LMR3000 Pulverized Coal Burner Installating For Drying Coal Powder

pulverizer coal burner

In the construction site of Shanxi Province, our engineers provided the technology guidance of the installation for the Model LMR3000 pulverized coal burner system

Product: Model  LMR3000 Rotary Coal Burner device

coal burner


In September of 2012, our company sales one set of the Model LMR3000 Rotary Coal Burner device to Shanxiclient. Our company engineer provides the site installation guidance for the coal burner, and trained the client to operate the coal burner, make sure the coal burner normal running. Until to meet the client‘s requirement

After the client used the coal burner 30 days, Lontto Company is providing the telephone interview to our client, to make sure the machine is running normal, everything goes well.

pulverizer coal burner

Rely on our high-quality Coal burner, and the best after-sale service, Lontto company win much praise and support from our new old customer.