For block machine,As long as fly ash, concrete, boiler slag, mountain flour and other industrial wastes resources in your local, what kind of material is the most abundant, the cheapest, using this material to make bricks cost is lowest.Due to the production process from burning from steam, So the production cost is lower than the cost of clay brick.


Brick making machine combined with the current domestic and foreign similar characteristics and market need to design a new type of brick making equipment.It has compact structure, big crushing force, strong rigidity, full sealed dust, circulation lubrication, easy operation, high output, durable characteristic. With the continuous improvement of technology and the deep transformation, produced a new type of automatic production line for maintenance, is the nation’s highest degree of automation baking-free brick production system.The system is the main equipment are batching machine, mixer, molding machine, lift slab system, car system, mother system, plate and block stacker machine system, etc

raw materials

The main using of block machine: mainly used for the suppression of fly ash, river sand, cement, concrete, boiler slag, mountain flour, industrial waste etc as main raw materials, to produce concrete brick, cement brick, porous brick, planting grass brick, curb stone, color paving brick and hollow block. It is the country vigorously mediated environment-friendly building materials equipment.

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