Technical parameters of hydraulic block making machine

Block making machine is mainly used for the production of variety blocks and pavers. New wall materials are mainly hollow blocks and cement bricks. Most is the hydraulic molding mode, there is also vibration molding or chain promotion, which is divided into two kinds of mechanical type and hydraulic models.

QT6-15 Type burning free block making machine is hydraulic block making machine equipment, and has the following advantages:

Electrical system:

The electrical system adopts PLC programmable controller to control, with data input and output device, the control system includes security logic control and fault diagnosis system. Combination of technology, so that each cycle of equipment operation agreement process, and thus molding products, high stability, low waste.

Hydraulic system:

This hydraulic block making machine adapt seals computer electronics, hydraulic components with high dynamic performance proportional valve to accurately control the key components of the action. So that it can guarantee the stability of life and the hydraulic system of hydraulic components.

Vibration compression molding apparatus:

This apparatus is constituted by the frame body, a unique exciting, vibration isolation devices, pressurizing means, the release device. Adapt the tech of Vertical directional vibration, compression molding, demolding synchronization. With a short molding cycle time, improve the production efficiency; make the products dense, high strength, and dimensional accuracy.