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Brick Press Machine

Brick press machine can make clay bricks or concrete blocks with hydraulic pressure. Lontto has clay brick press machine and concrete block press machine for sale. Contact Lontto today.

  • Customizable designs of bricks.
  • High strength steel frame and durable.
  • Long work time, high efficiency
  • Hydraulic press, and automatic type
  • block making machine
ECO BRAVA Manual Brick Press Machine

Small clay brick press machine, one produce 1 clay brick/cycle, lower investment. You can choose the clay brick press machine with electric type or diesel engine. The machine is cheap price.

Main Tech Data:

  • Capacity: Clay Brick: 192-288pcs/hour
  • Pallet size: no need pallet
  • Power: 4kw or 6HP diesel engine.
ECO BRB Brick pressing Machine

It produces 2 pcs clay brick per cycle. It can be diesel engine or electric power. If you have small investment, you can choose this small clay brick press machine for clay brick production.

Main tech data:

  • Capacity: Clay Brick: 384-576pcs/hour
  • Power: 5.5kw or 8HP diesel engine.
LT2-40 Hand Brick Press Brick Making Machine

LT2-40 brick press machine is manual and hand type machine, no need electric. You can use it easily. No need electricity, but the machine needs manual power. And it is the cheapest price.

Main tech Data:

  • Capacity: Clay Brick: 144 pcs/hour
  • Power: manpower

LT4-10 hydraulic press clay brick machine is equipped with PLC control, it is automatic and high capacity for clay brick production. It can produce any design of clay bricks. Get the price now.

Main Tech Data

  • Capacity: Clay Brick: 1152-2304pcs/hour
  • Power: 10kw
LT5-10 Automatic Brick Press Machine

LT5-10 is bigger than LT4-10 brick press machine. It produces 5 pcs clay brick(300x150x100mm)/cycle. When you want to produce other design of clay bricks, you can change the brick mold. No need to change machine. It saves cost.

Main Tech Data:

  • Capacity: Clay Brick: 1440-2880pcs/hour
  • Power: 11kw
LT7-10 Automatic Clay Brick Press Machine

LT7-10 is automatic brick press machine, it produces 7 pcs clay brick(300x150x100mm)/cycle. The hydraulic type can be 100 tons pressure. So the soil clay bricks are very strong. Get the high quality machine price today.

Main Tech Data

  • Capacity: Clay Brick: 2016-4032pcs/hour
  • Power: 15kw
  • Forming Time:5-10s
M7MI Mobile Brick Press Machine

Lontto M7MI clay brick press machine is diesel engine and equips with a soil mixer. It is a mobile type and a lower investment for clay brick. It has two wheels, it can move easily. Get price today.

Main Data:

  • Capacity: Clay Brick (300x150x100mm): 192-288pcs/8hours
  • Power: 6.3kw or 8HP diesel engine.
M7MI Mobile Twin Brick Press Machine for Sale

Lontto M7MI clay brick press machine is similar to M7MI, it has two operate positions,  It can produce 2 pcs clay bricks/cycle. It is also mobile type machine. It is easy to operate.

Main Tech Data

  • Capacity: Clay Brick: 384-576pcs/hour
  • Power: 8.5kw or 12HP diesel engine.
QT3-20 Concrete Brick Press Machine

QT3-20 hydraulic paver brick press machine is hot sale model machine, it is hydraulic. It also can be equipped with PLC system. So QT3-20 can be automatic operate, and to produce color paver bricks or other concrete bricks.

Main Tech Data

  • Pallet size: 680x550mm
  • Total Power: 20.75kw
  • Type: hydraulic
QT4-18 Concrete Brick Pressing Machine

Lontto QT4-18 hydraulic brick press machine can produce concrete blocks and other sizes of bricks. It is developed on the basis of QT4-25C brick machine. It is a hydraulic type. It can be manual and automatic.

Tech data:

  • Pallet size: 850x550mm
  • Power: 22kw
  • Type: hydraulic
QT4-15 Concrete Brick Press Machine

Lontto QT4-15 automatic hydraulic brick press machine can produce 8inch concrete bricks 4pcs/mould. It has a hydraulic station, and JS series concrete mixer, concrete belt conveyor and concrete blocks stacker. it can be automatic brick production line.

Tech Data:

  • Pallet size: 1020x570mm
  • Power: 27.5kw
  • Type: Hydraulic
QT5-15 Brick Pressing Machine

Lontto QT5-15 hydraulic brick press machine is for concrete bricks production. The machine is developed by Lontto, and the machine is a high efficiency, and more capacity of bricks than QT4-15, to produce hollow blocks (400x200x200mm) 5pcs / mold.

Main Tech Data

  • Pallet size: 1100x570mm
  • Power: 32kw
  • Type: Hydraulic
QT6-15 Full Automatic Hydraulic Brick Press Machine

This is a concrete brick machine with hydraulic pressing. It is a full automatic brick production line when equipped with a concrete mixer, a belt conveyor, a cement silo, a batching hopper, a blocks stacker. Get the block production line price today.

Main Tech Data

  • Pallet size: 900x700mm
  • Power: 32kw
  • Type: Hydraulic
QT8-15 Hydraulic Brick Press Machine

The model QT8-15 can produce 8 pcs concrete hollow bricks (390x190x190) per cycle, it is an automatic and hydraulic brick press machine, if you are a higher investment, and want to more capacity of concrete blocks, you need this model.

Main Tech Data

  • Capacity: Solid Block: 120960pcs/8hours
  • Pallet size: 950x900mm
  • Power: 51kw

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Our factory is the professional brick press machine manufacturer in China.


Lontto Brick Press Machine

Lontto is the top brick press machine supplier in china, we supply the high-quality hydraulic press brick machine, and mud-brick press machine.

Our brick press machine can be divided into manual and automatic type for compressed earth block and concrete brick. The automatic type is hydraulic, so it produces high strength bricks.

If you want to produce eco compress blocks, the size can be 300x150x100mm. The main materials are sand soil and little cement. You should use earth press block machine.

If you want to produce concrete bricks, you need to use a concrete block machine to finish the blocks. The main materials are sand, cement, slag, stone aggregate. The commonly used brick size is 8 inch (400x200x200mm).

When you want to buy the press brick machine, you need to know the price of brick press machine, you can contact us feel free to know the brick press machine, not only small and hand model, but the automatic and hydraulic model. We can send a full quotation list to you immediately.

LONTTO is 30+ years of experience for manufacturing brick press machine, we know your require and issue, we can solve it. And you can also come to visit us to check the brick press machine directly. We arrange the professional engineer to explain the machine for you.

Now contact us, let us send you the brick press machine price. Hope we can support your business.

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Brick Press Machine: The Ultimate Buying Guide

What is brick press machine?

Press brick machine is also referred to as brick making machine and block molding machine. The press brick machine is mainly used in brick factories and construction projects. This is because of the ability to produce a large quantity of bricks.

Press brick machine can produce bricks with different kinds of materials such as crushed stone, sand, cement, dust, and coal fly ash, cinder, slag, gangue, gravel, perlite, and other industrial wastes.

concrete block press machine

Concrete Brick Press Machine

The kinds of bricks that are produced with the press brick machine are concrete solid brick, paving stones with or without face mix, garden and landscaping products, slabs, edgers, kerbstones, grass blocks, slope blocks, interlocking blocks, etc.

Press brick machine is widely used in building constructions, road pavings, squares, gardens, landscaping, city constructions, and so on.

How does a brick press machine work?

There are mainly four steps to make bricks with a press brick machine. They are; loading, mixing materials, molding bricks, and drying bricks.

To start the process, the loaders pour the materials into the dosing machine. The materials are then transferred into the mixer.

After mixing the materials with the mixer, the materials are transferred to the distributor. The distributor feeds the materials into mold, which firms the brick. Then the mold starts molding the bricks.

While the distributor goes forward, the upper mold goes downwards, and the hare pressure and the mold vibrate. When molding is complete, the bricks are sent to the stacking machine, and then the forklift delivers the bricks to the drying field.

How many types of brick press machine for sale?

There are different types of brick press machine. They are;

  • The Hydraulic press brick machine

The hydraulic brick press machine produces conventional pavers, blocks, and bricks. It is an idea; set up for block yards. It uses all kinds of industrial waste, slag tailings like fly ash, mountain flour, cinder, and river sand as raw materials.

They can save a lot of time, labor, and achieve high productivity.

hydraulic brick press machine

  • Automatic brick press machine

Automatic brick press machine uses PLC Control system, so it can produce bricks and blocks automatically. The whole brick production is easy with automatic brick press machine. It uses raw materials like fly ash, river sand, building wastes, and grain slag.  The structure of automatic brick press machine is reliable.

  • Manual brick press machine

Manual brick press machine is durable, easy to operate and need no power or electricity. It produces brick fast.

How to select a good brick press machine

Before you select a press brick machine, you need to know the machine specifications in detail. Then you have to consider the kind of project you are embarking on, count how many bricks you need, the type of bricks you need, then choose the right capacity, which is a most simple way to get a proper machine.

This will also determine if what you need is automatic brick press machine, manual, or hydraulic.

concrete brick press machine and clay brick press machine

Also, if you want to select a quality press brick machine, you will have to choose a professional and reliable brick press machine manufacturers, because they have great experience and ability to serve you. When you buy from them, you can get a guarantee and they will give you a reasonable price.

What is the price of brick press machine?

For brick making machine price, there are many elements influencing the price, spare parts, advanced technology, machine operation training, shipment method, payment, etc. 

Firstly, a client’s destination will affect the price. Shipping to the UK will definitely not be the same as shipping to the U.S.

The payment method will also affect the price a client will pay. While some clients may choose L/C, some may choose CIF, and some can choose FOB.

The shipment method will also affect the pricing. Generally, container issued for shipment. However, if your country does not allow containers, transportation by sea may be your best choice. You won’t pay the same price as others.

The spare parts you are buying will also affect the amount you will pay. If you are buying more spare parts than another buyer, you will definitely pay more.

How can I find brick press machinery manufacturers?

A wide variety of brick press machine manufacturer options are available to you. They have in stock different kinds of brick press machine such as clay, concrete, and cement.

Brick press machine products are most popular in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Domestic Market. So, finding a manufacturer is easy. However, when you are looking for a brick press machine manufacturer, you have to choose a reputable and reliable manufacturer.

lontto brick press machine

A manufacturer that has a lot of experience and is tested and trusted by other customers.

What are the advantages of brick press machine?

The brick press machine is quick in product forming and the bricks made by it has high density which can bear an adult.

The Consumption of materials can be reduced with brick press machine.

Our brick press machine is very easy to operate and needs no serious training. It’s ideal for self-usage and household business.

semi automatic brick press machine

 Our brick press machine is of top quality. Each Lontto automatic brick press machine undergoes strict quality inspection before it leaves the factory. All devices are tested for their standard to ensure that there is no quality problem when our customers receive their product.

Brick press machine such as Lontto’s are made of standard steel, which ensures that the product framework is strong. With this, you are sure that you will be getting value for your money, as the life span of the product is very long.

What size of bricks can be produced?

Compressed bricks, clay bricks, mud bricks, eco brick, fly ash bricks, cement bricks.

What is the capacity of brick press machine?

The amount of block a brick press machine can mold per hour depends on the type and the model of the machine and the type of brick it is molding. For example, LONTTO’s QT4-25C automatic brick making machine can produce 864 pieces of hollow block per hour.

small brick press machine

What parts are included in brick press machine?

The brick press machine is mainly composed of the host machine, control system, brick mold, belt conveyor, mixer, hydraulic station, electrical console, block stacker.

The hydraulic station is a mechanical function that acts through hydraulic pressure. In hydraulic-based systems, mechanical motion is created by the pumped liquid contained within, usually by moving the cylinders of the piston.

automatic brick press machine components

The mixer is a device that evenly materials such as sand or gravel, and water to form concrete.

How to buy brick press machine?

These are what you should look out for when buying a brick press machine;

  • Technical details

Check the electrical and mechanical parts. This is important if the machine is to operate in its full potential and last long enough.

Make sure these machine parts are manufactured by reputable manufacturers because of the availability of spare parts and availability.

  • The steel

The steel that was used to manufacture the machine will determine the lifespan of the machine you are buying. Lontto brick press machines are very srong and long lasting and they produce high quality products

  • The pressure system

Check if the pressure system of your machine is strong and well built. If not, blocks can be cracked and collapsed. Make sure you look out for this.

buy brick press machine

  • Mixer

The mixer must be functioning well. It is a very important thing in brick making.

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