The prospect analysis of China’s machinery industry

For China’s economic development and construction, machinery industry made ​​a lot of dedication, play an important role. China’s machinery industry production and sales amount in 2012 hit a record high: total annual industrial output value of 18.38 trillion yuan, the sales value of 17.06 trillion yuan, an increase of 34.93% and 32.26%. Since March 2011, the monthly output value of the machinery industry for 10 consecutive months over 1.1 trillion yuan, has entered a new period to produce 000 billion. Positive and healthy development of the domestic machinery industry also greatly promoted the export trade. Henan Lontto Machinery Co., Ltd. of Henan profit purposes, in the case of the larger environment, but also have a very fast and good development of export business has been steadily increase which In recent years, the machinery industry production and marketing of high-speed growth, the industry continues to grow, thanks to the strong support of national policies on the machinery industry, especially in the central package to cope with the international financial crisis and the related economic restructuring and revitalization plan of gradual implementation, promote the rapid and steady rise of Machinery Industry.
China’s export sector also have a good incentive, export tax rebates, duty-free policy. Export trade in these years has been steadily growth. The central region to use their geographical and resource advantages, also in rapid development. But there is a big gap and the coastal zone. Lee way, Henan Lontto Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the Central Plains area. In the production and sale of Asphalt Mixing Plant, Block Making Machine and other mechanical products has made great achievements.
Machinery industry exports is bound to steady development and progress in the future, Henan Lontto Machinery Co., Ltd. will adapt to the environment, to provide customers with better mechanical products in the future.