The advantages of Block molding machine compared to Clay brick machine:

  1. Block molding machine compared with the traditional clay brick machine, raw materials can use industrial waste residue, fly ash, coal gangue, slag, smelting slag and various tail slag as main raw material. More environmental protection, energy saving, waste recycling.
  2. Block molding machine adopt three poles fluctuation pressure forming, after molding can stack immediately, is the latest model in the domestic bricks currently.
  3. Block molding machine produce standard bricks with low cost, highly profitable. All necessary costs are taken into account, the cost of each standard brick 9 cents, less 2-3 times than the market price.
  4. Block molding machine body adopt with high precision, high strength castings, special welding technology and materials manufacturing, good rigidity and vibration resistance, long service life.
  5. Block molding machine is made of table vibration of hydraulic pressure forming, use round guide feeding device, the molding cycle is short, high production efficiency, blocks have close-grained high strength quality, accurate size.
  6. Block molding machine can program according to the needs of production, realize manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic movements.

qmr2-45 clay brick machine 1LMT4-40 BRICK MACHINE