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QT4-25C Brick Machine For Sale

The model of QT4-25C Concrete Brick Machine has automatic pallet-supplying, material-distributing, and brick-discharging.

  • It is low cost, easy operating, and using durable. And it is automatic in material feeding, martial distributing, material scraping and brick-discharging.

The QT4-25C Automatic Concrete Hollow Brick Machine for Sale

Lontto has QT4-25C Automatic Brick Machine for sale, someone wants to choose one type of block machine to produce hollow block, paver block, porous block and so on. But many types of brick machine in LONTTO factory, small types, mobile types, hydraulic types. And the price of brick machine is different.

QT4-25C AUTOMATIC Brick Machine

But the model of QT4-25C is the medium-sized machine. The capacity of 8′ Hollow Block: 800pcs/hour. The equipment is low cost, and PLC Control can be automatic. So it is suitable for you.

The QT4-25C is automatic brick making machine, and you can call it hollow block making machine.

The model of QT4-25C Brick Machine for sale now, the main feature is automatic pallet-supplying, material-distributing, and brick-discharging.

    • QT4-25C brick machine is a new model developed by our company. For this machine, all the advantages of medium and small-sized cement brick machines of similar types have been absorbed. Adopts flat vibration, mold vibration, and squeeze compression, to make sure the blocks have high strength and average density.

  • This block making machine is equipped with a power-driven decoupling device and a specialized stacker, which can stack 3-5 layers of the blocks. For this machine, there is the specialized carriage car for block discharging, under the conditions to reduce the labor intensity of workers, can be achieved, and the output of the blocks can be increased substantially. So, it is an ideal alternative to similar machines. It is suitable for small and medium-size block factories for mass production.
  • Mould and Hollow Blocks: Can be customed according to customer’s requirement.

finished blocks

Lontto Has Brick Machine For Sale, The Parts In The Following:

1 6m Belt Conveyor (For Raw Materials) 1 Set
2 Concrete Mixer 1 Set
3 QT4-25C Block Making Machine 1 Set
4 The Electrical Control System of Production Line (PLC Control System) 1 Set
5 Spare Parts/Tools 1 Set
6 Manual Block-transportingCarts/Push-carts 2 Sets
7 Block Mould: 400×200×200 mm For Free 1 Set

Main Technical Specifications

Overall Dimension 4800×1650×2200mm
Rated pressure 15MPa
Main vibration form Platform vibration
Acceleration of vibration 15-20g
Exciting force 320KN
Cycle Time 15-25 seconds
Vibrating Frequency 4600rolls/minute
Overall weight 4800kg
Motors Power 20.75KW
Pallet Size 850*550*30(mm)
The Suitable Block Height 60-200mm
Raw Materials crushed stone, sand, cement, dust and coal fly ash, cinder, slag, gangue, gravel, expanded perlite, and other industrial wastes
Applied Products concrete blocks, solid/hollow/cellular masonry products, paving stones with or without face mix, garden and landscaping products, slabs, edgers, kerbstones, grass blocks, slope blocks, interlocking blocks, etc.

Capacity Of QT4-25C Brick Machine:

Block Picture Description Forming Cycle Pcs/Mould Pcs/Hour Pcs/8Hour
Hollow Block
Hollow Block400×200×200mm 15-25S 4 576-720 5760
Porous Block
Porous Block 240×115×90mm 15-25S 12 1700 13600
Paver Block
Pavement Block 200×100×60mm 15-25S 10 1440 11520

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