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QT4-15 Block Making Machine

QT4-15 automatic block making machine is the best quality, design, and the absolutely competitive price. Our Block making machine adopts famous brand electrical parts, such as Schneider to ensure the good quality of the machine.

  • Full automatic and hydraulic
  • Higher efficiency
  • Super-strong vibration system
  • Recycle material feeding system

QT4-15 Block Making Machine is one leading supplier in China. Guaranteeing stable and timely supply, credible quality and sincere service, our products sell well in both domestic and overseas markets. and to fulfill strictly ISO 9001:2008 and CE standard. Lontto Block Making Machine has been sell in South Africa and Malaysia,  Russian, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Peru, Uganda and so on.


  • This Construction Concrete Hollow Block Making Machine has high-efficiency and super-strong vibration system, to realize vertically synchronous vibration, frequency conversion, and braking.
  • The machine frame is made of super-strength steel and by special welding technology, the imported elements are applied widely.
  • The whole process uses a PLC control and dialogue system of human-machine interface, easy to analyze the chance signal.
  • The special loading and supply unit, the multi-line whipping forks are fixed at inside of material feed box. The whipping forks work and feed the material to mold box forcedly during the material feed box moves to up of mold box.
  • Recycle material feeding system: Economize in material for different or same density products.
  • Reliability design of The machine frame is made of super-strength steel and by special welding technology, the imported elements are applied widely, so that the stability and reliability of the machine in the long-term running are insured.
  • Hydraulic parts and seals parts on hydraulic pressure system are from Japan or Taiwan, which protects pressure discharging or leakage.
  • Multi-use; Strong performance; The many kinds of products with different form and size can be made when using the difference mold, such as wall block, honeycomb type block, roadblock and slope block

Block Mould

Famous Brand For QT4-15 Block Making Machine 

No. Component Brand
1 PLC Control System Schneider or Siemens
2 Travel Switch Omron
3 Photoelectric Switch Omron
4 Hydraulic Reversal Valve Yuken, Rexroth or Atos
5 Touch Screen Siemens
6 Frequency Converter Emerson
7 Vibration Motors ABB or Siemens

Components of QT4-15 Block Making Machine

1. PLD800-2 Aggregate supplying system
1.1 2 units aggregate storage bins ,cubage of weighing hopper:0.8m 3 ;cubage of storage hopper: 2x3m 3 2
1.2 Pneumatic discharge system, pneumatic cylinder:SC-80X400(2pcs) 2
1.3 Belt width=500mm ,speed:1.25m/s 1
Weighing sensor .capacity :1500KG, weighing hopper volume : 0.8m 3 1
1.4 Air compressor ,flow rate :flow rate:1.05 m 3/ min,air pressure :0.4-0.7Mpa,motor power:5.5kw 1
1.5 Aggregate filling height :2250mm
2. Cement supplying system
2.1 Φ219x8000mm ,screw conveyors for cement ,motor power:11kw 1
2.2 50T cement silo ,size :3000x5400mm 1
Level indicator 1
Pneumatic vibrator ,dust filter 1
Double flange butterfly valve of cement discharger 1
3. cement weighing scale
3.1 Weighing hopper ,weighing sensor 1
4.JS500 Twin-shaft concrete mixer
4.1 Lifting motor : 5.5kw lifting spee d :18m/min mixing motor :18.5kw Skip hopper volume:0.5 m 3 1
4.2 JS500 twin shaft concrete mixer : 0.5 m3/batch ,25 m3/hr 1
4.3 Mixing drum : 800L mixing shaf t:2pcs mixing paddle :2x7pcs 1
4.4 Pneumatic discharging unit 1
4.5 Transmission system :gear bo x 1 pieces; mixing speed : 31r/min 1
4.6 Lubrication system :1set 1
4.7 Sealing system for the shaft-end 1
4.8 Water pump flow rate: 25 m3/hr, motor power:0.75kw 1
4.9 Pipe line ,valve 1
5.Concrete Conveyor Belt
5.1 Conveyor belt B650x8000mm,speed :1.2m/s.motor power:2.2kw 1
6.QT4-15C block making machine
6.1 Mixed concrete storage hopper: 0.4m 3 1
Concrete material feeder ,hydraulic cylinder : φ 70x1000mm 1
Rotation teeth :motor :2.2kw 1
6.2 Vibration box :600x500mm lower shaft : 1
Upper vibration motor :2x3kw low vibrator motor:2×7.5kw 1
Vibrator force : 380KN vibration frequency :2800-4500r/min 1
vibration time :0.5-2.5s 1
Mould head pressing hydro-cylinder :12Mpa 1
6.3 Demould hydro-cylinders 1
Mould synchronous system 2
Guidepost 4
Travel switch 6
6.4 Vibration absorbing rubber block 6
6.5 Safety guard mesh 6
6.6 Pallet storage bins:1020x570x300mm 1
6.7 Green block transfer device:3200x800x800mm;motor power:1.5kw 1
6.8 Green block brusher :1100x100x100mm;motor :0.75kw 1
7.pallet stacker
7.1 Pallet stacker :3000x2000x3200mm;motor power:2.2kw 1
7.2 Walking motor :1.5kw 1
7.3 Protective screening ,track 1
7.4 Control box 1
7.5 Working mode: auto/manual 1
8.Hydraulic system
8.1 Hydraulic station ,hydraulic pressure : 12MPA 1
8.2 Hydraulic oil pump ,motor power:15kw 1
8.3 Cooling device ,hydraulic oil working temperature :30 ℃ -80 ℃ 1
8.4 Hydraulic oil tank : 500L 1
8.5 Solenoid valve, overflow valve ,pipeline 1
9. PLC Control system (SIMENS Brand)
9.1 Pallet feeding control system 1
9.2 Concrete material feeding control system 1
9.3 Block forming control system 1
9.4 Green block coming out control system 1
9.5 Hydraulic station control system 1
9.6 Control panel ,control buttons ,man-machine interface, touch screen 1
9.7 SIEMENS PLC ,SIEMENS electric components 1
10. Block mould
10.1 Hollow block mould (adopt advanced heat treatment technology) 1
11. hydraulic trolley
11.1 Used to transfer new made blocks ,loading capacity :2T 2

Color Material Feeding System For QT4-15 Block Making Machine:

No. Items QTY
1 JW350 pan mixer for color material ,motor power :5.5kw ,dimensions : Φ1250x1100mm 1
2 Color material feeding belt :B500x6000mm,motor power:1.5kw 1
3 Color material feeding machine 1
4 Color material feeding machine hydro-cylinder:1600x100x100mm; 1
5 Color material feeding control system 1
Raw Material Sand, Cement, Fly Ash, Concrete, Boiler Slag, Mountain Flour, Industrial Waste.
Usage To Produce Hollow Block, Solid Brick, Porous Block, Paving Brick, Interlocking Brick and Paver Through Exchange the Mould
Pallet Size 1020×570×30mm(Wood Pallet)
1020×570×20mm(PVC Pallet)
Hydraulic Pressure 16MPA
Exciting Force 380KN
Forming Cycle 15 Seconds
Vibration Type Table Vibration
Power 27.5kw
Vibration Frequency 4600/min
Workers 5 Persons
Land Area 1000m²
Weight 8600KG
Block Machine Size 6800×1650×2450mm
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