The Structures of Hollow Brick Machine

The main structure of hollow brick machine components is following:

(1) Raw materials system: mainly used to pour the material into the brick mould;

(2) Host Frame: The main force of the components and support equipment to withstand brick molding pressing force;

(3) Raw material bin: mainly used to store materials;

(4) The head: is mainly used for the molding pressure equipment, in addition to the role of the release of the brick mould when the working.

(5) Pallet supply system: mainly used to transfer the pallet, the former sub-suppliers for the two parts of the plate and the side plate, the portion also has blade and coated with institutions;

(6) Lifting table: the main drag of brick and vibration effects, the rising for brick molding, when the decline for molding bricks out of;

(7) The control cabinet: mainly used to install the control system equipment;

(8) The brick delivery frame: mainly used to send the shaped brick.

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