The right methods of storage and handling concrete raw material

Concrete products production needs a variety of raw materials, in addition to cement, lime, fly ash, and other main raw material, also need a lot of additives, such as gas agent, etc. Now let Henan Lontto technical engineers to introduce you these raw materials the right methods of storage and handling:


  1. Fly ash, Plaster

Using pulping process of fly ash mixed with gypsum. When start to produce, fly ash join beating pool in a certain proportion, to make mixed pulp. When pulped the water, quantitative adding water, make appropriate slurry concentration. Then pump into the slurry storage tank for later use by slurry pump.


  1. Quicklime

Transport the massive quicklime with dump trucks into factory, discharge into the lime pile to stack materials. Piece of lime are transported into the lime library by bucket elevator after compound pendulum jaw crusher broken. Before grinding, lime gets into the closed conveyor through bottom feeder to into mill for grinding. After grinding, fine lime powder are transported to the bucket by grinding machine discharging mouth, sent to lime powder ingredients floor by the bucket machine in the bin for later use.


  1. Cement

Adopt the bulk cement. The cement is carrier into the factory in bulk, direct pumping cement powder ingredients floor standby in the bin. The use of cement must pay attention to the expiration date, generally within 30 days. Cement overdue will affect the strength of the concrete products.


  1. Powdered aluminium

From other place to buy bottled aluminium powder, deposited on the bottom of the batching floor aluminium powder storehouse. When used by electric hoist crane to the ingredients on the second floor of the building, and put the aluminum powder after artificial measurement into blender mixing to 5% of the suspension.


Lontto Block Machine reminds you about the raw material storage, you must adopt the method of science, to prevent the raw material from affecting, reduce the strength of the concrete products.