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QMJ4-30 Hydraulic Mobile Block Machine

QMJ 4-30 movable hydraulic concrete block machine produces concrete blocks produced in our factory possesses the characteristic of particular materials, reasonable design, reliable quality, easy operation.

QMJ 4-30 Hydraulic Mobile Block Machine

QMJ 4-30  hydraulic mobile block machine produce concrete blocks  produced in our factory possesses characteristics of particular materials, reasonable design, reliable quality, easy operation, little occupation of land, saving labor and  electricity, it compared to the traditional blocks, it features with high pressure, quick speed high compression strength and high folding strength as well as saving cement.

QMJ4-30 hydraulic mobile block machine

  • Min order: 1 set
  • CE&ISO certification
  • siemens motor

Advantages of Hydraulic Mobile Block Machine:

  1. Newest product! Molding cycle only 25-30s!
  2. Small automatic machine, controlled by pushing button in the English version!
  3. Automatic walking! Automatic forward and backward! Automatic laying bricks!
  4. Hydraulic type! reduce the impacts to the machine and prolong the service life!
  5. No need pallets! Make the various size of the hollow block by change mold easily!
  6. Compare with the stationary and big machine, very suitable for small business and home usage!

Video Of QMJ 4-30 Mobile Hydraulic Block Machine

QMJ4-30 Block Making Machine1pices QMJ4-30 movable hydraulic concrete block machine
Spare parts1 piece
Overall Dimension1300×1500×1000 mm
Rated Pressure5.5-10MPa
Main Vibration FormMould Vibration
Cycle Time23-25 Seconds
Vibrating Frequency4200 rolls/minute
Overall Weight1000kg
Motors Power7.7KW
Raw Materials4-30 brick making machine use crushed stone, sand, cement, dust and coal fly ash, cinder, slag,gangue, gravel, expanded perlite, and industrial wastes
Applied Products4-30 brick making machine makes Hollow block,porous blocks
ItemSampleSize(mm)Qty/mouldCycle moldingPer day/8hours
Hollow block hollow block400×200×200420~25s5800 pcs
 hollow block400×150×200520~25s7200 pcs
 hollow block400×120×200620~25s88700pcs