Brick-making machines in Nigeria are available for various construction types. Nigeria is a developing country with rising construction needs for a flourishing construction industry. Every developing country sees the expansion of cities and urban areas on a large scale.

As the population sees a rise in numbers, the cities expand. Expansion happens through construction projects and building infrastructure. For a high rate of development construction machinery is required.

Brick-making machines are primary examples of advanced technology for construction.


How can brick-making machines impact my construction work in Nigeria?

If you are a company looking to start a construction project, then brick-making machines might be the best buy for you. In-house brick making for construction projects is not a new thing in the construction business.

Various parameters are optimized with these high-tech machines. And they are...


Brick-making machines can optimize the cost of construction or brick-making alone. They do this on different levels by optimizing performance on each level.

With brick-making machines, the raw material is used optimally as wastage is reduced tremendously. All the brick-making machines, manual or automatic use a fixed amount of raw material in each mold to give the same density to every brick. This not only provides consistency to the construction but also provides a reduction of costs.

Manual labor is not a cheap commodity. Advanced machines not only provide job opportunities for more people but also makes work interesting. Workers and operators enjoy using the latest machinery rather than doing repetitive tasks.

Speed of construction

The larger the project, the more money, and human effort are required to complete it. Every day costs a large sum of money to get the construction work rolling.

Especially large projects can use this brick-making machine technology in Nigeria to save time and money.

There are machines in Lontto’s catalog that can produce up to 10,000 bricks in one hour.

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Work efficiency

Lontto’s brick-making machine operates on as low as 4 kW to 67 kW. These machines start from 180 bricks per hour to several thousand.

Nigeria has power issues and supply can be inconsistent. But don't worry, Lontto’s machines can operate with power generators or diesel engines.


As the modern way of working is evolving more focus is placed on the safety of the work environment.

All the machines from Lontto are ISO certified and the operation of the machines is safer.

Most of the fully automatic machines have a minimum requirement for an operator to be present. All the work is done by control units. This makes them highly safe for the workers.

What type of construction is possible with brick-making machines in Nigeria?

Brick-making machines can produce a large variety of bricks. In Nigeria, various projects like apartments, govt buildings, roadside pavements, and private housing buildings are supported by brick-making machines.

Various types of bricks like concrete, hollow, paver, solid, and color bricks can be bought by brick-making businesses.

Another option is to buy mobile-type mahcines like QMJ2-40, LMT4-40, QCM4-30, QMJ4-45, and QMY4-30.

These machines are easy to transport and easy to move on the construction site. Some of them don’t use pallets and bricks can be made on-site on the solid surface.

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What are the basic requirements for starting a brick-making machine business in Nigeria?

Raw material Supply

The African continent is full of natural resources, so is Nigeria. Raw materials like sand, clay, and laterite soil. You can easily manufacture laterite soil bricks as this material is present in large amounts in Nigeria. Clay bricks are traditionally used for construction in Nigeria.

Clay soil is also present in abundance in Nigeria. The laterite soil mixed with concrete can make high-quality bricks that can prove a great alternate to tradition fire clay bricks.

Brick making machines

Bricks can be made manually but the amount of effort and workforce required is huge. This work can easily be done with modern-day brick-making machines.

Therefore brick-making machines have become a basic necessity for any brick-making business.

All modern building designs require precision with strength. Therefore the density or the bricks used should be uniform throughout.

Else the structure becomes weak in some spots. This can only be achieved with brick-making machines.

They can be manual or automatic, the quality of the bricks is always top quality and consistency.

Water and power supply

You will require a water source or supply. Groundwater can be a good option with a borewell.

Water is required in abundance in brick making. This is managed by the precise mixing of the materials in various machines by Lontto.

The second thing is the power supply. These machines can work on as little power as 4 kW. Models like QCM4-30 and QMJ2-40 are also designed to work with diesel engines.

Lontto models in Nigeria Power required(kW)
QCM4-30 4
QMJ2-40 5
QMY4-30 6
QMJ4-45 6.5
LMT4-40 9.3
LMT4-35 9.7
LMT4-26 11.6
QT4-18 27.5
QT4-15 27.5
QT5-15 32
QT8-15 51
QT10-15 67


What is the potential of brick making business in Nigeria?

By 2050 Nigeria will add 189 million people into their urban population.

This means rapid expansion of the cities through construction projects. These projects will see a flourishing construction industry in Nigeria in the coming years.

Therefore it’s not a complex notion to understand that a brick-making business can be one of the top revenue-generating businesses in Nigeria in the coming years.

What is the material available locally for brick-making machines in Nigeria?

You easily get laterite soil and clay for brick making in Nigeria. Other materials like, fly ash, cement, gravel, sand, and gypsum is also available.

Traditionally fire clay bricks are used in construction in Nigeria. The fire clay brick making was tedious and labor-intensive.


But better alternates are rising like laterite bricks. This brick-making is possible with the hydraulic power of brick-making machines.

How many types of brick can be made using brick-making machines in Nigeria?

Lontto’s machines overall produce a large variety of bricks. With more than 50 mold types, these machines cater to every brick-making need.

Brick Making Machines For Nigeria Brand name Brick Types Capacity(pcs/hour)


Solid, Hollow, Paver, and Porous 280


Solid, Hollow, Paver, and Porous concrete blocks 420


Hollow and solid concrete blocks 556


Hollow 480


Both solid and hollow 180


Hollow 320


Hollow 840


Solid, Hollow, Interlocking, Paver, and Porous blocks 720


Solid, Hollow, Interlocking, Paver, and Porous blocks 10080


Standard, Hollow, and Porous blocks 1152


Wall and Paver 15120


Standard, Hollow, and Porous blocks 18720

What are the price categories of Lontto’s brick-making machines in Nigeria?

Brick-making machines in Nigeria from Lontto can be categorized into three based on the price.

Low Price range brick making machine in Nigeria

Thi price category comprises small and manual brick-making machines. You can buy these machines from Lontto from $1000 to $4700. They are cheap and sturdy. The brick-making quality is the same for all the machines.

QMJ2-40 ($1000 – $1350)

QMJ2-40 brick-making machine in Nigeria is an egg-laying type machine. This means it makes bricks on the solid surface without the use of pallets.

LMT4-40 ($2500 – $3500)

LMT4-40 brick-making machine in Nigeria requires at least two workers to operate and feed two components. The mixer and brick-making machines.

QCM4-30 ($3000 – $4000)

QCM4-30 workes with manual labor. It very compact and best suited or very small construction with small demand for bricks.

QMJ4-45 ($3700 – $4500)

QMJ4-45 is a brick-making machine that is priced below $5000. Less manual work is required in QMJ4-45 than QCM4-30. This machine is small but equipped with hydraulics for applying pressure.

QMY4-30 ($3800 – $4700)

QMY4-30 requires no physical labor for making the blocks. The operator can use the box mounted on top of the machine to give commands and the operator the brick-making action.

Medium price brick making machine in Nigeria

LMT4-35 ($4500 – $6000)

LMT4-35 brick-making machine can make 3360 bricks in a day. Its operation is semi-automatic.

LMT4-26 ($6000 – $9000)

LMT4-26 is semi-automatic as well. It has a capacity of more than 5000 bricks in a day.

QT4-18 ($12000 – $16500)

QT4-18 is for the customers that require up to 50000 bricks in a day. Thi machine is best suited for brick making business.

High price brick making machine in Nigeria

All of the machines below are for large-scale brick supplying setups. They are in a higher price range but they reduce the amount of labor tremendously. If you have a consistent supply of raw material and any orders from brick supply buy one of these machines

QT4-15($30000 –$40000)

Fully automatic with hydraulics

QT5-15($40000 – $50000)

Fully automatic with hydraulics

QT8-15($50000 – $65000)

Fully automatic with hydraulics

QT10-15($60000 – $70000)

Fully automatic with hydraulics

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How much do I have to pay for brick-making machines in Nigeria?

Brick making mahcines in Nigeria Cost in USD   Cost in Nigerian Naira (Year 2021) Model Type
QMJ2-40 1000–1350 88090 – 118921.5 Manual mobile
LMT4-40 2500 – 3500 1018725 – 1426215 Manual
QCM4-30 3000–4000 264270 – 352360 Manual mobile
QMJ4-45 3700–4500 325933 – 396405 Manual mobile
QMY4-30 3800–4700 334742 – 414023 Manual mobile
LMT4-35 4500–6000 396405 – 528540 Manual
LMT4-26 6000–9000 528540 – 792810 Manual
QT4-18 12000–16500 1057080 – 1453485 Automatic
QT4-15 30000–40000 2642700 – 3523600 Automatic
QT5-15 40000–50000 3523600 – 4404500 Automatic
QT8-15 50000–65000 4404500 – 5725850 Automatic
QT10-15 60000–70000 5285400 – 6166300 Automatic

What is the process to get brick-making machines in Nigeria?

You can simply place your orders online or on call. Before that decide on the type of brick you would need to manufacture.

Based on your budget you can opt for manual or automatic machines. A customer care executive can help you with the process. You can even visit the factory in China.

After that, the shipping port for the delivery will be decided and the mode of payment as well.

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How can you check the quality of the brick-making machine in Nigeria?

You can check the quality of any brick-making machines by understanding the brand of the machines you are opting for.

Brands like Lontto have a proven track record in supplying brick-making machines in more than one hundred countries.

Their machines are the best in China both in terms of technology and manufacturing.

You can visit their factory in China and see the quality of the manufacturing yourself. Lontto provides free accommodation for potential buyers.

Which supplier can provide me training after delivery for brick-making machines in Nigeria?

You can get brick-making machine installation and training to operate these machines by Lontto.

They have highly technical training staff expert in training newly established businesses. You just have to place the order and the rest will be seen by Lontto’s engineers.

Why choose Lontto for brick-making machines in Nigeria?

Wide Price range

Lontto has a wide price range that can fit your business in Nigeria whether small scale or large scale.

 Installation and training

On orders from Lontto, you will get free training and installation to start your operation smoothly. After the order is placed everything is handled by Lontto. Delivery to installation and then finally training the customers.

24/7 Customer support

Lontto is always ready to answer the customers and their needs. Online and on-call support is always available 24 hours every day of the week. 

Over 30+ years of experience

Lontto started their journey 30 years back, and since then they have sustained the business and led the brick-making machine industry in China. All their products have the brickmaking backing of many decades of technical experience based on research.


Nigeria is a developing country that is seeing expansion horizons in urban population.

According to Nigerian construction industry will grow by an astonishing 4% in 2021.

If you are thinking of starting a brick-making business in Nigeria, then Lontto can help you with their cutting-edge technology.

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Author: Chao Zhang

I am Chao Zhang, I have been working in the brick making industry for over 10 years. I have a deep understanding and research on various models of block making machines, especially automatic brick machines, concrete block machines, compressed earth block machines, clay brick machines, cement brick machines. I have a special understanding of this industry. I can help my clients choose the suitable brick machine and assist them in designing and building a brick production factory. If you want to know everything about brick making machines, please contact me. I am happy to help you.