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Egg Laying Block Machine

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  • QMJ2-45-Egg-Laying-Block-Machine
  • QMY4-30-Egg-Laying-Block-Machine
  • QMY12A-Egg-Laying-Block-Machine
  • QMY18A-Egg-Laying-Block-Machine
QCM4-30 Egg Laying Block Machine

LONTTO QCM4-30 egg laying block making machine, it is powered by diesel type. simple structure. the demolding by mechanical can use for small business, also personal building house.

Main Tech Data:

  • 1)  power: 6HP diesel
  • 2)  products: hollow blocks, solid blocks
  • 3)  laboursaving: 1 person can operate it.
QMJ2-40 Egg Laying Block Machine

LONTTO QMJ2-40 egg laying block machine, it is small investment, quick payback period.

It can be produced by single phase, should be customer use friendly by home eclectic.

Main Tech Data

  • Electric :380/220V/240/415V ~50/60HZ.Single/2/3phase
  • Factory Area:30~50 square meters
  • Person :1~2 persons
  • Payback period:1~3months
QMJ4-45 Egg Laying Block Machine

LONTTO QMJ4-45 egg laying block machine, it can produce by diesel type and electric type, customer should choose the power based on his requirement .

It could be solve the customers power limitation.

Tech data

  • Power source :diesel /electric:10HP/5.5KW
  • Person :1 person can operate enough
  • Wheel: use the SKF bearing (Sweden brand )
  • Steel: High wear resistant steel Q345
QMY4-30 Egg Laying Block Machine

QMY4-30 egg laying block machine, it is a cost-effective model machine. Hydraulic transmission, automatic walking, electric push and pull mould.

It should be achieved investor to meet the hydraulic and automatic type, but small investment.

 Main Tech Data

  • Capacity: 8’ solid block: 3840-4608pcs/8hours
  • Pallet: no need pallet
  • Power: 6kw
QMY6A-Egg Laying Block Machine

LONTTO QMY6-25 egg laying block machine, it is hydraulic transmission, automatic walking, and automatic cloth.

Import CALYGA brand for hydraulic system from TAIWAN, To make sure the good demolding products, and longtime useful life for the model of machine.

Main Tech Data:

  • Hydraulic pressure: 16-20Mpa
  • Hydraulic system brand: CALYCA (Tai wan brand)
  • Products compression resistance: MU10.00
QMY10-25 Egg Laying Block Machine

LONTTO QMY10A egg laying block machine, it has double hydraulic cylinders, to maintain balance of the pressure, the finished products should be high density, look better of the shape.

Main Tech Data

Capacity: 8’ hollow block: 19200-28800pcs/8hours

Pallet: no need pallet

Power: 16kw

QMY12A Egg Laying Block Machine

LONTTO QMY12A egg laying block machine, burned 2018YA, Which is designed by our R&D development, it is realized the muti-functional machine for mobile type laying block machine.

it can produce hollow block, solid block, paver blocks and curbstone.

Main Tech Data

  • Product: hollow block, solid block, paver blocks, kerbstone, and customer design
  • hydraulic pressure: 21Mpa
  •  Limit switch: Schneider(Franch brand )
  •  sensor: Toledo (USA Brand)
QMY18A Egg Laying Block Machine

LONTTO QMY18A egg laying block machine, this machine should be high capacity. And the demolding by hydraulic +vibrators. 2 hydraulic cylinders +3 down vibrators +2 upper vibrators. The finished products produced by all-around vibration extrusion. Which can be used for the road, building a house, blind road, city greening, and riverbank …ect.

 Main Tech Data

  • Products: hollow blocks, solid blocks, interlocking blocks, blind blocks, grass bricks…..etc
  • Pallet: no need pallet
  • Electric: SIEMENS Brand

Welcome to LONTTO EGG Laying Block Machine Factory.

You can see various models of egg laying block machine from LONTTO. Contact us and apply the free visiting.


Lontto Egg Laying Block Machine

LONTTO egg laying brick machine will lay bricks on the concrete floor and move to the next position. Usually this is mobile block making machine. With this working principle, it will not require the wood pallets or fiber pallets, saving you money. But it requires a large of flat ground.

LONTTO Machinery Co., Ltd has many types of egg laying brick machines for sale!! Contact us for prices and more information about our machines!

LONTTO egg laying brick machine can also be called egg laying block making machine. There are some people calling it egg layer brick making machine. Anyway, it is one type of block making machine that can be moved and doesn’t require pallets when producing bricks.

LONTTO egg laying brick machine is special for producing cement/ concrete hollow blocks and solid blocks. So to be precise, it should be called egg lying concrete brick making machine. According to machine size and production capacity, it can be generally divided into big type and small type.

And the small types of egg laying brick machine includes the motor type, like QMJ2-45, QMJ4-45 QMY4-45, and the motor with hydraulic type, like QMJ4-30.

The big egg laying brick making machines come in both motor and hydraulic types, like QMY6-25 and QMY12-30. And, QMY12-30 hydraulic brick making machine produces not only hollow blocks and solid blocks, but also paver blocks.

Different types of block machines lead to a variety of LONTTO egg laying block making machine prices. Selective prices are more responsive to the needs of customers with different budgets and investments.


eBookImg -buidling block machine

Egg Laying Block Machine: Definitive Guide

LONTTO egg laying brick machine has passed CE certification, ROHS standards, Son cap Ghost certification, and SABS product certification. And LONTTO Group has passed ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification.

All the accessories used in LONTTO egg laying brick machine are from famous brands at home and abroad. For example, the hydraulic station of the machine adopts the CALYA brand of Taiwan. The PLC control system and the electronic systems are made by Siemens of Germany. The brand of the inverter is EMERSON.

LONTTO block making machine factory was built in 1990, with nearly 30 years of manufacturing experience, making it a leader in the industry. LONTTO Group’s range of block machines is complete, including automatic block production line, semi-automatic block making machine, egg laying block making machine, clay brick machine, semi-automatic block maker and small manual block making machine.

At present, LONTO Machinery has three factories, covering an area of more than 500 acres and more than 1,120 engineers, technicians and workers. We have more than 300 various types of precision machine tools and advanced broad scale, abundant technical force and best product quality. LONTTO Group produces more than 7,000 sets of brick machines per year.

Contact us for more detailed information about LONTTO egg laying brick making machine!

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