Maintenance For Automatic Block Making Machine Distribution Cabinet

Semi-automatic or automatic block making machine both have a corresponding distribution cabinets, as the central control of the original, there are a lot of rich power distribution cabinet electronic components, so sometimes there may be some problems, but many of them are based on the calculation, distribution cabinets problems is formed by personnel operating errors which is can be avoided, under the following we will tell you about the course of our operations for automatic block making machine how very good protection distribution cabinet.


1, each boot should first check the power supply is connected, the power supply is 380V AC three four-wire, close the cabinet circuit breakers, each voltage apparent voltage is normal, PLC, text appears, limit switches or without damaged, loose.

2, then board machines, feeding machines, plate supply machine, these knobs are in place to open the initiative to stop the operation, dial feeder, lower vibration, these knobs are holding down the movement, release suspend (stop and manual / active knob out).

3, with the clean naked without gloves presenter coaching text, can not be wiped with a hard object scratch, hit screen.

4, in case of thunderstorm weather should be discontinued production and closed all power. Electric control box should be well grounded.