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Steel Roof Tile Roll Forming Machine

Roll forming machine can produce various of steel roof and wall panel; it is a new building materials.

Roll Forming Machine

1.What is Roll Forming Machine?

The Lontto roll forming machine can produce various of steel roof and wall panel; it is a new building materials, the products are widely used as the roof and wall of factory, warehouse, garage, gymnasium, exhibition center, cinema, theatre, etc. It has many advantages, such as easy installation, short building period, beauty, light weight but high strength.

2.what is the advantages of Roll Forming Machine?

  • RollForming machine all parts with special treatment for anti-corrosion and long life (shaft chromeplated, straining beam galvanized, screw rod black painted);
  • PLC control system,electric switches, electric motors, drives and hydraulic componentsare famous brands to ensure the machines in good and stable working order for long time;
  • Roll Forming machine housing is manufactured from H steel (not angle iron), which the machine run in stable situation and avoid vibration to affect forming precision;
  • Roll Forming machine rollers are manufactured from high quality bearing 45 # steel (not A3 steel), which make roller more wearable and longer life;
  • Roll Forming machine all parts baking finishing and then assembly


roll form machine

3.what is the  Technical Specification of Roll Forming Machine?

We have also many types of Roll Forming Machine for your requirment. the following technical date is the modle 828.

Product Name828 Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine
NoIteamMain ParameterRemark
1Working speed4-6m/minStandard


2control systemMitsubishi/Siemens PLC control system

with transducer inside

3Total power


Main motor power4kw
Hydraulic unit power4kw
4Total weight4T
5voltage380V 60 Hz 3Phscustomizable
7Machine body300-350mm H-shape steel
8Middle plate16mm


material45#steel plated with chrome
rows11 rows


11cutting blade


typehydraulic cutting
materialCr12 with quenching treatment
  1. The production process chart of roll forming machine

Processes: Manual decoiler—Roll forming machine—PLC system—Hydraulic system—Mold pressing —Post cut—Stacking

roll forming machine pruduction line