatic model. For small production companies, low production capacity machines are your best bet.

  1. Durability

Fortunately, all our brick making machines are made of sturdy materials such as stainless steel. This means that you can use them for an extended period. Besides, a durable machine is less susceptible to breakdown during operation.

  1. Automation

Automation not only reduces the cost of labor but also improves production, performance, and efficiency. You should therefore aim to purchase an automatic machine that will see your profit margins widen. Furthermore, such types are eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

  1. Raw material

Before buying a brick machine in Namibia, keep in mind the raw material you’ll be using. Is it cement, clay, or concrete? Answering this question will enable you to buy the most ideal machine for your construction needs.

  1. Ease of maintenance

Like any electric device, you want a brick machine that will be easy to maintain and make repairs to. Things to look out for include a well-structured manual and troubleshooting guide. Fortunately, LONTTO sends its well-trained engineers to train your operators who in turn can undertake maintenance with ease.

  1. Price

Last but not least, consider the price. You want to buy a machine that is within your budget. A machine, should it breakdown, you can comfortably buy repair parts.

With these aspects in mind, you are on your way to purchasing the most ideal machine for your brick making business.

automatic brick moulding machine in namibia

What are the advantages of using brick making machine in Namibia?

  • First off, you produce high-quality bricks that can withstand pressure from everyday tear and wear. The bricks are also compact and evenly shaped for seamless construction.
  • Next off, you enjoy free training from the LONTTO engineering team. The engineers will train your operators on how to install, run, maintain, and troubleshoot the machine. As such, you’ll not need to hire from outside.
  • The machines comprise sturdy design and top-notch technology. They can withstand tough operation environments and are easily adjusted to meet production needs.
  • Our automatic and semi-automatic models are energy efficient reducing electricity usage in your factory. No longer will you be bombarded with high electricity bills.
  • Finally, your factory will become a conducive and safe place to work. Why? Because our automatic machines require minimal human input. This reduces the chances of accidents and bodily injuries.

What is the cost of brick making machine in Namibia?

The price of the block making plant depends on the raw material and mode of operation. That is, an automatic machine is expensive compared to a manual or mobile machine. Also, a concrete and cement brick making machine fetches higher than a clay block machine.

How can I ship a brick making machine to Namibia?

Shipping to Namibia is hassle-free thanks to our partnership with leading shipping companies around the world. All we require is your shipping address and with a few weeks, you’ll have the machine delivered to your factory.

ship brick machine to Namibia

Why should you buy a brick making machine from LONTTO?

Well, LONTTO is a company that has three decades worth of experience when it comes to brick machine manufacturing. So, why buy from us?

  • Dedicated team

Not only do we ensure that your order reaches you but also we send a team of engineers to help you get going. Few companies go this extra mile. You’ll get all the training you need to help you lead a profitable business.

  • Global footprint

Yes! LONTTO has warehouses all over the world, from Africa, Asia, to Europe. As such, the shipping fee is significantly reduced since you can pick your order from the nearest warehouse.

  • Competitive price

We aim to sell our products at the most conducive price. Regardless of whether you are a startup or an established company, we got you sorted.

  • Wide range of products

We sell cement, concrete, fly ash, clay, cinder, and other brick making machines in Namibia. Just give us a call or drop an email and we will recommend an ideal model to meet your needs.

Lontto not only sends machine to Namibia But delivers block machine to the Philippines, Uganda, USA, Bangladesh, Jamaica, South Africa, Mozambique, Kenya, Botswana.

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