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The Hollow Block Making Machine: Definitive Guide


Hollow Blocks are concrete bricks universally used in compound walls due to its low cost. These hollow blocks are more advantageous due to its lightweight and ease of exposure to air.

The blocks and bricks are made out of a mixture of cement, sand, and stone chips.

Typically the size of Hollow blocks are definitely following: 40cm(length) X 20cm(width) X 4 in(thickness) or 40cm(length) X 20cm(width) X 5 in(thickness). In general, a hollow-core concrete block is more than 50% solid.

So in this article, you will be enlightened as we will be looking deeply and extensively into a Hollow Block Making Machine.

And produce hollow block using your Hollow Block maker.

LONTTO hollow brick machine can produce blocks of any size, two holes of hollow block or three holes hollow block. And also can produce solid and interlocking bricks. We have a design service. Our engineer can design the mold according to your requirements, no need to worry about that. Contact us and know the price now.

All the hollow brick machines are easy to operate and install. We can arrange the engineers come to your local site for hollow bricks machine installation and training service. Contact us and learn the price now.

Hollow block making machine

Hot Model QT4-15 Automatic Hollow Block Making machine

LONTTO hollow brick machine supplier offers reasonable price compared to other hollow block making machine manufacturers in the market.

LONTTO Hollow block making machine can be divided into a fully automatic hollow block making machine, semi-automatic hollow block making machine and manual hollow block making machine according to the operation method. Most models of automatic hollow block making machines are hydraulic type. Contact us for your hollow block machine price and video now.

Hollow blocks are mostly used to build houses for construction, they have good insulation performance. If you want one for personal use or a newcomer in bulding industry, who wants small investment, choose a semi-automatic hollow block machine and manual hollow block making machine. Contact us now, We send you the price soon by email or whatsapp.

Models of LMT4-40, LMT4-35, LMT4-26, QMJ4-45, and QMJ4-30 are your best choice. If you are in commercial business and in need of fully automated brick making machine, you can choose any fully automated hollow block machine models, QT4-25, QT4-15, QT6-15, QMY6-25 or QT8-15 QT10-15. They can meet your requirements.

All the machine from LONTTO in china are high quality and good price. Please contact us today, or leave your email. We send the price list of your machine now.

What is hollow block making machine?

Hollow block making machine is designed for making hollow blocks. The machines also to produce solid concrete blocks and paver bricks. Lontto has automatic and manual, mobile type hollow block making machine for sale. The machines are high efficiency.

Because it requires less man-power and working hours and machine users have reviewed this that it can make your total cost lesser.

Before the Bricks Machines for construction, hollow blocks using traditionally inspired machines cause environmental pollution.

Hollow Block Machine

Give you a brief history of hollow block manufacturing machines, Solid concrete blocks were first employed in 1832 by the builder William Ranger in England who patented his version of “Ranger’s Artificial Stone.” Several decades later in 1860, Hollow concrete blocks began to be used for wall construction.

However, in 1868, a builder named Frear founded what could be deliberated as the first stationary machine to build concrete blocks on the American continent. The current appearance of blocks was established when Harmon S. Palmer received its first U.S. patent for “Concrete Block Molding Machinery” in 1887.

Today you can see that Hollow block machines have proven themselves to be economically active and have been able to vanquish the fear consumers have when using blocks. Contact us to get the price now.

Raw Material For Concrete Hollow Blocks

When speaking on Hollow Block Making Machine, you need to know some facts about the material used for these blocks.

As said earlier, the hollow concrete brick can be produced by hollow block making machine, and the product is mainly used to fill high-level framework because of its lightweight, sound insulation, good thermal insulation effect and others in its advantages.

  • Cement

Cement is a binder material, a substance used for the construction that sets, hardens, and adheres to other materials to bind them together. This is obviously the most important of all materials used in concrete blocks.

For your concrete blocks, it is advisable to always use a good cement from a good cement company. This is mainly to regulate aerated concrete slurry thickening time and to ensure a stable slurry casting.

Moreover, cement hydration, setting, and hardening can make your final product has a certain strength and better durability.

  • Fly ash 

Fly ash is a coal combustion product that is composed of the particulates that are driven out of coal-fired boilers together with the flue gases. Lately, methods of replacing partial cement with high-volume fly ash have emerged because of its ability to increase the workability of cement while reducing water demand.

You should note that concrete bricks are also essential to have low shrinkage values of other properties to have a high strength product.


  • Sand

Sand is a granular material composed of finely divided rock and mineral particles. As you know, sand is one of the most important raw material used for concrete blocks, and one of its uniqueness is that you can see it in large quantities from nature i.e., it is very common.

The quality and quantity of sand you use in the maker of your blocks determines the texture and hardness of each block.

  • Gravel material

Gravel is a loose aggregation of rock fragments. It is classified by particle size range and includes size classes from granules to boulder-sized fragments.

Gravel is an important commercial product, with a number of applications for the construction industry. You should note that small gravel are important for concrete hollow blocks.

The maximum particle size of gravel to be used for the successful maker of your hollow block cannot exceed 10mm。

The ratio of materials required for blocks

Product Cement



Fly ash Medium sand Slag Gravel Stone powder Lime and admixture Water/ cement ratio




First level Third level
Hollow block 12 4 / 30 / 54 / / 0.3~


12 4 / / / / 84 /
8 / 50 7 / 35 / / MU5
8 / 50 / / / 42 /
Porous block 10 6 / 20 / 64 / / MU10
10 6 / / / / 84 /
12 / 47 5 / 31 / 5 MU5
12 / 47 / 36 / / 5
Owned by Liberation LONTTO

Types Of Hollow Block Machine For Sale

  • Manual And Small Hollow Block Making Machine
  • Automatic Hollow Block Making Machine
  • Semi-Automatic Hollow Block Making Machine
  • Hydraulic Hollow Block Making Machine
  • Mobile Type Concrete Hollow Block Making Machine

Automatic Hollow Block Machine

LONTTO Hollow Block Making Machine is specialized for produce hollow blocks. You can choose an egg-laying hollow block machine, it is a mobile type, which does not need pallets, hence saving costs and easy to move. The QMJ4-45, QMJ4-30, or QMY6-25models can be your choice.

If you want to produce paver block and solid block also, you can choose paver block machine. They can produce hollow blocks, solid blocks, or paver block, and you only exchange the block mold.

Please contact us to get the machine price now.

Advantages Of Hollow Block Making Machine

Concrete Hollow Brick machine has major advantages as follows:

  1. Produce High Strength of Block:

The effective hydraulic pressure systems present in your hollow block making machine produce each unit with high precision and accuracy.

  1. Customizable:

The required of the design of block differs highly depending on the construction building needs. Modern automatic hollow block making machines are integrated with advanced control systems which let you change the molding design as per the required.

Hollow Block Making machine for the construction industry, it also can produce solid blocks and interlocking brick. If you need the solid and interlocking bricks, we have the service for add the mould and give you the best price.

That is, you can customize the shape of your hollow block or even inscribed on it. Also, switching the machine between fully automatic and semi-automatic is also a possibility in these machines. Contact us and apply the price today.

  1. Quick and Accurate:

Capacity per 8 hours of hollow block making machine really reduces the overall time of hollow blocks. The block machine was designed to give the fastest you can ever imagine. Now, you can have 8000 blocks produced within a few hours using the hollow block making machine.

Hollow Block Machine

Obviously, this speed of productivity has proven useful in a variety of construction industry. Features that make the hollow blocks faster than others are; Because of hydraulic pressure systems, quick feeding system, quick molding cycles, and high efficiency.

All these make the hollow block making machine preferable. Contact us. Apply the machine price today.

  1. Environment-Friendly:

Hollow block machine is very advantageous to the environment because it surmounts the pressure given by the enormous flame given off by other traditional block making machines.

Also, since hollow brick making machine makes use of industrial wastes like fly ash and other similar waste, it serves as a medium for the recycling of industrial waste which ultimately serves for the betterment of the environment. Conatact us for latest price now.

Hollow Block Maker Machine

  1. Low cost of hollow blocks:

Hollow brick machines are innovated so that they can reduce up to 40% of energy usage and this helps reduce the overall price on your part and also the low cost of hollow blocks on the consumer required.

Working System of Block machine

The working principle of block making machine is to use slag, mine slag, pulverized coal ash, stone powder, industrial stone, cement, and other materials as raw materials, scientific ratio and water mixing and finally through the new type.

The block making machine is pressed at high pressure so that beautiful cement blocks and hollow blocks can be pressed and colored pavement blocks can be manufactured.

Contact us to get the price of hollow block machine machine.

The working system of a Block making machine is equal to the production of a Hollow block which involves four stages of manufacturing:

  1. Proportioning:

This is one of the most crucial aspects of blocks using the block making machine. It is the determination of the suitable amount of raw materials needed to produce the desired quality under given conditions.

According to academia.edu, the combined aggregate content in the concrete mix used for making hollow blocks should not be more than 6 parts to 1 part by volume of Portland cement.

If this ratio is taken in terms of weight basis this may average approximately 1:7 (cement: aggregate). However, there have been instances of employing a lean mix of as high as 1:9 by manufacturers where hollow blocks are compacted by power-operated vibrating machines.

The water-cement ratio of 0.62 by weight basis can be used for concrete hollow blocks. Contact us for more information including video and price now.

Hollow Block Making Machine

  1. Mixing

The thorough mixing of aggregates is important in hollow block maker machine. You must allow thorough mixing so that the water-cement paste will completely cover the surface of the aggregates.

The concrete mixer collects all the raw materials including water and rotates it for one and a half minutes (11/2). The product of the mixture is discharged into the mixer and consumed within 30 minutes, this prevents clinkers.

  1. Compacting

Compacting is the filling of air-holes with concrete particles without movement of water through the concrete. But if there are excessive compacting results in the formation of water pockets and layers with high water content and poor quality of product.

  1. Molding:

The wooden pallet is kept on the vibrating platform of the machine and the mold box is depressed on to the pallet. The mixed concrete is poured into the mold and evenly leveled. The motorized vibrating causes the concrete to settle down the mold by approximately 11/2 to 13/4 inches.

The stripper head is then placed over the mold to bear on the leveled material. Vibration causes the concrete come down to its limit position, then the mold box is lifted by the lever.

The blocks molded rests on the pallet and is removed afterward and another pallet is placed and the molding process repeated.

One of the keys featuring advantages of the block making machine is that it can accommodate different molds for producing blocks of different sizes.

Hollow Block Machine

  1. Conclusion

LONTTO block machine working principle: the materials are mixed by a concrete mixer, semi-automatic type machine needs JQ350 mixer, Full automatic type machine need JS550, JS750 concrete mixer.

Then the materials are transferred to the hopper by a belt machine. Then materials are distributed to the bottom mold.

The upper mold press down according to the hydraulic press and strong vibration motors. After a few seconds, the hollow blocks are produced.

Contact us today, we give you the best price.

Maintenance of Hollow Block Making Machine

You as a good supplier must be ready to take part in the maintenance of your Hollow block machine because by proper maintenance, your machine will have a long lifespan. If you do not know how to maintain the machine. You can contact us. We supply the service of training.

  1. Removing concrete residue when cleaning the mold requires the use of air compressor and soft tool. Do not heavily knock, pry and scrape the mold.
  2. When you want to install or change the mold of hollow brick machine equipment, collision should be avoided. Damages and deformations occur when there is mold and mold collision, mold and other parts collision and these must be avoided.
  3. Carefully adjust clearance, including the space of head and the mold core, head and sport plane, mold frame and line plate. Relative motion shall not interfere and brush touch
  4. You must check the condition of the mold size and welding combining site in use. If weld cracking occurs, you must speedily repair.

When you replace the old, you should clean and oil the rusty metal surface. Then you should flat it in dry and level off place to avert the gravity distortion.

How to buy a Hollow Block machine?

Investing in a hollow block making machine is a smart decision for any business that is looking to get off the ground quickly by producing high-quality products with a low overall production cost.

When you are buying your hollow brick making machine, you should know the following items:

  1. The strong frame steel: when you check the hollow block machine, the steel frame is very important, if the steel is standard, it will be working 30- 40 years. If it is not strong, it will be broken few years

  1. The hydraulic pressure system: you need to choose the famous brand hydraulic station if you choose a hydraulic type hollow brick machine. Lontto uses CALYCA brand hydraulic system.
  2. Concrete mixer: concrete mixer can be JQ series concrete mixer when a small hollow block machine, if use JS series concrete mixer, it will be an automatic hollow block machine.
  3. The Price: When you buy the hollow block machine, you should choose a suitable model machine, different models of machines will be a different price.

Production time: When buying a hollow block making machine, you have to look into this critically. The production time of a machine affects production a great deal. It determines the number of blocks to be produced within working hours.

Contact lontto to apply the hollow block making price now.

Why choose LONTTO as Your Hollow Block Machine Supplier?

Strong Blocks

Hollow blocks are produced by LONTTO machine is of high freeze resistance, high density, great insulation to noise and heat high permeation resistance. The tensile of block reaches 15Mpa-20Mpa.

Excellent Service

We have exported hollow block machines for more than 30 years, including Malawi, Bangladesh, Ghana, Somalia, Uganda and so on. We supply installation and training. And the machine test, the factory visiting. And supply you the shipping service.

We have rich experience in helping customers choose their own hollow block machines.

And LONTTO hollow block making machine company has a complete sales department, production department, design department, technical department, finance department and after-sales department, to provide customers with a full range of quality services.

LONTTO provides 24/7 online service, from machine installation, operation and budget planning to raw material analyzing, domestic transportation recommendation. DHL delivery ensures needed parts are sent to you in time. Contact us now, we give you the price list.

Guaranteed Quality

As a high-quality supplier of hollow block making machine, our quality is also guaranteed. Our PLC is Siemens Brand, Steel plates conform to national standards(P≤0.035%,S≤0.030%), molds use German WEDM technology, through heat treatment, making our molds very durable.

Produced hollow block machine must pass strict inspection. This ensures each set of LONTTO hollow block machine meets the national product executive standard before the sale.

High standard process and inspections get LONTTO block machine the International Quality System Certification ISO9001-2000 and quality certificate of CE, SONCAP, SABS, etc.

LONTTO machinery believes high-quality machinery with reasonable price is always the best strategy to win the market.

What Is the Price of Concrete Hollow Block Machine?

Lontto concrete hollow making machine has manual and semi-automatic and fully automatic type for sale. And the price is different from the models.

If you choose automatic concrete hollow block machine, the price is higher, and if you buy semi-automatic and manual type of hollow block machine, the price is cheap.

And you can check the price in the following:

Concrete Hollow Block Making Machine Price 2021 from Lontto

Machine Name
Automation Level
Semi-Automatic and no hydraulic
USD2500 – USD3500
Semi-Automatic and no hydraulic
USD4500 – USD6000
Semi-Automatic and no hydraulic
USD6000 – USD9000
Automatic and no hydraulic
USD9000 – USD13500
Automatic and hydraulic
USD12000 – USD16500
Automatic and hydraulic
USD30000 – USD40000
Automatic and hydraulic
USD40000 – USD50000
Automatic and hydraulic
USD45000 – USD55000
Automatic and hydraulic
USD50000 – USD65000


If you want to know your hollow block making machine price, please contact us today, we will send you the full quotation including photos, parts of block machine and shipping cost.

Contact us now, let LONTTO support your construction building business.

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