Technical safety of block machine, installation commissioning

Technical safety of block machine:

  1. When the machine is running, must install all the protective cover and ground cover.
  2. Check the electrical department so as to avoid leakage, short circuit grounding phenomenon.
  3. the direction of motor vehicles is prohibited to stand, in order to avoid accident.
  4. When find the machine is not normal, should immediately check out parking.
  5. When the machine have not start, are not allowed to start feeding mechanism.



Installation and commissioning:

  1. The equipment should be installed in the level of concrete foundation, fixed with anchor bolts.
  2. The installation should pay attention to the main body and the vertical level.
  3. After installation, check the various parts of the bolt looseness and host door whether fastening, if yes, please fasten.
  4. According to the power switch configuration of power line equipment and control.
  5. Check finished, empty load test, the test can be carried out in normal production.