Cement Silo For QT Series Block Machine

Cement Silo generally used in the bulk cement storage warehouse of concrete mixing station, the bulk cement silo is a enclosed storage tank. It is suitable to storage the food, cement, fly ash these bulk materials, there is tank level system mounted on the tank, can display the location and the amount of the raw materials, hole device can remove material deposition caused by too long time.

Cement silo can convey materials to each location under the cooperate of screw pump, the tank installation is convenient, safe and reliable, it is an ideal bulk storage tank of various kinds of mixing station.

Some safety knowledge of Cement Silo:

  1. The installation process, forbidden capsule tilt, leg deformation, etc.
  2. The bottom of the leg need to weld firm with foundation embedded parts.
  3. To do a good job of wind, lightning protection.
  4. It is forbidden to strong impact leg and warehouse.
  5. Regularly check cement adhesion situation of the filter bag, clear in time.
  6. Foundation must be strong, in line with the architectural design specification.
  7. Once closed bag, the pressure in the warehouse is higher than the safety top pressure of relief valve, pressure relief valve can open release capsule, prevent broke in the accident.
  8. When cement silo is working, it must be set up by special crane, then put it on the fine prefabricated concrete foundation in advance, and check the cement silo (cement tank) after set up should be vertical with the horizontal plane, then make its bottom weld firmly with the base embedded parts.