LMT4-40 Block Machine Send to Tanzanian, Africa

lmt4-40 brick making machine

On 26th December, 2013 our LMT4-40 small block machine send to Tanzanian, Africa. LMT4-40 small block making machine is one kind of block making machine, which is cheap & durable, easy to operate & no power. It is quick in product forming, high in product density and strong in pressing power. With this machine, consumption of materials can be reduced. It is an ideal choice for customer from Africa Market and South America market.

lmt4-40 brick making machine



  Hollow Block 400*200*200mm      4 pcs/mould   2000~2200 pcs/8hrs
Solid Brick: 240*115*53mm         18 pcs/mould  14000~16000 pcs/8hrs
Pavement Brick: 200*100*60mm 16 pcs/mould  10000~12000 pcs/8hrs
LMT4-40 block making machine could produce hollow block, solid brick and paving brick though exchange the mould.

lmt4-40 brick making machine 1