What hydraulic brick-making machines are available for sale in Romania?

These hydraulic brick-making machines are available for sale in Romania are:

  • QT3 -20 Hydraulic and Automatic brick making machine
  • QT4 -18 Hydraulic and Automatic brick making machine
  • QT4 -15 Hydraulic and Automatic brick making machine
  • QT5 -15 Hydraulic and Automatic brick making machine
  • QT8 -15 Hydraulic and Automatic brick making machine
  • QT10 -15 Hydraulic and Automatic brick making machine

Any hydraulic brick-making machine uses hydraulic pressure for vibration. All these machines apply a pressure of 10 Mpa to 21 Mpa to create the bricks using various molds.

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What are hand-operated brick-making machines for sale in Romania?

You can get these hand-operated machines for small businesses in Romania.

  • QCM4-30 hand-operated brick-making machine
  • QMJ2-40 hand-operated brick-making machine
  • QMJ4-45 hand-operated brick-making machine

All these machines require very little power to operate. Power input of 4 kW to 6 kW is required for the functioning of these machines. These machines are lightweight and can give an output of 1400 to 3800 bricks of the desired shape in a day.


How do brick-making machines work?

Brick-making machines use hydraulic power or manual force for molding and decoupling. They use vibration to make the intensity of the raw material thorough and uniform. By this bricks are made without any defects.

A mixer is used to mix the raw material. Material is either transported manually to the brick-making machines or automatically carried by conveyor belts.

Various molds are used for making the bricks of desired shape and color. You can get more than 50 brick types from Lontto’s machines. Some of the brick-making machines by Lontto come with free molds.


What raw material is used in the brick-making machines in Romania?


Concrete is a proportional mixture of cement, water, air, and sand.


Cement is manufactured in factories to give bonding and filling properties to a structure. A very finely powdered substance that reacts with water to form a solid shape and almost glues two bricks together.

Quartz soil

Quartz soil is found in large quantities naturally in Romania. It is used with mullite to create a mixture.


Clay can be used for making fired clay bricks or no burning clay bricks.


There are three densities of raw material: stone, sand, and cement. In the right proportion, gravel helps to fill the solution and reduce the effect of cement buckling.


Cinder is made from naturally occurring igneous rocks. These rocks are formed by the molten lava from the volcanoes. Over time they cool down to form the rocks.

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How to choose a brick-making manufacturer and supplier in Romania?

You can choose the manufacturer and supplier based on the below factors


More experience in manufacturing and handling the technology is better. Like Lontto from China has more than 15 years of global supply and installation experience. Their machines are operating in Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Delivery time

Most of the heavy machinery is shipped through merchant navy ships through sea routes. Therefore the delivery time is very crucial. Some manufacturers can take months for delivery. Lontto has a track record of delivering the machines within 7 days in most parts of the world. They collaborate with different shipping companies for timely delivery.

Service and Installation

After delivery service and installation are done by most suppliers. Lontto can provide you with free training and installation upon ordering.

Response timing

The best part about any supplier is handling the customer calls. Lotto has a team of customer care executives who are available 24 hours 7 days a week.

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How to order brick-making machines in Romania?

You can order the brick-making machines from Lontto by visiting the online website. You can decide on any model and place your order. Every detail is provided on the website and can be clarified by online customer care chat or call.

How profitable is a brick-making business in Romania?

The construction industry is likely to grow by 30% in Romania by 2023. Romania is seeing an influx of investment from the rest of Europe. These stats stand in favor of any business opportunity related to construction.

What is the price list for brick-making machines in Romania?

Brick making machines price list in Romania.

Model Price in USD(2021) Price in Euros(2021)
QMJ2-40 1000–1350 820 - 1107
LMT4-40 2500 – 3500 2050 - 2870
QCM4-30 3000–4000 2460. - 3280
QMJ4-45 3700–4500 3034 - 3690
QMY4-30 3800–4700 3116 - 3854
LMT4-35 4500–6000 3690 - 4920.
LMT4-26 6000–9000 4920. - 7380
QT4-18 12000–16500 9840. - 13530
QT4-15 30000–40000 24600 - 32800
QT5-15 40000–50000 32800 - 41000.
QT8-15 50000–65000 41000. - 53300
QT10-15 60000–70000 49200 - 57400

How much power input is required for brick-making machines in Romania?

You can choose to buy the machines from Lontto based on the power consumption. Low power-consuming machines will require more human effort and are good for low-capacity brick-making sites.

On the other hand, automatic machines lessen the manual effort and require more power to use hydraulics and electrical units on the machines. High power consumption is worthy as the output is very high.

Here is the list of machines according to the power consumption.

Brick Making Machines Power(kW)
LMT4-40 9.3
LMT4-35 9.7
LMT4-26 11.6
QCM4-30 4
QMJ2-40 5
QMJ4-45 6.5
QMY4-30 6
QT4-18 27.5
QT4-15 27.5
QT5-15 32
QT8-15 51
QT10-15 67

What are some high-capacity brick-making machines by Lontto?

Model Brick Type Speed (per hour)
QT4-18 Solid, Hollow, Interlocking, Paver, and Porous blocks 960
QT4-15 Solid, Hollow, Interlocking, Paver, and Porous blocks 10080
QT5-15 Solid, Hollow, and Porous blocks 11520
QT8-15 Wall and Paver 15120
QT10-15 Solid, Hollow, and Porous blocks 18720

Where can I get a manual for brick-making machines in Romania?

You will get a manual and installation guide with every machine ordered from Lontto. Additional tech support is given for installation and making the machines operational.



Lontto has the expertise and a system in place for manufacturing high-level machines for Europe. They have many quality certificates acquired from the past 30 years internationally.

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