Manual Concrete Block Making Machine for Sale
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Manual Concrete Block Making Machine

  • Our manual concrete block maker produces blocks of all sizes that suit your needs and those of your customers.
  • With a team of experts, LONTTO will offer you excellent services during purchase and after purchase.
  • We ensure prompt delivery with no hidden charges. Whether you want a manual or automatic concrete block machine, we will deliver it wherever you are.
  • With more than 30 years of manual concrete block machine manufacturing experience, we guarantee you quality products and value for your money.

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  • LMT4-26 Manual concrete block making machine
  • LMT4-35 Manual Concrete Block Machine
  • QMY4-30-Manual-Concrete-Brick-Making-Machine

The LMT4-26 is a manual concrete block maker machine equipped with features such as a block mold, convey belt, and more.

It affords you easy installation, start-up, maintenance, and operation. With it, you can make quality blocks quickly.

lmt4-36 manual concrete block machine for sale

The LMT4-35 is an exceptional concrete machine that produces different blocks such as porous, hollow, solid, and paver.

This allows you to serve a wider customer base. It is equipped with robust vibration for even brick making. Get it at a competitive price from LONTTO.

LMT4-40 manual concrete block machine

The LMT4-35 manual concrete maker machine is a medium machine that is suited for small brick-making factories. It makes 4’ 5’ 6’ and 8’ blocks within a few seconds.

With high vibration and a robust design, you’ll make high-quality and dense bricks without a fuss. The best part: it comes at a competitive price.

QCM4-30 Manual Mobile Concrete Block Machine

The QCM4-30 is a manual mobile concrete maker that is suited for small brick making businesses or domestic use.

You can use an electric or diesel power supply to run the machine. It is easy to operate and maintain making it an ideal option for new entrants in the market.

qmj2-40 manual concrete block machine

The QMJ2-40 is a manual mobile hollow brick making machine that is easy to operate and does not require too much manpower. It comes in a sturdy and durable design for different environments.

It produces up to 2 pieces of 8’ hollow blocks. And with a strong vibration, you can make dense bricks for different construction needs.

qmj4-45 manual mobile concrete block machine

The QMJ4-45 is a LONTTO mobile manual concrete block making machine that is easy to move around.

It needs no pallet and with a diesel engine, it can produce up to 2560 pieces in a day. It is ideal for hollow block making.

qmy4-30 manual concrete block machine for sale

LONTTO QMY4-30 is a mobile hydraulic block maker that does not need a pallet to produce bricks.

It takes 25 seconds to produce one set of bricks and you can make up to 4600 pieces in a day. It is specifically designed for the production of hollow bricks.

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Lontto Manual Concrete Block Making Machine

LONTTO block making machine for sale is one of the most sought after machine model that is used in numerous countries. It comes in a competitive price ideal for both small and larger factories. With it, you get value for your money given a large number of bricks you can produce in a day.

The concrete bock maker is specifically designed to produce different types of bricks ranging from hollow, porous, paver, and solid models. They can also be of different sizes and shapes. For example, most of our machines produce 4’ 5’ 6’ and 8’ blocks. What is more, you can get a block maker in automatic, manual, and semi-automatic models.

Our concrete block making machines are also eco-friendly producing bricks with no carbon footprint. They are also made of low carbon alloy and robust carburizing steel. This means, even when they degrade, they won’t pollute the environment.

If you are looking for the manual concrete block machine price, you can contact us since the final price may vary depending on your location. We also have other models for sale such as manual cinder block maker, hydraulic, automatic, and more.

Contact us today so we can walk with you through this profitable journey. If you are not sure which machine to buy, our experienced team will recommend one based on your budget.

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Manual Concrete Brick Making Machine: The Definitive Guide

What is a Manual Concrete Brick Making Machine?

A manual concrete block maker is a machine that requires human input to operate. That is, you’ll be involved in mixing the raw materials, feeding them into the mold, and starting the pressing process. Some come with diesel engines to facilitate vibration, while others are equipped with electric engines.

QT4-26 QT4-35 QT4-40-manual-concrete-block-maker

They can also come as mobile machines allowing you to make bricks on the go. When compared to other machines such as automatic and semiautomatic, they produce the least number of bricks per day.

How many types of manual concrete block making machine for sale?

At LONTTO, we have 7 types of manual concrete block machine for sale. Some like the QCM4-30, QMJ2-40, QMJ4-45, and QMY4-30 are mobile. This means that they allow you to make bricks as you move around your construction site. They are ideal for small factories.

manual concrete block machine factory

The more advanced types such as LMT4-40, LMT4-35, and LMT4-26 are not mobile but come with better features such as a mixer, convey belt, hydraulic mold, and manual cart. These three types are suited for larger factories since they produce more bricks and are expensive.

What is the manual concrete brick making machine price?

The price of a manual brick maker will depend on several factors. They include your location and features. As mentioned above, the LMT4-40 is more expensive compared to the QMJ4-45. Furthermore, our advanced machine might require complex installation than the simple ones.

The price factor is also determined by training. If one of our experienced engineers will accompany the product so that they can train your operator, then you’ll find such models expensive. Therefore, you should settle for a manual concrete brick maker you can afford.

How to choose manual concrete block machine manufacturers?

Now that you know some of the concrete brick machines, how do you tell a genuine from a rogue manufacturer? Let’s find out.

Reviews: settle for a manufacturer will positive reviews from many customers from different locations.

Global footprint: you want a manufacturer that can deliver your order in any part of the world. At LONTTO we can deliver our machines to all continents.

Experience: how long has the manufacturer been in business? Consider that.

Quality of products: What do customers say about their products? Are they recognized by relevant bodies?

Why choose LONTTO as your concrete block maker supplier?

Well, here is why you should buy from us.

Leading manufacturer: we are the leading manual concrete block manufacturer in China and Asia.

Experience: We have been in business for more than 30 years and we continue to come up with innovative products.

manual concrete block machine for sale

Expertise: our team members are the best at what they do.

Quality products: our machines are recognized and approved by relevant bodies for use in different countries.

Wide range of products: not only do we deal with concrete block making machines but also cement, clay, sand, and others.

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