The advantages for new type mobile hollow block machine

The mobile hollow block machine which is produced by Henan LONTTO machinery is an ideal equipment to produce new wall materials in our domestic; it has good features, such as less investment, good block density of production high strength, good appearance and so on.

QMY6-25 EGG LAYING block making machine

This new mobile hollow block machine has reasonable structure, novel design and has the following salient features:

For raw materials: the use of sand, gravel, cement, can add a lot of fly ash, slag, steel slag, coal gangue, ceramic, perlite and other industrial waste.

Applications: Widely used in construction, roads, squares, gardens and other construction.

This new mobile hollow block machine has the following characteristics:

1, mold materials used Q345 high strength wear-resistant steel is made significantly extend the service life; mold box upgrade installation limited locator site, avoiding mold damage to the machine during operation.

2, mold easy to replace, through the replacement of mold can produce 240,140,115, a variety of different specifications of brick also based on user requirements of various special-shaped mold.

3, set the self-regulating cabinet vibration time of operation, user-friendly adjust the vibration time according to the actual situation of local raw materials.

4, the bottom synchronous resonance wood pallets and boxes in the molding core, from the impact, therefore the life of wood pallets for the same product more than doubled.

This mobile hollow block machine equipped with a Flat 350 mixer, raw material pusher car.

Because this mobile hollow block machine with the above characteristics, the production have high strength. And can save 5-10% cement. What’s more the appearance of precise size, angular structured, it becomes an ideal machine in mobile hollow block machine currently. It is a good choice for the individual, household and construction units.