Introduction of Hollow Block Making Machine

Hollow block making machine is to use slag, fly ash, gravel, sand, cement and other raw materials, through scientific ratio was stirred, and then through the high-pressure compressed into hollow brick machinery and equipment.

It has the good features: such as, small investment, easy operation, and easy instillation. It is a good choice for home use and for small business.


Hollow block making machine can be divided into many types, such as: mechanical, vibrating, mobile, fixed, and hydraulic. With the changing of users’ requirements, the machine also has a corresponding improvement. At present, more popular is mainly vibrating and hydraulic type, because these two types of hollow block making machine can save a lot of human resources, which will reduce production costs. Of course, different customer has the different requirements, so you can consult a number of machines before you buy a block making machine, and then compare them, only by this way, can buy the hollow block making machine you want.

Our plant has been specialized in block making machine for more than 20 years; it has become well-known brand in our country, with the strong technical force, high product quality, we have won several awards.