Maintenance knowledge of Cement brick making machine

In the last few articles, we mentioned a lot of knowledge about the maintenance of cement brick making machine. For example, when the brick machine is working, should fit with all the protective cover and the bottom cover. If there is a long time to seal the cement brick making machine, all parts should be protected against corrosion, and once every three months to check, wipe with gasoline, and when oiled, it should be started from top of the brick machine. Often adhere to cement brick making machine cleaning, eradicate the waste on the cement brick machine, wipe the surface of the machine, when operating the cement brick making machine should read product brochures, read on after the implementation of internal action, ability to use the cement brick machine perfectly, give full play to the superior function devices, and extending their service life. Check some of the ground wire to avoid electrical leakage, short circuit, etc. Enter the normal operating voltage of the device: high voltage 380V-410V, low-voltage 330V-360V, the device has a solid grounding necessary means to ensure the safety of the operator this is very hopeful for us.

Only in the right way to use the cement brick making machine, it will be have a longer life, and will be make more money for us.