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LONTTO presents you brick making machines for forming porous, paver, hollow, and other bricks ideal for numerous construction needs.

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  • Concrete Block Making Machine in Bangladesh
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Brick Making Machine Bangladesh

Lontto have sold many types of brick making machine in Bangladesh, such as auto brick making machine QT4-15, QT4-25C. And also sold clay brick making machine in Bangladesh, The models are M7MI, LT4-10 compressed earth block machine.

  • Lontto are 30 years of brick making machine supplier in china.
  • Not only supply high quality machine, but also low cost.
  • And the service are 24/7 online. You can call us in anytime.


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It is a high-efficiency brick making machine, thanks to its robust design and high vibration motors. And, it comes in a pocket-friendly price which is ideal for small businesses.

Although small, the LMT4-40 produces high-quality blocks that meet international standards. You can use it to for concrete and hollow bricks.

  • Pallet Size: 850x450mm or 850x550mm
  • Power: 9.5kw
  • Weight: 2T
  • Size: 1500x1750x1900mm

If you want to know other sizes of block capacity, you can contact us.


Unlike the LMT4-40 block making machine, you can attach a conveyer belt to the LMT4-which significantly improves its efficiency.

The machine is ideal for small production businesses and comes at a pocket-friendly price for its features. Besides, with it, you reduce the cost of labor since few people are required to operate it.

  • Pallet Size: 850x450mm or 850x550mm
  • Power: 9.7kw
  • Weight: 3.2T
  • Size: 2050x1660x1900mm

If you want to know other sizes of concrete block capacity, you can contact us.

Block making machines in Bangladesh

It is more efficient compared to the LMT4-35 since it comes with high production capability and improved technology.

To produce high-density blocks, it features power vibration motors that ensure the material is evenly spread. It has a competitive price for its ease of use, low maintenance, and stellar design and features.

  • Pallet Size: 850x450mm or 850x550mm
  • Power: 11.6kw
  • Weight: 4.2T
  • Size: 2150x1660x2500mm

If you want to know other sizes of concrete block capacity, you can contact us.

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We have received many Bangladesh customers, and have sent the brick making machine to Bangladesh.

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Lontto Auto Brick Making Machine in Bangladesh

A brick making machine, also known as a block making machine is a machine used to make a wide array of bricks for different construction needs. This can vary from walls, pavements, partitions, and more. The machine can make bricks of different sizes, shapes, and materials depending on your preference.

The most common types include fly ash, concrete, and cement, porous, hollow, and solid bricks. The machine can also be automatic, manual, semi-automatic, hydraulic, or mobile. The manual type is cheap to maintain but is labor-intensive while the automatic type is expensive to maintain but requires minimal human input.

At LONTTO, we have numerous models that you can purchase for your construction needs in Bangladesh. And given our extensive experience in shipping to the country, you’ll get your order in time. Rest assured of high performance, durable, and easy to use machines.

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Brick Making Machine in Bangladesh – The Definitive Guide

What type of brick making machines can you find in Bangladesh?

There are so many types of brick making machine sale in Bangladesh, you can find concrete block making machine, cinder brick making machine, auto brick making machine, clay brick making machine.

So what machines you need, it is base on what blocks you want to produce, and what budget of block making machine?

Lontto can supply the all models of brick making machine for your blocks production. Contact us and begin you block production business.

Cement brick making machine in Bangladesh

You can find cement brick making machines to make cement bricks for your construction or customer orders. LONTTO has manual, semi-automatic, automatic, and hydraulic brick making machines. You can also get the mobile type that makes bricks on the go.

This machine can use raw materials such as cement, sand, and water to make blocks of different sizes and shapes. And with decades of experience in making such machines, you can rest assured of high quality, longevity, and ease of use. Some of the bricks you can make with it include interlocking bricks, solid cricks, hollow, and paver bricks.

brick machine bangladesh

The most popular brick making machines on sale include the LMT4-35, QMJ2-40, QT4-15, and others. The advantage of using a cement brick making machine is that it comes with unparalleled automation, prevents wastage of raw materials, reduces labor cost, and produces high quality and dense bricks.

Cinder brick making machine in Bangladesh

Cinder is also a widely used raw material in Bangladesh, and for this, we have numerous cinder brick making machines for specific tasks. These machines offer dependable high-quality operation, are durable, feature top-tier technology, and have high-end automation for reduced production costs.

auto cinder block making machine in Bangladesh

Like the cement type, you can get an automatic brick machine such as the QT8-15; hydraulic brick making machine such as the QT5-15; and a mobile option such as the QMJ2-40 and QMJ4-45. Other popular models you can get in Bangladesh include QMY4-30, QMY6-25, and QMY10-25. The cinder machine can produce 4”, 6”, and 8” bricks to suit your construction needs.

The automatic type mitigates the need for excess manpower and produces bricks with minimal errors while the hydraulic alternative uses vibration and hydraulic pressure to produce compact bricks that can withstand tear and wear. While the manual brick making machine is labor-intensive, its maintenance cost is low compared to other models. That said, we recommend using the automatic machine.

Clay brick making machine in Bangladesh

Another conventional raw material used in commercial and domestic constructions is clay. At LONTTO we provide you with a wide array of variants that are sure to provide much-needed clay bricks forming. Most of our clay block making machines come with an advanced hydraulic system, error alarm, and display system for seamless control.

clay brick making machine sale in Bangladesh

This variant is easy to maintain and control and comes in a competitive price that can suit small to large scale production companies in Bangladesh. With exceptional heat treatment, the blocks will be of high density and tough to withstand tear and wear. The most popular models include ECO BRAVA, ECO BRB, LT2-40, LT4-10, and others.

You can also get automatic and hydraulic models that improve the production of your company. Besides, the automatic type mitigates the need for numerous persons, produces precise bricks, and offers reliable operation. Also, we have a mobile type such as the M7MI TWIN clay brick making machine.

Concrete brick making machine in Bangladesh

Want to make concrete bricks? Well, get yourself our concrete block making machine. With it, you are assured of dependable performance since it uses components from leading brands such as Emerson, Schneider, Omron, and Siemens.  It also comes in a competitive price ideal for small and big players in Bangladesh.

concrete block making machine for sale in Bangladesh

What’s more, you can form bricks of different sizes, shapes, and types. For example, it can produce a solid block, porous, hollow, and paver bricks. Also, expect to produce between 3360 and 3840+ bricks per eight hours. In short, LONTTO concrete brick making machines will increase your level of production.

So which types can you get? Well, you are presented with automatic, cinder, hollow, hydraulic, mobile, paver, semi-automatic, and small concrete brick making machines. Some of the popular models for sale are QT3-20, QT4-15, QT4-25C, and others.

How can you choose the best brick making machine in Bangladesh?

Before you can settle for either of the above or other LONTTO brick making machines, there are things you need to consider. Once you keep these aspects in mind, buying the best machine will be straight forward. Here are things you need to consider:

  • Type of operation

Do you want an automatic machine? A manual type? Perhaps a semi-automatic brick making machine? Well, whichever the case, LONTTO provides you with a wide array of options. For example, if you want an automatic machine you can go for the QT4-25C or QT6-15. Besides, you should factor in the cost of production and labor.

  • Production capacity

Well, with LONTTO brick making machines, you can produce numerous bricks. Some have a capacity of 3440 pieces per eight hours while others have a production capacity of 28800 pieces in the same period. The trick is to settle for a machine that meets your production capacity. If you are a small scale producer, then a low-capacity machine is ideal and vice versa.

auto brick making machine and semi auto concrete block machine bangladesh

  • Raw material

You should also consider the raw material you will use during production. As such, LONTTO provides you clay, fly ash, cement, concrete, cinder, and other specific models. Whichever your choice is, LONTTO got your sorted.

  • Price

This is in fact the most crucial thing to keep in mind. If you are a small company on a budget, then buying a pricey brick making machine is not economical. That means you should purchase a machine that is within your price range.

Once you have all these aspects looked upon, then you can proceed to purchase a machine of your taste. Do not forget to check if its voltage is tailored for Bangladesh use.

What are the advantages of using a brick making machine in Bangladesh?

  1. The machine comprises high-end technology for increased and safe production regardless of the production capacity. This means that your operators will be less susceptible to injuries and you’ll also reduce the cost of production to a minimum.
  2. It makes high density and quality bricks that are used for various construction needs. The bricks are compact and evenly shaped and do not succumb to everyday tear and wear. And regardless of the weather, they will still serve your customer well.
  3. The brick making machine also allows you to make bricks of different shapes and sizes. For example, you can easily make a porous, hollow, paver, or solid brick. Also, the machine produces 4”, 6” and 8” bricks to suit the needs of the customer. This in itself allows you to serve a wide range of customers.
  4. With exceptional automation, the machine is less prone to production errors and improves the production capacity of your business. Besides automation also reduces the risk of injuries and other unforeseen accidents.

5. Another crucial advantage of these machines is that they are energy efficient. This means that you’ll not get obnoxious electricity bills. Furthermore, this helps reduce the cost of production.

6. When using our brick making machine in Bangladesh, you’ll notice one thing; our machines to do emit greenhouse gases. What does this mean? You’ll be dealing with an eco-friendly machine that preserves Mother Nature.

7. Another highlight is the free installation and training services you get from LONTTO. Once you buy a sophisticated machine from us, we send our well-trained engineers to install the machine and train your operators.

8. Our hydraulic models such as the QMY4-30 feature strong vibration and hydraulic pressure for the production of high density and quality bricks. You can rest assured the bricks will not give in to pressure easily.

9. And as a product of one of the leading brick machine producer in China, you are guaranteed of a high performance machine.

What price is brick making machine in Bangladesh?

Well, prices vary depending on several aspects that we will look at in this section. First is the type of operation. An automatic machine attracts a higher price compared to a manual alternative. Secondly, the type of raw material also affects the final price. That is, concrete brick machines will fetch higher compared to sand or clay block making machines.

block making machine send to Bangladesh

How do you select the best brick making machine in Bangladesh?

While choosing the most ideal machine seems easy, it can get daunting for new entrants in the brick-making business. So, here are aspects you need to look at:

  • Durability

Is it made of durable materials? Luckily, at LONTTO we strive to present you brick making machines that are made of sturdy stainless steel frames. As such, the machine cannot only withstand vibration and heavy raw materials but also provide service for an extended period.

  • Ease of use

You need a machine that your operators will find it easy to use. You don’t want to buy one that takes you hours to adjust settings. As always, our machines are easy to use, and should you experience difficulties, you can refer to the manual or call us for guidance.

  • Energy efficient

Choose a machine that does not consume excess energy. You don’t want to pay obnoxious electricity bills that surpass your profits. One way to ensure this is to order machines from genuine companies such as LONTTO. Avoid going for knock-offs in the market.

  • Automation

Again, automation reduces the cost of production to a minimum. Also, it enables safe and fast production of bricks. An automatic brick making machine produces precise bricks since it is not susceptible to production errors.

How do you ship brick making machine to Bangladesh?

Well, shipping to Bangladesh is easy since we have partnered with some of the world-leading companies such as CMA, MSK, and COSCO. Besides, we have warehouses in the country which significantly reduces the cost of shipping. All you have to do is provide us with an address where the machine will be shipped to.

ship brick making machine to Bangladesh

How do you install brick making machine in Bangladesh?

Once you buy a machine from us, we send with it a detailed manual for a straightforward installation manual. Not only that, where needed, but we also send our team of engineers to your site for installation and training purposes. Also, you can get valuable installation content from our videos.

Why buy a brick making machine from LONTTO?

As mentioned, we are one of the best brick making machine production companies in China. And we have been able to secure retainer clients over the three decades we’ve been in business. Want to know why customers prefer our services? Well, read on.

buy brick machine from LONTTO to Bangladesh

  • Years of experience

LONTTO has been in business for over 30 years and we continue to provide advanced brick machines that will revolutionize the brick-making industry. Besides, we have much-needed experience in shipping products to Bangladesh. So, expect not only quality products but a smooth shipping experience.

  • High-end products

Our range of brick making machines is regarded as some of the best in the market. From top-tier technology and eco-friendliness to energy-efficient, we provide you machines suited for the 21st-century factory.  Besides we are certified and recognized by relevant bodies.

  • Cost-effective shipping

We do not present you with obnoxious shipping fees but rather affordable ones. And given Bangladesh is close to China, you’ll spend less on shipping.

  • Wide range of products

As you have seen, we have brick making machines of all types. From cement, concrete, cinder, to fly ash brick making machine. Whichever you want, we got it. Just leave and inquiry, reach us via WhatsApp or drop us an email.

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