The Production line flow chart parsing of full automatic block making machine

automatic block making machine

  1. Cement silo
  2. Cement Screw Conveyor
  3. Automatic Cement and Water Measure System
  4. PLD Concrete Batching Plant
  5. Twin Shaft Raw Materials Mixer
  6. Automatic feeder
  7. Pneumatic Station
  8. Automatic Pallet Supply Machine
  9. Belt Conveyor
  10. Green Blocks Transfer System
  11. PLC Control System
  12. Brick forming machine
  13. Automatic Block Stacker Machine
  14. Forklift

The raw materials of cement silo through the forklift put into the PLD concrete batching plant, after make proportion for the raw materials by the Cement Screw Conveyor into the Twin Shaft Raw Materials Mixer, add water and mix. After mixing the raw materials into the Automatic feeder, distribute the materials uniform, then  the pallet by the Automatic Pallet Supply Machine has been down the automatic block making machine, the raw materials through pressing by the block making machine, the bricks has formed. The bricks through the Automatic Block Stacker Machine are neat, then the forklift sent the bricks to the conservation of sites. Following the above procedure, the full automatic block making machine production line completed a production cycle.