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AAC Block Production Line

Lontto have 50000~300000 m³ per year Light Weight AAC Blocks Plant, This Is Automatic Concrete AAC Block Production Line. Our AAC Block Plant Has Exported To 60+ Countries.

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AAC block production line is produced out of a mix of cement, lime, fly ash, gangue, river sand and aluminium powder ect., through batching, mixing, casting ,cuttimg and autoclaving. AAC has the advantages of extremely light weight, high compressive strength, excellent thermal insulation, great scousitc insulation and high fire resistance. AAC can be produced in a large variety of sizes, from stand blocks to large reinforced panels, and it can be cut, sawn ,drilled ,nailed and milled like wood, making it an extremely workable product, AAC is environment-friendly and new building material.


ADVANTAGES of AAC Block Production Line:

  • Main Material: coal ash sand waste mine material coal stones tone dust and other silicon materials.
  • Lightweight: Porosity achieve 70% to 85%, volume density is generally 500 ~ 900kg/m3, as 1/5 of general concrete the 1/4of clay, the 1/3 of hollow brick, and similar with wood can float in water. It can reduce building weight, reduction in the cost of integrated building.
  • Fireproof: Most of the major raw materials is inorganic materials, so it has good fire resistance, and do not emit harmful gases when meet fire. Fire 650 degrees, as a refractory material, the thick up of 90mm walls can reach to 245 minutes fire resistance, 300mm thick up wall can reach to 520 minutes fire resistance.
  • Sound insulation: Due to a unique porous structure, so it has a sound absorption capacity. The sound absorption capacity can reach of 10mm thick wall up to 41 db.
  • Insulation: As the material inside has a large numbers of the pores and porous, which has a good thermal insulation properties. The Thermal conductivity is 0.11-0.16W/MK, as 1/4-1/5 of brick. Typically, the insulation effect of 20cm thick aerated concrete wall is equivalent to 49cm thick solid brick walls ordinary.
  • Permeability: Result of material by the composition of many independent small pores, the moisture absorption is slow, in the volume of absorbent is 5 times of clay saturation do. When used in the bathroom, the wall can be treated to interface directly paste tiles.
  • Anti-seismic: The same building structure, improve the two seismic than the brick level.
  • Green: Manufacturing, transportation, all use the process of pollution, to protect arable land, saving energy, is one kind of a green building material.
  • Durability: material strength is stability, in the specimens tested after one year of atmospheric exposure; the intensity increased by 25%, and remained stable after ten years.
  • Shortcut: it has good machinability, can be sawed, planed, drilled, nailed, and available appropriate as bonding of adhesive material, so create favorable conditions for building construction.
  • Economies: An integrated lower cost than using more than 5% of solid clay bricks, and can increase the usable area, greatly enhance the utilization of floor space.


Proportion Of Cement Lime Fly Ash Style Aerated Block As Raw Material

name unit Cement lime fly ash
Fly ash % 65-70
Cement % 6-15
Lime % 18-25
Gypsum % 3-5
Aluminum powder paste(600kg/m3) 1/10000 8
Water & material rate 0.60-0.65
Casting system OC 36-40
Aluminum mixing time S 30-40

Proportion Of Cement Lime Sand Style Aerated Block As Raw Material

Name Unit Cement Lime Sand
Sand % 55-65
Cement % 10-20
Lime % 20-30
Gypsum % 2-3
Aluminum powder paste(600kg/m3) 1/10000 8
Water & material rate 0.65-0.75
Casting system OC 35-38
Aluminum mixing time S 30-40

The Technical Parameter Of The Curing Cart:

Size for2 moulds Loading Capacity(t) Wheel Center Distance(mm) Wheel Diameter Dimensions Parameter Bearing
Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm)
4.2*0.6*(2) 10t 595 φ180 4570 1380 360 6308
4.8*0.6*(2) 12t 595 φ180 5170 1380 360 6309
6.0*0.6*(3) 20t 595 φ180 6370 2180 380 6311

The Technical Parameter Of The Overturned Demould Spreader Parameter:

Size Lifting Capacity(t) Maximum Stroke Outline Dimensions
Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm)
4.2*1.2 10t 1350mm 6210 1900 3540~5000
4.8*1.2 12t 1350mm 6810 1900 3540~5000
6.0*1.2 20t 1350mm 8100 1900 3540~5000

The Technical Parameter Of Hydraulic Conveyance:

Size Lifting Capacity(t) Travel Speed Lifting Stroke(mm) Outline Dimensions
Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm)
4.2*1.2 10t 20m/min 1350/1700 7700 2700 2850
4.8*1.2 10t 20m/min 1350/1700 8300 2700 2850
6.0*1.2 15t 20m/min 1350/1700 10500 2700 2850

The Technical Parameter Of The Pouring Mixer:

Mixing Type Motor Power Mixing Volume Blade Diamter Blade Speed
Draft Tube 30kw 3.6m3 φ560mm 560r/min
Draft Tube 37kw 4.5m3 φ630mm 560r/min

The Technical Parameter Of Ferry Trolley

Size Loading Capacity(t) Travel Speed(m/min)(Frequency Control) Railength (mm) Outline Dimensions
Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm)
4.2 6t 9.67 4560 4500 2500 570
4.8 8t 9.67 5160 5100 2500 570
6.0 10t 9.67 6660 6600 2500 570

The Technical Parameter Of The Mould:

Size Outline Dimensions Outline Dimensions
Length(mm) Length(mm) Length(mm) Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm)
4.2*1.2*0.6 4200 1200 600 4720 1735 1078
4.8*1.2*0.6 4200 1200 600 5320 1735 1078
6.0*1.2*0.6 4200 1200 600 6550 1750 1085

The Technical Parameter Of the Longitudinal Cutting Machine:

Size Min. Spacing of Wires Diameter of Cutting Wire(mm) Outline Dimensions
For HorizontalCutting(mm) For Side Trimming(mm) Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm)
4.2*1.2*0.6 5mm φ0.6-φ1.0 φ0.8 5500 2860 2500
4.8*1.2*0.6 5mm φ0.6-φ1.0 φ0.8 5500 2860 2500
6.0*1.2*0.6 5mm φ0.6-φ1.0 φ0.8 6500 2860 2500
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