In 11. 25th ,2014.  our South Africa customers ordered the QT3-20 Block Machine from Lontto Company.

We produced the QT3-20 block machine about 20days, then we painted yellow color in according to customer requirement.

Then we booking the ship and loading the QT3-20 block machine, then delivery the machine to our customers.

Please check the below photos:

1.This QT3-20 Block machine 4 sets frame.

QT3-20 block machine2

2.This is QT3-20 Control system.

QT3-20 block machine

3.QT3-20 Block machine Main Machine including vibration system and block mould.

QT3-20 block machine 1

4. After loading into the container, we fixed the machine on the container, to ensure the machine delivery safe.

QT3-20 block machine 4

QT3-20 block machine 3

5. Then we finished the delivery.

QT3-20 block machine 5

After 45days , our customer received the QT3-20, And installing in customer’s site.