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Electric Brick Making Machine

ELECTRIC brick-making machines are the ones that require electric power to operate. It means that you can manufacture bricks of various types from the comfort of your home. Either for a small home-run business or a small project, these ELECTRIC brick machines either consume electric power or consume very low power.

These machines also cut labor costs as you can operate these machines yourself with little training or a demo.

  • ECO brava electric clay brick machine
  • M7M1 Electric or diesel brick machine
  • LMT4-26 electric brick machine for sale
  • qmj2-40 electric brick machine
QMJ2-40 manual block making machine

QMJ2-40 is an easy-to-operate ELECTRIC manual brick making machine, weighing 215 Kg with a wheel fitted base to move easily between sites. A shovel is used to put the raw material mix into the machine and molding is done by the process of compression using an electric motor.

Technical Specs:

  • Input Power: 5 kW
  • Capacity: 2-3 bricks/mold
  • Machine Dimensions: 1100x700x1300 mm
QMJ4-45 ELECTRIC Manual Brick Making Machine

QMJ4-45 is a small-scale ELECTRIC brick-making machine. Machine molds the mixture at 30 KN and provides smooth product formation.

You can choose this model if you want to operate the machine yourself and save labor costs completely. You can easily move the machine as the machine base has wheels for mobility.

Technical Specs:

  • Compression Force: 30 KN
  • Vibration Frequency: 4000 revs/min
  • Machine Dimensions: 1600x1500x1700 mm
  • Total Weight: 1200 Kg
QMY4-30 ELECTRIC Manual Brick Making Machine

QMY4-30 is another manual variant of a ELECTRIC block-making machine. The machine comes with a built-in vibrator for proper mixture adjustment into the mold. One man can operate the machine. After the molding process is completed, the machine lays the bricks down on the ground in an egg-laying fashion.

Technical Specs:

  • Molding System: Hydraulics
  • Vibration Frequency: 4000 revs/min
  • Machine Dimensions: 1300x1500x1000 mm
  • Total Weight: 1000 Kg
manual block machine for sale

QCM4-30 operates via electrical and mechanical input using either an electric motor (4 kW) or a diesel engine (6 Hp) to produce bricks. The addition of a JW 350 pan mixer to the machine can enhance the production cycle of bricks. The molding process is completely handled using a manual press. Two workers are required to flexibly operate the machine.

Technical Specs:

  • Molding System: Manual
  • Vibration Frequency: 4000 revs/min
  • Machine Dimensions: 1650x1350x1400 mm
  • Total Weight: 900 Kg
ECO BRAVA electric Clay Brick Machine

ECO Brava is a ELECTRIC clay brick making machine built for small projects and businesses. If you have a low demand for bricks, ECO Brava is a perfect choice. It occupies a small space and a single person can work with the machine to produce good quality bricks.

Technical Specs:

  • Molding System: Hydraulics
  • Machine Dimensions: 1100x720x1700mm
  • Base Area: 0.8 m2
ECO BRB electric Clay Brick Machine

ECO BRB is a hydraulics-based manual ELECTRIC clay small brick machine used for small brick projects. One molding cycle generates two bricks. The machine is operated by a single laborer.

Technical Specs:

  • Molding System: Hydraulics
  • Machine Dimensions: 1400x1100x1600mm
  • Base Area: 1.5 m2
M7MI electric Clay Brick Making Machine

M7MI is a ELECTRIC clay brick diesel engine machine that is used for quality brick production with the help of 2-3 workers by using hydraulic levers. It comes with a clay mixer. The working mechanism of the machine is based on hydraulics for smooth operation. The machine is feasible for small to medium brick businesses.

Technical Specs:

  • Molding System: Diesel or electric
  • Machine Dimensions: 3900x1900x1700 mm
  • Molding Cycle: 10-15 secs

Lontto electric brick making machine for sale

This small electric brick making machine with low investment.

lontto electric brick making machine factory

Lontto ELECTRIC Brick Machine

LONTTO produces a large variety of brick making machines and electric machines are the ones that support small businesses and construction projects. ELECTRIC brick machines require electric power as the name suggests. If you don’t want to hire labor for your construction work and brick manufacturing, you can opt for ELECTRIC brick machines for the reliable production of bricks.

ELECTRIC brick making machines are easy to handle and 2-3 workers can operate to manufacture bricks. There are different models for your ease and budget. Machines like LT2-40 don’t even need a power source and can operate manually. If you need more bricks with less effort and time consumption, you can choose a semi-automatic electric brick machine. These machines need a power source to run but can give you a smooth supply of bricks.

electric brick machines can work on any flat surface and has wheels to easily move from one place to another, these machines are extremely helpful in constructing long walls and pavements. But you can use these machines as you like to produce bricks for you. If you want to start a small brick business, electric brick machines are a good place to start. You can scale up as soon as the profit comes.

ELECTRIC machines by LONTTO are built with high-grade material to last longer and require low maintenance over time. Feel free to contact us about your queries regarding ELECTRIC brick machines and our representative will provide you with complete product information.

ebook of electric brick machine

ELECTRIC Brick Making Machine – FAQ

What is a ELECTRIC Brick making machine?

ELECTRIC Brick machine is an easy-to-handle brick-making machine that can be run by 1-2 workers. You can buy a ELECTRIC brick machine if you are pursuing a small construction project or starting a small business.

All the above-mentioned models by LONTTO are the cost-effective brick-making solution.

How can I access the product manual?

If you are interested in any ELECTRIC brick machine model, you can easily access the product manual in pdf format by contacting customer service. Complete product catalog and information will be shared with you so that you can take an educated decision for your construction project or business.

If you don’t want to dig deeper into the product information, we provide complete training free of cost on purchase. Training is necessary to learn from the makers of the product to use it in an enhanced manner.

Is international delivery of ELECTRIC machines available?

LONTTO has served clients in more than 100 countries in parts of Africa, Asia, and Europe. With shipping partners operating all over the globe, LONTTO promises a smooth process for product delivery.

How many workers can operate the ELECTRIC Brick making machine?

1 to 2 workers can operate the most ELECTRIC brick machines but some models require 3 workers for good productivity and sustainable brick manufacturing. ELECTRIC is made to be operated by a small number of people for small construction tasks.

Despite having more weight, these machines are easily movable due to the presence of wheels.

How many bricks can ELECTRIC machines produce each day?

Considering a business day of 8 hours of machine operation, ELECTRIC machines can easily produce more than a thousand bricks each day.

ELECTRIC Brick Machine Bricks- 8hrs/day
LT2-40 1400
QMJ2-40 1400
M7MI 2800
QMJ4-45 4500
ECO BRB 5700
M7MI TWIN 5700

How much a ELECTRIC Brick machine costs you?

ELECTRIC brick machines start at 700 dollars. Price increase as the efficiency of the machine increases. Completely manual models are at the lowest price and semi-auto models cost more.

You can refer to the price of machine models below the table to decide which machines fit in your budget and buy accordingly. The final price might differ due to the addition of shipping charges for international deliveries.

ELECTRIC Brick Machine Price
LT2-40 $700 – $1200
QMJ2-40 $1000 – $1400
ECO BRAVA $2000 – $3000
LMT4-40 $2500 – $3500
QCM4-30 $3000 – $4000
QMJ4-45 $3700 – $4500
QMY4-30 $3800 – $4700
M7MI $4200 – $6500
LMT4-35 $4500 – $6000
LMT4-26 $6000 – $9000
ECO BRB $2500 – $3000

What is the buying process for a ELECTRIC Brick machine?

The process of buying a ELECTRIC machine from LONTTO is simple. Following are the steps:

  • You can browse through our website and search for the right product. You can contact our customer care via chat or call for more detail about the selected product.
  • You can visit our factory in China for a live demo of the product. You will be accommodated properly during your visit.
  • The transaction is processed by documenting all the papers after you confirm the order.
  • After that shipping, the route is decided and delivery is done in 7-15 days depending on the destination.

Is training available for a ELECTRIC Brick making machine?

Complete product training and installation if required is provided free of cost. LONTTO believes in customer satisfaction by delivering high standards of quality and customer service so that you can efficiently utilize the product.

How to check the quality of a ELECTRIC brick-making machine?

You can check the quality of brick-making machines with the help of information available on the company website, product demo videos, and product manuals.

Further, you can consider these points given below:

  1. Build Quality

The first thing you can check is the machine build quality. You can ask the manufacturer for what type of material is used and what’s the availability of spare parts. This will help you determine the performance of the machine over longer operation cycles over the years.

  1. Power Consumption

Secondly, every individual and a business entity looks for a piece of machinery that is power efficient. Less consumption of power leads to a more sustainable business.

  1. Manpower

When you invest in a high-quality ELECTRIC brick-making machine, you should make sure that it requires low manpower with less power consumption.

  1. Operation

Another thing to notice when buying a ELECTRIC brick machine is the ease of operation. Machine function should be easily understood by reading a manual or training provided. Machine’s basic purpose of utilization is the ease of handling as a machine simplifies complex tasks in our life.

You can consider these four parameters before buying from a machine manufacturer. If the product qualifies, you can go on to buy the product or you can compare all these against a price for two or more suppliers. This will greatly help you in your buying process to utilize your budget effectively.


Complete information is provided here in this article regarding ELECTRIC brick-making machines. Models are described with sufficient details. More project-specific detail can be requested. Prices are also mentioned with labor information.

ELECTRIC brick machines are a low-cost solution for your small construction tasks. LONTTO provides the ELECTRIC brick machines that carry all the high standards of quality with market competitive prices and reliable customer support available 24/7 to answer your queries. The experience that LONTTO has gathered over all the years of service is unmatched by other service providers.

LONTTO puts customer-first perspective in all its departments so that true value can be provided to you with a quality that doesn’t require any description. LONTTO’s products are identified globally as a symbol of excellence and dedication in the construction sector. We have tried to sum up all the main points regarding ELECTRIC brick machines but you can reach out for any further questions.

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