A brick making machine is a machine that produces bricks for different construction needs. Depending on type of machine you have, you can produce bricks such as hollow or porous. Also, you can get bricks depending of the raw material. For example, with a concrete brick machine, you can get concrete bricks.

These machines also come in different modes of operation. That is, you can get an automatic, manual, mobile, or semi-automatic machine. The choice depends of your preferences. At LONTTO, you can get anything from manual, automatic, and concrete to mobile brick making machines.


What type of brick making machine are for sale in Zimbabwe?

Well, there are numerous types of machines. Here, we will classify then in terms of mode of operation and the raw materials they use. Let’s have a look

  • Mode of operation

Manual brick making machines in Zimbabwe

First off, we have the manual models that are popular in Zimbabwe. These machines require a lot of human input and come with either an electric or diesel engine. Most of them are easy to operate, cheap, and come in a durable construction.

Thanks to their robust engineering, they produce bricks of high quality. You can use just about any raw material such as clay, cement, concrete, and more. Some of the most popular models include ECO BRAVA, ECO BRB, LT2-40, and more.

manual brick making machine in zimbabwe

Automatic brick making machines in Zimbabwe

If you want to save on time and labor costs, then an automatic brick making machine is what you need. The machine can operate unmanned and produce high density bricks. The best part, they are less prone to human error since they require little to no human input.

As always, you can expect stellar performance in a cost-effective manner. Some of the models you can buy from LONTTO include LT5-10, QMY12A, QT3-20, and QT5-15, among others. Unlike the manual machines, they require training from our team of experts.

automatic brick making machine in zimbabwe

Semi-automatic brick making machines in Zimbabwe

Now, if you desire a mixture of the manual and automatic feel, get yourself a semi-automatic brick making machine. They require minimal human input such as mixing the raw materials. Processes such as molding are automatic.

What’s more, they are cost-effective given the convenience they offer you compared to manual ones. Models to choose from include M7MI TWIN, QCM4-30, QMY4-30, and others.



  • Raw materials

In terms of raw materials, we have:

Concrete block making machine in Zimbabwe

This machine uses concrete as its main raw material. You can get them in automatic, manual, or semi-automatic designs. Some popular models that are for sale in Zimbabwe include LMT4-35, QCM4-30, and QMY18A.

zimbabwe concrete block making machine

Cement brick making machine in Zimbabwe

Another popular machine you can get in Zimbabwe is the cement brick machine. Like the concrete type, you can get it in different modes of operation. Models to purchase include LMT4-26, QMY4-30, QT3-20, and others.

Clay brick making machine in Zimbabwe

If mainly serve clients that prefer clay bricks, you should buy the clay brick making machine. You can get our automatic, manual, semi-automatic, and other types from us. Models you can buy are LT2-40, LT4-10, LT5-10, M7MI TWIN, and others.


Cinder brick making machine in Zimbabwe

Another popular construction material is cinder. It is for this reason that LONTTO presents you cinder brick making machines. They come in different operation modes and can produce bricks of different sizes and shapes. There are many models to choose from such as QMY6-25 and QMY18A.

Fly ash brick making machine in Zimbabwe

Fly ash is also becoming a favorite in most construction projects. This is thanks to it heat insulating properties among other properties. Like the cinder machine, you can get it in manual, automatic, and semi-automatic mode of operation. Models are LMT4-40, QMJ2-40, QMY4-30, QMY6-25, and others.

What type of blocks can you make with brick making machines in Zimbabwe?

Our brick making machines can make numerous type of bricks. Let us look at the most common.

  • Hollow bricks

Hollow bricks, as the name suggests, are hollow in shape. They are used for both non-loading and load-bearing walls. They are resistant to fire and offer better construction properties compared to traditional/conventional bricks. They are also energy efficient meaning that they mitigate excess entry of heat or cold.

Another reason why clients opt for hollow bricks is that they are eco-friendly. Most of these bricks are made from waste materials hence reducing wastage in construction sites. What’s more, they can withstand earthquakes. With our range of machines, you can make up to 28800 pieces per day.

  • Porous

Another type of bricks you can make with our machines is the porous variant. They are also hollow like the hollow bricks. They have exceptional insulating properties and are of high strength. Besides, they accelerate the rate of construction while reducing the risk of structural shrinkage.


Like hollow bricks, they are eco-friendly, cost-effective to produce, and can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes. As always, you can get one from LONTTO.


Solid bricks are some of the most popular in the construction industry. They are heavier and are used in numerous construction sites. They can support a huge load and are often preferred by most construction experts for large commercial construction.

The best part: they are durable and require minimal maintenance compared to other forms of bricks. However, they are not the best for insulation purposes and are costly.


These bricks are mostly used during construction of pavements. They are attractive, durable, and can come in different colors. You can get the clay or concrete models depending on how hard you want your pavement to be.

These bricks do not have gaps or holes. They can be made by a wide array of our machines ranging from manual, automatic, concrete to clay brick making machines.


Interlocking bricks are produced by mixing cement, soil, and sand. The mixture is compressd to form an earthquake resistant brick. They are heat insulating bricks ensuring houses stay cool throughtout the day. Also, they are cost-effective since the raw materials used are readily available. And, they’re not labor intensive and enable quick and efficient house dismantling.

Why should I buy a brick making machine in Zimbabwe?

Here are some of the reasons why you need a brick making machine to produce bricks.

  • Serve a broad customer base

Brick making machines allow you to make bricks of different sizes, shapes, and materials. For example, you can purchase an automatic concrete brick making machine and produce porous, hollow, and solid bricks. This also enables you to increase your revenue hence the profit margin.

  • Reduce labor cost

No longer do you need hundreds of men to make bricks. With our automatic and semi-automatic machines, you only require just a handful of workforce. These machines are equipped with state of the art automation systems that ensure the crucial processes are executed by the machine.

  • Improve productivity

With unmatched automation, comes improved productivity. Where you would have produced 1,000 pieces per day, our machine can enable you to scale up to 28000 pieces. Also, since there’s minimal human input, there’s little room for error.

  • Conform to construction regulations

Let’s face it, producing bricks manually can lead to errors hence negatively affecting the quality of the bricks. Should these bricks be used for commercial construction, they can increase the structure’s risk of collapse. However, when you use a brick making machine, you are sure that you are producing industry-standard bricks as per industry guidelines.

  • Improve brick quality

With the right density, shape, and size, you ultimately present your clients with high-quality bricks. And this is where our machines come in.

What should I consider before buying a brick making machine in Zimbabwe?

  • Production capacity

You should keep in mind the number of bricks you are going to produce per day. For example, if you are going to run a high production factory, then you’ll need to choose high-capacity brick making machines such as the automatic ones. On the other hand, a small factory can do with a semi-automatic machine while a manual machine is ideal for domestic use.

  • Level of automation

Another factor to consider is the level of automation. This will significantly affect the cost of production and labor. Automatic machines operated unmanned hence offer better efficiency and cost-effectiveness, not to mention saving time.

  • Construction material

You should not overlook the material it’s made of. Most companies such as LONTTO manufacture brick making machines using stainless steel, which is the best when it comes to longevity of the machine. Machines made of – for example iron – are prone to rusting. Avoid them.

  • Type of bricks

If you want to produce clay bricks, you’ll need to purchase a clay brick making machine. As such, choose a brick making machine that can allow you to make bricks of the raw material at hand. And if you want to add color, choose one that has a color pigment feeder.

What should I look out for in a brick making machine manufacturer?

Many people fall into the trap of buying counterfeit products thinking that they are genuine. This is mostly due to choosing the wrong brick making machine manufacturer. To avoid this, look out for:

  • Global/local presence

If you are to import a brick making machine from any country, you should ensure that that company has served other customers from different countries. For example, at LONTTO we have a global footprint in at least all continents. For local manufacturers, read reviews from other clients.

  • Certifications

You don’t want to deal with companies that are not registered by their respective authorities. As such, look out for certifications on their site. If they are not displayed, ask for them. At LONTTO, we are CE and IOS certified meaning that our machines can be used across all continents.


  • Longevity

Yes, you should consider the number of years they’ve been in business. The longer the better since this translates to better experience. Manufacturers that have been in business for many years such as LONTTO – for over three decades – tend to have the knowhow to not only manufacture quality machines, but also futuristic ones.

  • After sales services

An ideal manufacturer should boast of much needed after sales services such as installation and training. Avoid companies that only sell you the machine without guiding you on how to use and troubleshoot it. As LONTTO, we value our clients and it is for this reason that we offer free installation and training.

  • Ease of maintenance

Finally, you should go for a machine that is easy to maintain. That is, troubleshooting is straightforward.

How are bricks made?

Making of bricks follows three steps. One, the raw materials are sent to the mixture where they are mixed in required portions.

Next, a conveyer belt transports them to the hopper, which then feeds the mold.

Once the mold is full with the mixture, a combination of hydraulic pressure and vibration produces compact bricks.

They are then sent to a waiting cart.

Why should I buy a brick making machine in Zimbabwe from LONTTO?

  • Experience

LONTTO has more than 30 years of brick making machine-manufacturing experience. Over the years we’ve not only manufactured industry-standard machines but also got recognition from relevant bodies. Besides, we are one of the most trusted manufacture in China. If you want a machine that has blessing of some of the best engineers, buy from us.

  • Top-notch Quality Assurance

Yes, we do not sell you mediocre machines, but those that have been tested and given the greenlight. Our experts ensure that they pass some of the most rigorous tests so that you can enjoy smooth brick making process.

  • After sales services

To ensure you can start using the machine right away, we offer after sales services such as training and installation. This is regardless of the continent you are in.

  • Top-notch technology

To ensure industry-standard automation, we equip our machines with futuristic technology. In short, we sell you intelligent machines.

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