Brick Making Machine in Kenya
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Brick Making Machine in Kenya

  • Interlocking block making machine in Kenya
  • Concrete block making machine in Kenya
  • 30+ years of experience to produce manual block making machines in Kenya.
  • Rich experience for exporting brick machine to Kenya
  • interlocking soil brick machine in kenya
  • interlocking brick machine in kenya
  • automatic interlocking soil brick machine in kenya
  • interlocking concrete block machine in kenya
LT2-40 Interlocking Soil Brick Machine in Kenya

Our LT2-40 soil brick machine is hand manual interlocking brick machine, no need electric or diesel engine. It is the cheapest.

Main Tech Dats

  • Press: hand press
  • Forming cycle:40-45s
  • Weight:340kg
eco-brava-Interlocking-Block-Making-Machine in kenya

This is diesel or electric interlocking soil brick machine, we have sold many sets of eco brava to Kenya. Contact us and get the price today,

  • Hydraulic pressure:15-25Mpa
  • Forming cycle:10-15s
  • Weight:500kg
ECO-BRB-Interlocking soil-Brick-Making-Machine in kenya

This is another type of soil interlocking block machine is exported to Kenya, it is easy to operate, we exported it by LCL.

  • Hydraulic Pressure:15-25Mpa
  • Forming cycle:10-15s
  • Weight: 600kg

LT4-10 Automatic interlocking block machine sale to Kenya. Many customers want to this type, because it is automatic and high efficiency.

  • Hydraulic pressure:20-30Mpa
  • Forming time:5-10s
  • Weight: 3000kg
LT5-10 Soil Interlocking Brick Machine in Kenya

LT5-10 soil interlocking block machine is full auto models, it is more capacity than LT4-10.And the price is competitive, the quality is higher.

  • Hydraulic pressure:30-60Mpa
  • Forming time:5-10s
  • Weight: 3500kg
LT7-10 Soil Interlocking Brick Machine in Kenya

LT7-10 produces 7 pcs/cycle interlocking blocks, full automatic and hydraulic brick machine. The brick mould is durable, and the cost of LT7-10 is best, and the quality is durable.

Main Data:

  • Hydraulic pressure:30-60Mpa
  • Forming time:5-10s
  • Weight: 4000kg
M7MI Interlocking soil Brick Machine in kenya

This is Mobile hydraulic type, the raw materials are mainly sand soil, and a bit of cement. The power is diesel engine, we adopts advanced and famous brand diesel engine.

Main Tech Data

  • Hydraulic pressure:15-30Mpa
  • Forming Cycle:10-15s
  • Weight: 950kg
LMT4-40-Intelrocking-concrete Brick-machine

Manual concrete Interlocking Brick Machine is cost-saving and smallest stationary concrete block making machine. You can buy it as the begin of the block production business.

Main Tech Data

  • Vibration Type: Platform vibration
  • Pallet size: 850x450mm
  • Power: 9.3kw
LMT4-35-Interlocking concrete-Brick- Machine

Lontto Concrete Interlocking Brick Machine is vibration type, smalle and manual brick making machine.

  • Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 3360-3840pcs/8hours
  • Pallet size: 850x450mm
  • Power: 9.7kw
LMT4-26-interlocking Concrete-Brick-Machine

This is concrete block machine, can produce hollow blocks and interlocking paver brick.

Tech data

  • Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 4448-5248pcs/8hours
  • Pallet size: 850x550mm
  • Power: 11.6kw
QT3-20-Interlock-Block-Machine in Kenya

Lontto QT3-20 is our hot sale model concrete block machine in Kenya. It is multifunction. Color paver block, hollow block, interlocking brick can be produced. You can control it by manual or automatic. Apply the price, and begin your business.

Main Tech Data

  • Pallet size: 680x550mm
  • Power: 20.75kw
  • Weight:4800kg
QT4-25C-Interlocking-Brick-Machine in kenya

This is another popular model of concrete block machine in Kenya, the machine is competitive price, and full automatic control. More details you can contact us now.

Main tech data:

  • Pallet size: 850x550mm
  • Power: 20.6kw
  • Weight:4200kg
QT4-18-Interlocking-Brick-Machine in kenya

The machine price is cheaper than Model QT4-15 automatic block machine, it is also high efficiency. If you need this machine price, please contact us today.

Main tach data:

  • Pallet size: 880x550mm
  • Power: 22kw
  • Weight:6000kg
QT4-15-Interlocking-Brick-Machine in kenya

You can imported the model of full automatic concrete interlocking machine from LONTTO, we supply full quotation and installation and training service.

Main Tech data:

  • Pallet size: 1020x570mm
  • Power: 27.5kw
  • Weight:8600kg
QT5-15-Interlocking-Brick-Machine in kenya

QT series machine is hydraulic concrete interlocking block machine. 5 means produce 5pcs 8 inch hollow block/mould. 15 means forming time need 15 second.Enquiry us for the details price now.

Main Tech Data

  • Pallet size: 1100x570mm
  • Power: 32kw
  • Weight:9500kg
QT6-15-Interlocking-Brick-machine and concrete block machine

All the QT series concrete block machine are high efficiency and super strong vibration motor. And has the frequency conversion. Plc control with siemens brand.

Main tech data:

  • Pallet size: 900x700mm
  • Power: 32kw
QT8-15-Concrete Interlocking-Brick-Machine

QT8-15 concrete block machine are platform vibration and hydraulic pressure. The main frame is wide for convenience of molding filling, so more concrete blocks can be made.

Main Tech Data

  • Pallet size: 950x900mm
  • Power: 51kw


QT10-15-Interlocking concrete-Brick-Machine

Lontto QT10-15 is operated by PLC. The plc can detect the vibration frequency, you can adjust the vibration to optimum efficiency.

Main Tech Data

  • Pallet size: 1100x900mm
  • Power: 67kw


Many sets of Brick Making Machines Were Delivery to Kenya

Interlocking soil block machine and concrete block machine are sent to Kenya, Contact us today.

Lontto Brick Making Machine in Kenya

The technology of LONTTO interlocking brick machine sale to Kenya

 PLC control systems of LONTTO interlocking brick machine are from Germany, hydraulic components from German and Taiwan.

Advanced control technology of hydraulic system helps realized the automatic control of hydraulic system, which enables the full control of oil and oil path in random branches.

Technical parameters are adjustable at any time. Error alarm system and error position display system can both warn the operator and help find out the malfunctioning spot for quick inspection and repair.

Material feeding system working at low frequency and vibrating at high frequency solves feeding problem once for all.

Advantage of LONTTO interlocking brick machine sale to Kenya

LONTTO Interlocking brick machine possesses the advantages of low cost (upgraded motor and diesel engine), high efficiency, easy to operate, easy to maintain and repair, longer service life, etc.

LONTTO interlocking brick machine adopts heavy steel structure of splitting type for high strength, long service life, easy installation and maintenance.

Mold adopts alloy plate, treated with carburization and quenching for higher strength.

LONTTO interlocking brick machine can produce different interlocking bricks with different interlocking brick molds. Besides, LONTTO interlocking brick machinery offers solid and reasonable price compared to other suppliers in the market.

eBookImg -buidling block machine

The Ultimate FAQ Guide Importing Brick Making Machine From China to Kenya

Kenya is growing faster and faster, and the construction industry is also growing rapidly. More and more companies and contractors need to buy brick machines in Kenya. Some Suggestions as follows:

How can I buy block machine in Kenya?

  1. what types of block machine you need to buy? concrete block machine or Interlocking soli block machine?

Concrete brick machines and interlocking block making machines are different type machines. Concrete brick machines can only produce a variety of concrete bricks, such as hollow bricks, floor tiles, cement bricks, etc.

The interlocking brick machine can only produce interlocking blocks.

Concrete-Block-Machine-and clay brick making machine

  1. How many bricks do you need to produce per day?

The output of different brick machines is very different, and the configuration of the machines is different, and the price is different. Determine the capacity of interlocking bricks, you can finally determine the brick model you need, we give you a complete quotation.

  1. How do you buy brick machines in Kenya?

There are some brick machine manufacturers in Kenya, such as makiga, mainly supply interlocking soil block machine. The advantage is that you can purchase directly in the local area for a short time. The disadvantage is that the price is relatively expensive, and the brick machine is relatively old and the technical content is not high.

Due to the current development of shipping, many Kenyan customers buy brick machines from China. The advantages are: China has many types of brick machines, including various brick machines, concrete brick machines, interlock brick machines, paver block machines, hydarulic brick machines, automatic brick machines.

service-process-for-brick machine in kenya

Buying brick machines from China is cheaper, better quality and more technical. advanced. The downside is: you don’t know how to choose the right block machine manufacturer, there are a lot of brick machine suppliers in China.

Why interlocking blocks are more popular than concrete blocks in Kenya?

In Kenya, due to raw materials, more customers are willing to choose the interlocking brick machine. Because the raw materials are abundant in the local area, the main raw material of the interlocking brick is clay soil, which requires only a small amount of cement.

For more information, please refer to compressed earth block machine from LONTTO.

The raw materials required for concrete bricks are: stone powder, stone aggregate, cement, sand. Because cement is more expensive in Kenya, clay soil is free.

However, concrete bricks are more powerful and more versatile. You can refer to concrete block making machine from LONTTO.

Is there brick making machine for sale in Kenya from LONTTO?

Yes, LONTTO is a professional brick machine supplier with more than 30 years of production experience. We offer all brick machine models that have been sold worldwide.

Kenya is our main market. We sell a lot of brick machines locally. I don’t just provide concrete brick machines, but also provide interlocking block machines in Kenya.

The main selling models of concrete brick machines, automatic concrete brick machine QT4-15, QT3-20, Manual block making machine: such as LMT4-26, LMT4-35, QMY4-30 manual egg layer block machine,QCM4-30 diesel interlocking block machine and so on.

concrete block machine in kenya

The model of the clay interlock brick machine is mainly mobile M7MI interlocking clay brick machine, ECO BRAVA manual block machine, ECO BRB, automatic LT4-10 interlocking clay soil block machine and so on.

We have extensive shipping experience and don’t need to worry about transportation. And we are better at the price.

If you need to check our brick machine in Kenya, you can go to our customer’s site to check and get feedback from customers.

Automatic-vs-Semi-Automaitc brick making machine in kenya

All of our brick machines sold to Kenya are currently operating very well, very stable, efficient and with a failure rate of almost zero.
And you can also visit our factory to visit the interlocking and concrete block machine. We offer free accommodation.

How can I import block machine from china to Kenya?

First, choose a good brick machine supplier, the supplier must have many years of experience in brick machine production and have professional sales staff, rich shipping experience, flexible payment methods. Among the many suppliers, LONTTO may be your best choice, we have all the advantages you need.

NO 1, sign a contract with the supplier, determine the payment method, and pay the advance payment to the supplier of your choice.

NO 2, the brick machine supplier began to produce brick molds and brick machines according to the brick type you requested.

NO 3, about 15 days, after the brick machine is finished, the supplier will take a production photo for you. The supplier will debug the equipment to ensure that the brick machine can be easily installed in Kenya, and that the equipment is stable, well-functioning and saves you. A lot of trouble.

NO 4, the supplier will give you a test video to make sure you see your machine is completely correct.

NO 5, you need to pay the final payment. The supplier starts to arrange for your brick making machine. Then the brick machine is loaded into the container.

NO 6, the supplier will transport the container to the port and make customs declarations. Put the brick machine on the boat. By the scheduled time, bricks will be transported from the Chinese port to your agreed national port.

No. 7, when the ship arrives at your port, the shipping company will inform you to let you pick up the goods.

No. 8, you need to hold a sea bill of lading, an invoice, a packing list, and other documents. Go to the port for customs clearance.

No. 9, when you transport the brick machine to your designated location, some large brick machine equipment needs to send engineers to help you install the equipment and train your workers. LONTTO supply the brick machine installation and training service.

No. 10, if you need follow-up accessories and maintenance, we can even provide services, as well as accessories transportation.

How about the interlocking block machine price in Kenya?

Interlocking block machine can be divided into manual interlocking block machines, mobile interlocking block machines, automatic interlocking block machine.

Manual type: LT2-40, ECO BRAVA interlocking soil block machine, ECO BRB interlocking brick machine. These types are manual and semi automatic. Easy to operate, and high efficiency. The brick making machine price in Kenya is lower and cost-saving.

Mobile type: M7MI interlocking clay brick machine and M7MI TWIN brick machine, this is mobile type and equip with soil mixer. The price is also not high.

Automatic type: LT2-10, LT4-10, LT5-10, LT7-10 auto soil interlocking brick machine. This price is higher than and manual type and mobile type.

You can choose a suitable model according to your requirement.


These are the various points of how you can buy brick machines in Kenya. Hope this will give you some help buying brick machines in Kenya.

LONTTO not only sells brick machines in Kenya, but we also sell brick machines in other African countries, such as Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Mozambique, Malawi, Ghana and many other countries.

We not only provide brick machines with high quality and cost-effective prices, but we also provide the best service. Choosing LONTTO to buy brick machines will be your best choice.

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