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  • And the cover block machine can produce other concrete blocks, include hollow blocks, interlocking bricks.
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Cover Block Making Machine

Cover block making machine is specialized for manufacturing concrete cover blocks with all sizes. The materials are sand and 425 cement, and water. You can change the cover block mould to produce the other size of cover blocks or concrete blocks.

  • 30+ years of experience in concrete cover block making machine industry.
  • Exported to 100+ countries in the world.
  • Lontto supply cover block machine training and installation.
  • Ensure all the cover block machine high quality and affordable price.
  • LMT4-26 concrete cover block making machine
  • concrete-cover-blocks-samples
  • LMT4-35 concrete cover block making machine
  • cover-block-samples
  • manual cover block making machine
LMT4-40 Concrete cover blocks machine

LONTTO LMT4-40 cover block machine (concrete brick machine) is equipped with a super shocking motor, and the blocks produced are of good quality, high density and high strength. The machine adopts upper die push and pull, automatic scraping, convenient and flexible operation.

  • Exquisite structure, small footprint, stable and reliable performance, easy maintenance
  • Manual operation is simple and easy to control, workers can get started quickly, one machine is multi-purpose, and low energy consumption
LMT4-35 cover block machine

LONTTO LMT4-35 simple cover brick making machine is equipped with an independent vibration platform. It mainly produces hollow blocks. Common two-hole hollow bricks, porous bricks, and other size concrete cover blocks.

  • The machine is simple in structure, easy to operate, and cover blocks can be produced without being fixed on the ground.
  • It is suitable for small rural construction teams to produce while constructing. The product cost is low, and the cost is greatly reduced.
  • It produces infill bricks for frame structure buildings used by builders, and can also produce cover blocks for rebars on site.
LMT4-26 concrete cover block making machine

LONTTO LMT4-26 cover block machine is a semi-automatic model developed by our factory on the basis of absorbing the previous small and medium-sized block forming machines.

  • The machine adopts four guide columns and a profiled steel frame to make the equipment stronger, and the positioning of the mold and the indenter more accurate.
  • The use of directional vertical vibration of the lower mold and pressurized vibration of the upper mold greatly improves the production efficiency, and the produced blocks have uniform density and high strength.
QT3-20-concrete-cover block machine

LONTTO QT3-20 cover block machine is a concrete block machine that combines hydraulic pressure and vibration. The block machine uses sand, gravel, slag, shale, coal gangue, fly ash, etc. as the main raw materials, and a small amount of cement is added. It is press-formed and can be used after natural curing.

  • The block machine is equipped with a secondary cloth device. The block machine can not only produce various specifications of block and wall bricks,
  • It also produces colorful pavement bricks, curb stones, tree pit stones, lawn bricks, slope protection bricks, etc.
QT4-25C-automatic concrete cover block making machine

LONTTO QT4-25C automatic concrete cover block machine is reasonable design, compact structure, realizing directional vibration, variable frequency braking, and immediately canceling energy consumption, no need to manually feed the board, greatly reducing labor intensity.

  • The block mould is pressing up and down and vibrating strongly, it is especially suitable for the production of high-strength blocks, which can be stacked after forming blocks (3-5 layers high).
  • One machine with multiple functions, with different block molds, can produce blocks of various specifications.
QT4-18 automatic cover block making machine

LONTTO QT4-18 cover block machine adopts German core technology, and the mold adopts advanced technology of high-quality steel. After multiple processes such as finishing, wire cutting and heat treatment, it is durable and long life.

  • Due to the cooperative work of hydraulic pressure and vibration, the cover blocks are beautiful and strong. They can be palletized after the mold is released, saving a lot of pallets.
  • It is made of high-strength steel and special welding technology, which is extremely strong.
QT4-15-automatic concrete cover block making machine

LONTTO QT4-15 cover block machine adopts electro-hydraulic technology drive, multi-source vibration system, which is driven by hydraulic pressure to generate vertical synchronous vibration under computer control.

The vibration frequency is adjustable to realize the working principle of low-frequency feeding and high-frequency forming, which can obtain good vibration effects for different raw materials.

Fully automatic PLC computer control, man-machine interface, electrical appliances adopt Siemens and other brands

  • Fully automatic PLC computer control, man-machine interface, electrical appliances adopt Siemens and other brands.
  • Mechanical, electronic, and hydraulic synchronous drive, the height error of cover blocks on the same pallet is minimal, and the product consistency is very good.
QT6-15 concrete cover block making machine

LONTTO QT6-15 cover block machine uses super-strong steel welding, the various performances of the equipment are remarkable, and the working performance is reliable, and continuous work is not a problem.

  • As the design adopts a variety of new vibration technologies, the effective vibration forming area is enlarged and the production efficiency is greatly improved.
  • It can not only produce various specifications of cover blocks and wall bricks, but also produce colorful pavement bricks, curb stones, lawn bricks, and slope protection bricks.
QT8-15 Automatic Concrete cover block making machine

LONTTO QT8-15 adopts PLC and touch screen with German Siemens products. The molding machine and the brick stacker share an electric control cabinet for centralized control, which is simple to operate and easy to diagnose.

  • The hydraulic components are selected from Taiwan’s CALYCA brand, and the hydraulic components are more quality guaranteed.
  • The frame adopts thick-walled rectangular welding special welding, which makes the machine more stable and the structure is firm and durable.

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Lontto Cover Block Making Machine

Cover block making machine is also named concrete cover block making machine, it is mainly to produce concrete cover blocks, to mix the sand, cement as the materials, and add some water. The raw materials are transported to the machine, through vibration and hydraulic forming the high quality concrete blocks.

Lontto is one of the top cover block making machine manufacturers in China, we are 30+ years of manufacturing experience in block making machine industry. We not only supply concrete block making machine, clay brick making machine, compressed earth block machine, concrete mixer, concrete pipe making machine.

And the cover block making machine are many types of models for sale, and all of the machines are competitive price and reliable quality. You can choose the fully automatic cover block machine, hydraulic cover block making machine, semi automatic cover block machine, manual cover block machine base on your requirement.

Lontto supply the training and installation for you, when you buy cover block machine from us, all the thing we can arrange. After we received your advanced payment, we go to produce the cover block machine for you, and when the machine is finished, we will send you the video and photos of cover block machine. Then we arrange the shipping.

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Cover blocks Making Machine – The Ultimate Guide -2020

What Is Cover Blocks?

Concrete cover blocks are used cement, sand, water as materials. After materials are mixed, it is formed in the cover block making machine or by plastic block mould.

It is generally used to elevate the rebars in the precast concrete to prevent the reinforcing bars from sticking to the bottom of the concrete parts.

Or tie it to the side of the rebar to prevent the rebar from sticking to the edge of the concrete product, so that when the concrete is poured, the steel bar will not be exposed and be oxidized and corroded.


Why Do You Need To Use The Cover Blocks?

If you do not use a cover block, the steel bars will be exposed to the air, and atmospheric moisture will corrode the concrete reinforcing bars, causing the rebars to gradually rust, and the load-bearing capacity will also decrease, making the entire rebars structure invalid.


What Is The Application Of Cover Block?

  • Ensure that the rebar has enough steel protection layer, so that the reinforcing bar is in the best stress position, and at the same time extend the service life of the rebar to prevent premature corrosion.
  • Advantages: Due to the use of cushions with equal structural strength, it has no major impact on the structure. Compared with other cushions (reinforced cushions, plastic cushions, etc.), the quality is stable and should not be damaged, and the cost is low and suitable for obtaining materials.

What Are The Features Of Concrete Cover Blocks?

  • High-strength concrete material with compressive strength greater than 60Mpa. It is not easy to be broken, and its practicality is much higher than that of other materials.
  • The expansion coefficient is the same, the durability is high, the material used is the same as the high-performance concrete, the expansion coefficient is the same, and the adhesion is high.


  • Even steam curing will not produce gaps, it can be fully integrated with concrete, which can effectively prevent the concrete from falling off due to the corrosion of steel bars caused by the penetration of air, rain, sea water, etc., and greatly improve the durability and safety of reinforced concrete.
  • The bottom arc contact surface is small, the color difference after demolding is small, the contact surface between the cushion block and the template is small and the stability is high.
  • The construction is simple and quick, and the hole-shaped cushion block can be fixed to the steel bar only by piercing the iron wire.
  • Use high pressure hydraulic press machine to form the cover blocks, and the shape of blocks are same dimensions.

How To Use The Cover Blocks In Construction?

  • The spacing of the spacers is to ensure the separation of the steel bar and the construction formworks; the spacing is about 300-800mm.
  • In road construction, there are no less than 6 cement cover blocks per square meter placed on the horizontal plane, and no less than 4 concrete cover blocks per square meter placed vertically;
  • In a frame building, it should be divided into different situations. The spacing between the cover blocks on each side of the column is about 1 meter; the cover blocks for the shear wall are about 0.5-1 meter; the cover blocks for slabs are about 0.5 meters;

  • C7.5 or C10 concrete is generally used as the cushion in the building. When there is a cushion, it is 40mm and when there is no cushion, it is 70mm. Both sides of the cushion should extend 50mm from the base plate.
  • According to the regulations for the design of reinforced concrete structures, the minimum thickness of the protective layer of beams and columns is 25mm. The thickness of the board and wall protection layer is 10-15mm.

What Are The Requirements For A Qualified Cover Block?

  • It should have sufficient strength, not easy to break, corrosion resistance, size standards and meet the requirements.
  • It combines well with concrete, has the same expansion and contraction performance, and is simple to connect with rebars without falling off.
  • The color is close to the concrete, and the volume is as small as possible. The larger the volume size of the cover blocks, the more difficult it is to obtain a consistent concrete pouring effect.


How To Make The Concrete Cover Block? – Cover Block Manufacturing Process

Cover blocks are similar with cement blocks, they are mainly made of concrete mixture as raw materials and made by brick making machines. Because the concrete brick machine can produce concrete bricks of various specifications, you only need to change the mold.

The material

Their raw materials can be 425 cement or 525 cement, coarse sand or medium sand, and the ratio of water, sand and cement is 4-6. You can also refer to the ratio of concrete bricks.


It can be used to mix raw materials through a mixer. The small brick machine is equipped with a small mixer, JQ350, JQ400

Large-scale automatic concrete cover brick machines need to be equipped with JS series mixers.

For specific configuration, you can configure the cover block production line according to the output you need.

Moulding – cover block machine

You can choose to use cover block making machine to produce cover blocks. Feed materials enter the mold, the upper mold is pressed down, and the lower mold is vibrated by a vibration motor to increase the density of the raw materials. Produce high-quality, high-strength cover blocks.


The formed cover block is stacked using a stacking machine, and then cured.


How To Choose Concrete Cover Block Making Machine Manufacturers?

Professional cover block making machine manufacturer

1. Rich industry experience

First of all, you have to choose a manufacturer with many years of experience in manufacturing in the industry.

They can provide you with a cover block machine with mature technology, efficient and stable performance, and a full range of products that can meet your various needs.

No matter manual, fully automatic or hydraulic cover brick making machines, they can meet your requirements.

2. Excellent service

When you want to buy a cover block machine, excellent service can bring you the most timely and effective feedback, and patiently solve any professional problems in the purchase process.

And even after you buy a cover brick machine, they can provide you with high-quality services in time. Including training, installation, delivery of accessories, etc.

How About Concrete Cover Block Making Machine Price List?

Price list of cover block making machine

Choose to buy a cover block making machine, the price is a very important factor that affects your purchase. You need to choose the machine that suits you according to your own cost budget.

First, a small manual cover brick making machine, the price is about 1,000-4,000 US dollars.

The price of fully automatic cover brick machine, the price range is 6000-15000usd.

The price of the fully automatic hydraulic concrete cover block machine is between 20000-60000usd.

In addition to the different prices of various machines, the prices of cover block machines from different manufacturers are also different.

concrete block making machine for sale in Mozambique

What you should pay attention to here is that, depending on the difference in machine configuration, many manufacturers deliberately report low prices first in order to attract people with low prices, and then provide you with low-configuration equipment.

And the quality of machines from different manufacturers is also very different. Therefore, the price is only a reference factor.

The most important thing is that you must first find a professional cover block making machine manufacturer, then find the equipment that suits you, and then discuss the price with the manufacturer.

Cover blocks VS Concrete Blocks

Cover blocks can be PVC Cover blocks, Steel cover blocks, stone cover block and aluminum blocks, concrete cover blocks.

Concrete Blocks: this is blocks are made of sand, cement, ash, stone powder and water. The concrete blocks can be concrete hollow blocks, concrete solid blocks, concrete interlocking bricks, concrete cover block. The cover blocks is one type of concrete blocks.

What Types Of Cover Blocks Are Common Used For Construction?

According to the different materials of cover blocks, it can be divided into: concrete cover block, PVC cover block, steel cover block, stone cover block, and aluminum block.

In order to save costs, we are increasingly inclined to use concrete cover blocks.

What Is Size Of Cover Blocks?

Cover blocks in different structure will be different size.

If cover blocks are used in raft foundation bottom/sides, the size of cover blocks are 50mm – 75mm.

If in strap beam, the cover block size will be 35mm.

If in suspended slab, the cover block size will be 25mm (Internal & external).

If in column and pedestals, the cover block size will be 40mm.

If in shear wall, the cover block size will be 25mm.

If in beams, the cover block size is 25mm.

If flat slab, the cover block size is 20mm.

If in staircase, the cover block size is 15mm.

If in water retaining structures, the cover block size is 20/30mm.

What Is The Cover Block Shape?

The shape of cover blocks can be Square, T- Shape, Round, Horizontal, Vertical, Quincunx and other customize size.

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