The use points of Baking-free brick machine


  1. When the baking-free brick machine is running, it is strictly prohibited to put tool into the cylinder, so as to avoid accidents.


  1. Every time, before the baking-free brick machine start to work, check the clutch, brake, steel wire rope, make them work good, there should be off foreign bodies within the cylinder.


  1. When use the mixer, must place it in a solid ground, with a stent or leg tube frame supporting, instead of tires.


  1. When the feed hopper rise, it is forbidden to make anyone pass or stay under the hopper, make the hopper fixed after work then the worker allow to leave.


  1. When do the maintenance on the Baking-free brick machine, make the hopper fix well, cut off the power supply.


Baking-free brick machine adopts advanced PLC intelligent control system, which can realize the man-machine dialogue, fully automatic operation, random signal analysis, fault diagnosis and various parameters setting, make automatic machines work the best effect.

Baking-free brick machine body adopts super steel structure and special welding technology, use a large number of imported raw materials and high quality electrical, hydraulic parts, ensure the equipment under the long term high load operation could be more stable and reliable.