How to conserve blocks?

The block making machine use Sand, Cement, Fly Ash, Concrete, Boiler Slag, Mountain Flour, Industrial Waste, add some cement, produce the bricks. After the forming, it called hollow blocks. How to conserve the hollow blocks? If you want to save the cost, it should use natural conservation, if want to Increase productivity, it should use the room temperature conservation.block samples

concrete block natural conservation requirements:

The conservation field’s requirements:

  1. the field is enough large, could be placed a large number of brick products;
  2. the field needs clean, smooth, Because of the site to prevent deformation of brick.

The conservation temperature’s requirements: 0-40 degrees, the best curing average temperature is about 20 degrees.

The conservation time’s requirements:

  1. The rest time in 4-6 hours, then could remove the bricks or pallets, The bricks moved to the finished yard natural curing, should handle with care.
  2. Brick must reach the maintenance cycle before use, The national standard of 28 days, a week after the sale of general maintenance

The number of watering maintenance: Spring and autumn temperature is more appropriate, Water two times a day. Hot summer, three times a day, can be added. In winter, do not need watering, and need to take measures on the finished brick insulation cover.

It is important for the quality block machine equipment, brick conservation is more important, only have good conservation, the bricks can increase the strength.

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