Cement block machine in terms of quality and price are better than the traditional clay brick machine, it has been widely used and development. Today, we will introduce some Cement block machine’s functions and features.

  1. The structure is novel. Cement block machine frame with super steel welding equipment, durable, and reliable performance.
  2. The unique form of vibration: the use of computer-controlled hydraulic system flow, pressure, vibration frequency vertical sync is completed, the brakes; excessive use of pressurized fluid when, to convert it into rapping force, thereby substantially eliminate energy consumption.
  3. The storage material separating devices: traditional molding machine material stored in the hopper by aftershocks, some concrete liquefied advance, extending the feeding time, and increase the feeding difficult, and product strength errors. To force series block machine uses a closed-belt conveyor, hopper storage strict control of small quantity, so as to send with the material used.
  4. Increase the effective work surfaces: Because cement block machine design uses a variety of vibration of new technologies, the effective vibration molding area increased, and the porous brick scale production and laid a solid foundation, greatly improving production efficiency.
  5. Multifunctional: a variety of block brick, Curb, river brick, slope protection brick, square brick, brick sidewalks, brick piers, decorative tile, roof insulation, parking lot grass brick, etc., to fully meet the market demand, the greatest degree of users reduce investment risks.
  6. Cement block machine using plc control and random signal and vibration analysis systems, computer interface operation, can achieve the best running of machine.