Replace hydraulic oil timely, for hydraulic brick machine “continued life”

About the hydraulic system of hydraulic brick machine, it is easy to pollution equipment, the fault is because the majority of hydraulic oil pollution. So the hydraulic oil maintenance work has become particularly important, replacement the hydraulic oil timely, the life of the block machine is high and long-term.hydraulic brick machine

Look at how to use before the replacement of hydraulic oil, if the hydraulic oil aging need timely replacement. replace the hydraulic oil’s right step:

  1. Let go of the hydraulic oil in hydraulic oil box and clean it, put into new hydraulic oil.
  2. Remove the main loop, start the engine downturn after operation, make the oil pump work, manipulation of institutions respectively, rely on the hydraulic oil let the old oil loop in one discharge, until the oil pipe has a new oil flow out.
  3. Connect the return oil pipe and oil box, put into the new hydraulic oil in the petrol tank to the specified location

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