QM4-45 Mobile Block Machine

QM4-45 Mobile block machine is special for the cement blocks .

I. Introduction Of QM4-45 Mobile Block Machine:

QM4-45 Mobile  block machine is special for the cement blocks .the raw material of concrete mixture is adopted the cement, sand and gravel( Rock, pumice or cinder, gangue, pumice, ceramsite and slag is crushed ). The advantage of finished goods has high quality, cost saving, and the block unweathering.

QM4-45 Mobile block machine has the advanced design, wide applicability, simple construction,

It also can shorten the duration and the project cost saving.

This machine use the mould vibration, mechanical demolding. No need the pallet .the strength of blocks has is compliance with the quality supervision departments to meet national standards, the accurate size of appearance, angular scale, now it is one of the ideal models.

II. Production condition:

  1. Production site: need about 300 square meters.
  2. To make sure the block quality, model of JW 350 pan mixer should be suggested.
  3. The finished products of blocks produced should be kept dry and then stacked. The block maintenance is the same as the general concrete.

III. Structural principle:

  1. This machine adopt the reducer lifting chain for demolding, this will power saving.
  2. Except the machine frame, whole machine hang and connect parts are used the spring, vibration molding, running balance, the noise is reduce, to achieve a good damping effect.

IV.Main technical specification

1). Block size: 390x190x190mm

2). Demolding: 4 pieces /per cycle.

3). Production capacity: 2000-2500 pieces/per day

4). Vibration time: aprox 5-10s/per cycle

5).Demoulding cycle: 40-45 s/per cycle

6). Installed power: 7.5kw

7).Adopts the diameter 480 mm wheels moving.

8).This machine is no need the pallet, just produce the blocks in the flat ground.t this will reduce the cost of investment greatly.

9).The structure is simple of electric controlling parts, easy to operate, operator can quickly similar