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QT9-15 Brick Making Machine Exporters

If you are looking to purchase the QT9-15 Brick Making Machine, Lontto has you covered. With 30 years of experience in manufacturing high-performance construction machinery, Lontto guarantees that the QT9-15 meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.

The QT9-15 brick machine is a top-tier model, designed to optimise your output with advanced technology, high performance, and cost-effective operation.

  • High-quality QT9-15 machines at factory-direct prices
  • Full assistance during the entire setup phase
  • Training programs for your employees

What is the QT9-15 Brick Machine?

The QT9-15 is a fully automatic brick machine that’s a part of Lontto’s high-performance series. This brick machine is designed for high-volume production of concrete blocks, bricks, and pavers with consistent quality.

Ideal for large-scale construction projects, the QT9-15 enhances and improves brick production and manufacturing for projects with remarkable efficiency and flexibility.

What are some of QT9-15’s features?

  • High Efficiency: Designed to maximise output while maintaining high quality, the QT9-15 ensures rapid production cycles for large quantities of blocks.
  • Advanced Automation: Incorporates advanced automation features, reducing manual labor and increasing overall efficiency. This speeds up production and minimises labor and material handling costs.
  • Vibration Technology: Ensures high-quality products with uniform feeding and compaction.
  • Flexibility: Adaptable to different production needs by changing molds, making it versatile for producing solid blocks, hollow blocks, pavers, or curbstones.

What are the QT9-15’s Specifications?

QT9-15’s Specifications
Main Dimensions (L×W×H) 3600×2300×2850mm
Pallet Size (L×W×H) 1400×720×30mm
Pressure Rating 15Mpa
Vibration 100~120KN
Vibration Frequency 2800~4500r/min (adjustment)
Cycle Time 15s
Power (Total) 90KW
Gross Weight 15.8T
Voltage 220V/380V/415V Customisable voltage

What is the Production Capacity of the QT9-15?

Production Capacity for the QT9-15
Size (L×W×H) Pieces/Mold Pcs/Hour Pcs/8 Hours
400×200×200 9 1620-2160 12960-17280
240×115×90 25 4500-6000 36000-48000
240×115×53 50 9000-12000 72000-96000
200×100×60 23 5940 47520
200×163×60 21 3780 30240

The QT9-15’s capabilities include:

  • Solid Blocks: Essential for robust and durable walls and structures, ensuring stability and integrity in any construction project.
  • Hollow Blocks: Provide excellent structural integrity while reducing wall weight, ideal for foundations and load-bearing applications.
  • Pavers: Perfect for creating durable and visually appealing outdoor spaces like pathways, driveways, and patios.
  • Curbstones: Adds versatility for road construction and landscaping projects, defining borders and organising pavements and gardens.

QT9-15 Brick Making Machine Price

The QT9-15 brick making machine wholesale price is available on inquiry. While your business requirements may vary, our team is dedicated to finding you the right machine based on your needs and budget.

Contact us, and we’ll guide you towards getting the top QT9-15 brick making machine to meet your construction and business requirements.

Why Choose Us?

Proven Performance Customer-Focused Commitment to Innovation
We have a proven track record spanning more than 30 years. Your satisfaction is our priority. We don’t just sell to you—we partner with you. Our machines and technology are always evolving.

QT9-15 Brick Making Machine Services: Technical Support

Consultation Installation and Training
Our experts will guide you to the right QT9-15 brick making machine for your needs (production volume, environment, brick type, and budget). We’ll talk your team through the installation process and provide further training on the machine if needed.
Technical Support Spare Parts and Upgrades
Our team provides robust after-sales support if you need help troubleshooting. Contact us for quality spare parts when you need them (shipped to your door).

Get the Top QT9-15 Block Machine on the Market

Need a QT9-15 brick machine? Contact Lontto today. Our experienced brick making experts will guide you to the machine that meets your needs.

Discover how the QT9-15’s advanced technology can transform your operations and increase your output. Experience efficiency, versatility, and quality like never before!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of blocks can the QT9-15 machine produce?

The QT9-15 brick making machine can produce concrete blocks, pavers, and other precast elements.

What are the typical maintenance requirements?

The QT9-15 requires regular cleaning, greasing of moving parts, and checks on components like the hydraulic system and vibration unit. Our team provides maintenance guidelines, and spare parts are available through our after-sales support. Proper maintenance ensures long service life.

Can I visit your facilities before purchasing?

Yes, we encourage customers to visit our manufacturing facilities to see our operations and block making machines in action. Please contact us to schedule a visit.

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