How to increase the hardness of the hollow block?

Hollow block is widely used in interior partition, it will not increase the floor load, has the good sound insulation performance, now it has been existed in various buildings. Hollow block has many good features, but can not ignore the hardness of the hollow block. Generally, there are some factors affect the hardness of hollow bricks, kindly notice the following:

  1. Raw materials proportioning: when ratio the raw materials of hollow block, the factors influence the hollow block hardness mainly reflected in the water and ash ratio. Generally, the relationship between hardness of hollow block and water cement ratio is inversely proportional.
  2. About the maintenance later: after the right process production of the hollow block, to ensure its hardness, need to do maintenance. Must be in strict accordance with the maintenance guidelines for the operation, according to the different situation to damp or water.
  3. Construction measures: construction measures contain mixer, transport, pour, etc. Each link in the construction should be in strict accordance with the provisions, prevent affecting the hardness change of hollow block because of the detail problems.


Hollow block has many good properties such as thermal insulation, thermal insulation, seismic, but in production we can’t only pursue its excellent features, rather than the most basic questions of the hardness of hollow block. Henan Lontto Co. Ltd have been in concrete block machines produce for more than 20 years, when we cerate the qualified brick machine for you, at the same time, we will provide you with the installation of the equipment and professional technical support. Welcome customers come to visit our company to buy the machine.